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There's something wrong. What is it?

Julia Hoffman looked around the garden of Collinwood, nervously. She had been in her room, researching some medical journals and her original notes she made when she first attempted to cure Barnabas of his Vampirism. All she achieved was a mounting frustration. In order to relieve the pressure and to gain a new perspective on the problem, Julia had decided to take a walk in the garden.

She had been walking slowly along the paths for nearly thirty minutes when she had first felt a chill that brought with it a sense of dangers as if she felt someone watching her who has evil intentions.

Julia hugged herself as her keen eyes scanned every place that could conceivably hide a full- grown man. Seeing nothing, she turned around and started to pick up her pace slightly.

Julia waited for a few minutes, but when nothing happened, she just chalked it up to jitters and her thoughts returned to her problem of curing Barnabas, putting the sound she heard out of her mind for the moment. What if I could somehow create a serum that could combine- What was that? Julia spun around again at the sound of a thin branch snapping underfoot.

She raised her hand to her throat as she took a step toward the noise, even though all her instincts were screaming at her to turn around and run back into the house.

Julia licked her suddenly dry lips as she took another step forward.

It's only David trying to frighten me, she reasoned.

No, it's something worse, her instincts seemed to say.

"D- David?" Julia asked, hesitantly.

There was no reply.

Another step and she had reached the tree line of the woods. "David?" she called again. "David, if you are doing this, then I will tell your father."

When there was still no reply, Julia pulled back a clump of bushes from which she was almost positive the sound had originated, and screamed.

End of Prologue

A/N: Perhaps I should warn you that this story may be all over the place and may seem discombobulated. Hopefully, as the story goes on, it will seem more together. This story is, also, just a writing exercise. I hope you enjoyed. :D