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Author's Note: Most of the story takes place in an alternate universe and has been fairly blatantly ripped-off from the movie Sin City. As a result, some of the Smallville characters may be portrayed in an unfavorable light, and the plot of the associated film and comics are given away somewhat.

Also, chapters eight to eleven are more Batman and Daredevil than Smallville, so you may want to either skip them or skip to them, depending which fandom you're most interested in.


Chapter One - The Customer Is Always Wrong, Part One


Zatanna stood on the balcony of Luthor mansion, rain beating down on her. She couldn't have been there long, Lex would have surely noticed.

He let her hear his footsteps as he approached. Her black tuxedo blended in with the night sky. She wore a lot of black, from her top hat down to her knee-length leather boots; Lex liked the way her fashion sense mirrored his own.

"Ms. Zatara, glad you could make it," he said, "though I was expecting you to arrive at my door. May I ask how you made it past security?"

"Magic," she said, turning around to face him, with the kind of smile that could light up a galaxy. She was more beautiful than in her videos, in fact she made Lana and Desiree look plain. "And please, call me Zee." Lex realized that Scrabble had been lying to him all these years, Zee was more than a ten, she went all the way up to eleven. Her piercing blue eyes examined him. Could she read his mind? No; if she could, she'd have slapped him for what he was thinking. She continued speaking, her voice full of confidence, "I believe you have a book for me, Mr. Luthor." She took off her top hat, and shook her hair loose. "A book that belonged to my father."

"Yes, I bought it recently at auction, and, please, call me Lex."

"I believe you have a book for me, Lex," she said, the rain starting to make her blouse transparent in all the right places.

"You're welcome to the book," Lex said, "but I need a favor in return."

"A favor?"

"I've been finding out about you, researching you. I hear you can make wishes come true."

"I've had my moments." She smiled, her hands on her hips. Sure she could make wishes come true, that went without saying. Her face, her figure, her voice, but most of all her eyes, the kind of rich blue eyes Lex could easily drown in. She was casting a spell and she didn't even know it. "Be careful what you wish for, Lex," she warned him.

"I know what I want," he said. "Something I've always wanted."

"Hair?" she teased him.

Few people mentioned his lack of hair, and none mentioned it twice; Lex paused and then just smiled, the way he wouldn't have done for anyone else. "You could say that."

"Make a wish," she said.

Lex's smile faded. "I'm ready."

Her blue eyes glowed, and then they looked at each other as the seconds passed by.

"Nothing's happened," Lex said eventually, tearing his eyes away from hers.

"It will by morning," she said. "Now, if you can return my father's book…"

"I'll give it you when I've received my wish," he said.

"And what until then?" she asked, with mock innocence. "Surely you don't expect me to stay the night?"

"Maybe that was my wish." He moved towards her, his lips meeting hers, as they leaned against the railing on the balcony. She wrapped her arms around him, her breathing fast. He felt her fishnet thighs around his waist, her heels digging into the backs of his legs. This wasn't like him, he usually played his heart close to his chest, but he knew it was his last night on this earth, and he didn't care. Everything seemed so black and white as he lifted her up and carried her to his bed, lowering her onto the black satin sheets.

With abandon, he pulled off her tuxedo - white doves and playing cards filling the air - and tore her damp blouse open. On the television across from them, a recording of her magic show played. Zatanna entertained her audience, grabbing a member and leading him into her magic box, later doing acts with ropes and handcuffs, often using mirrors while performing her amazing feats. At the climax, she had a sword thrust into her over and over again.

On the bed, life was mirroring art, while, on the ground, next to her discarded top hat, a pair of white rabbits looked up at Lex and Zatanna's carnal exploits and began to feel quite inadequate by comparison.

Lex, covered in sweat, trying to delay the inevitable, wondered why Zatanna's spell was taking the whole night; were her powers tantric? And then it happened, the earth moved for him.

His wish came true as the magic finally finished its work. Lex's wish had been that the meteors hadn't landed in Smallville on that fateful day back in 1989, so now the magic had rewritten time, delaying the meteors' journey through space by nine years so that they'd instead land in 1998; this made it easier for the magic to alter the history books, just a couple of numbers to transpose. Zatanna's magic may be powerful, but it could also be lazy.

In his rewritten life, Lex suddenly found himself lying in a strange bed, not knowing where he was, all alone, Zatanna no longer writhing on top of him. He looked in a nearby mirror and had to laugh.

He'd changed the world, but not for the better.