Author's note:This will be the last chapter to this story. I had some plans to expand it into something bigger, but my original intent was to stay in the same vein as other "Meet the Team" videos. For that reason, I want to keep it short, sweet, and over-the-top, just like its predecessors.

I hope you enjoyed the story! Thanks everyone for the reviews.

"I think they got us this time, pals." Scout held a bloodied rag against the side of his head as he cowered behind the bullet-ridden remains of the fort entrance.

The Medic agreed, though he would never admit it. Instead, he cinched a makeshift tourniquet above the oozing mess that covered his right leg and took a deep breath. A few feet away, the Engineer knelt over what was left of the Medigun, muttering under his breath as he tried to get it back in working order before the inevitable rush from Blu.

Aside from the doctor, Scout and Engineer, the Red mercenaries were boosted with a single miniature sentry – hastily assembled by the Engineer and weak enough a single well-aimed shot could easily take it down.

"Mein freunds, the Blu forces are reduced to their Heavy, Demoman, Engineer and Spy. Zeir medic is down. Don't give up hope just yet." But even as the doctor said it, he knew it was a lie. Here they were, huddling behind a piece of wood that would crumble if someone looked at it hard enough, with the semi-sentry, a busted Medigun, and Scout's bat.

"Oh yeah, Doc? And what do you think we should do?" Scout glared at him. "Should we run out there and hope it summons the magical victory fairy?"

Medic silenced him with a look. He didn't want to lose – every loss impacted their paychecks, after all - but it would end the round and send them all back to the barracks. Maybe then Helen would let them rest until the evening round. "Perhaps one of ours is still around on the Blu side. That might be why they haven't rushed yet."

"Don't be stupid. They're biding their time, same as us." Scout poked his head around the barrier, only to jerk back as a bullet scored a groove in the concrete directly above his forehead. "Help ain't comin'."

Medic had a feeling the young Bostonian was right. They'd both seen Ivan go down from the Blu Sniper's bullet, and the Red Spy had been the victim of a sticky bomb nest from the opposing Demoman. Their team's Sniper and Demoman hadn't had any more luck. If the rest of the team fell – and Medic had a feeling they wouldn't last long – their intelligence briefcase was as good as gone.

And as for the new recruit, well, no one had seen the Pyro in ages. Everyone assumed he had fallen fairly early in the sudden death round.

"If I had an hour, I could get this blasted thing goin' again." A spark arced from the Medigun to the Engineer's finger, eliciting a curse from the Southerner. "Keeps shocking me."

"Tough luck, Tex. We got maybe ten minutes, tops." His chest tightening, the Scout pressed himself against the concrete and leaned sideways just enough to catch a glimpse of the bridge outside. "I think they're getting ready to rush."

With one last, hopeless look at the Medigun, the Medic tightened his grip on his bloodied bone saw and took a deep breath. "Very well, then. Brace yourselves, freunds."

"Hey, Doc?"


"I'll distract 'em if you and Tex want to try and take a few down with ya."

Medic shook his head. "Nein. Let's just get this over with."

A soft click sounded over Medic's shoulder as the Engineer slid his last remaining clip into his pistol. Scout shifted into a runner's stance and took a deep breath. "Alright. On three. One. Two-"

An explosion rocked the entryway where the remaining mercenaries hid. Scout flew backward, landing in a heap at the Medic's feet. As the rubble cleared, he sat up with a groan and tucked his legs up to his chest, pressing both hands against his ragged ear.
"I am done with today. Let it be known. After this, the only thing I want is a visit to the aid station, a shower and bed. No more of this crap. Not until tomorrow. Helen can take her rules and-"

"Shut it, son." Bits of concrete crunched under the Engineer's boots as he approached the doorway and leaned outside. "Something happened to the Blu guys."

The wooden structure around them gave one last, halfhearted shudder before it crumbled, giving the few remaining Red mercenaries a full view of the stretch of no-man's-land in front of them. Medic climbed to his feet and shifted his saw onto his shoulder. But what he saw was enough for him to stagger into the light, the pain in his leg forgotten.

"...mein Gott..." A severed wrist smoked at the Medic's feet. He kicked it aside, scanning the dozens of other body parts that littered the ground around him. His mind raced. Maybe later he could scavenge them for spare parts. It was always helpful to have some of the more important organs – lungs, hearts, kidneys – on hand in a pinch.

Medic shook his head. That wasn't important right now. "What happened here?"

A quick scraping noise made the doctor jump. He turned to see the Pyro sitting against the fort's outer wall, absentmindedly flicking a very familiar blue cigarette lighter on and off. Medic cleared his throat, his eyes fixed on their newest recruit. His stare was rewarded with a muffled laugh and a thumbs-up.

"Pyro, this..." Medic gestured at the carnage, the beginnings of a smile tugging at his lips. "...was you?"

The Pyro nodded and stood as Helen's voice came from the fort intercom behind them, her words loud over a recording of generic cheers. Ignoring the announcer's words, the newcomer disappeared inside the fort.

"Match over. Red team wins."