Summary: AU. When Lisa abandons Dean and their new baby, Ben, Dean has no option but to give up their home and move into an apartment building close to where he works. But he doesn't expect to fall for his helpful neighbour, Castiel. Please R&R!

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All Of It For You

Chapter One

Dean couldn't believe where he was at that moment.

He was standing outside his new home, an apartment, one now equipped with his baby boy's supplies as the caretaker had arranged. Lisa, his fiancée, had just given birth to Ben, their little boy who was now three weeks old, and left within the first week of him being born. She'd been very emotional, and as Dean had expected, depressed, through the pregnancy, and it transpired her love for him had faded after six years, and her love for Ben had never been there.

It broke his heart that she'd never loved their precious boy, who Dean had sworn to do everything he could for from the moment they'd discovered Lisa was pregnant. How she couldn't love Ben, he didn't know, since he was so beautiful and so sweet. As soon as Dean had held him, the baby had gripped his finger so tightly with one tiny fragile hand and Dean had just fallen in love with him. He knew that Lisa perhaps needed her space and had found it quite easy to not get upset about her. But he had Ben to love and to focus on, so maybe that was his distraction.

"Here, Mr Winchester." The caretaker, Gabriel Milton said, "Listen, I set the crib up in your room, and all his diapers and other things are in the spare room."

"Thanks." Dean said with a tired, relieved smile, taking Ben into the room who was making gentle newborn noises as he wriggled a little in the seat, "I'll get you in a minute, little man."

Dean and Gabriel brought the bags in and Gabriel stayed to help Dean unpack, which Dean had been so grateful for. After an hour, Gabriel left, and Dean finally took a distressed Ben out of his carry cot.

"Hey, buddy." He said softly, "My gorgeous, beautiful little man..."

He cradled the baby in his arms and held his hand, gently rocking him and hushing him. He couldn't believe he was a single parent. He had an inkling though when Lisa had held Ben for the first time that things wouldn't be easy, and that she had a problem. He could tell that there was something wrong and that she didn't like the idea of holding their son.

"Maybe it's time for someone's diaper to be changed, huh?" He said, grabbing the changing mat and laying it on the coffee table, "Here we go..."

Ben squealed in protest as Dean lay him down to grab a diaper, leaving one hand on his belly to support him. Dean hated the sound of his son being upset, but it had to be done. Dean couldn't exactly leave him dirty like that.

"I can't leave you in a messy diaper, can I, baby boy?" He whispered softly, "It's okay. You're okay."

Ben continued to squeak as Dean changed his diaper, grabbing the diaper genie and placing the wet nappy in it. He was grateful for all the paternity classes he went to, and he learned how to bottle feed, wind, and change a baby. He also learned about routines, diet and got plenty of development and parenting books. Lisa hadn't made as much effort, but at least he'd made some.

The baby settled as Dean rubbed his belly soothingly, lifting him up and getting him ready for his nap. There was a little baskenette for him in the main area of the apartment and Dean lay him in it, giving him his first toy, a small blue teddy and tucking him in before rubbing his belly and gently kissing his head.

"I know you miss your mommy..." He said softly, "I wish she was here, Ben. I really do."

Ben began to settle and Dean smiled, continuing to rub his belly softly. Just as the baby fell asleep, Dean decided to make himself a coffee. He put his cell phone on silent and settled with a parenting book, reading up on how to settle into a routine. The health visitor, Ellen Harvelle would be visiting that week, double checking on Ben. Dean wanted to double check he was bathing Ben properly, but Ellen had commented on how well he did it at the hospital, and on the other health checks she'd carried out. Considering his circumstances, she thought he was doing incredibly well.

As several hours passed, Ben slept peacefully, until the hunger hit him and he awoke with a soft shriek, Dean shooting up at the sound and turning to see his little boy there awake. He smiled softly, rubbing the baby's belly and going to heat up his bottle. Ben squeaked softly, Dean going to comfort him as the bottle heated in the rather modern black microwave.

"Shhh." He whispered, "Your milk's coming, buddy. I promise."

The microwave beeped and Dean hurried to get the milk, testing it on his arm before confirming it wasn't too hot for Ben, and taking it over to him. He lifted his son into his arms and smiled down at him, gently pressing the bottle to his lips. Ben accepted it and suckled gently, Dean grinning at him and smiling wider when Ben's tiny hand rested on his own.

"Did you have a nice nap, Ben?" He asked, "You were so quiet and peaceful, you even made Daddy fall asleep."

The baby hummed and continued to drink from the bottle until eventually pushing it away with his tongue. Dean smiled at his tiny boy. His boy. He was so beautiful, and he knew he'd do whatever he could to make him happy, and to keep him safe.

"Atta boy." He whispered, "God, I can't believe your momma ran out on you. Don't know what she was thinking."

He brought Ben to his chest and placed a towel over his shoulder, supporting his baby and rubbing his back gently. A soft burp came and Dean grinned.

'Just like his daddy.' He thought, bringing Ben back and removing a thankfully clean towel from his shoulder.

The little boy sat making small huffing sounds as Dean supported his head, placing the towel on the coffee table before grabbing one of the sofa pillows and resting it on his lap, laying Ben on it and drawing him closer. He started pulling faces, leaning down and blowing little raspberries on Ben's tummy, beaming as the little boy wriggled and touched his hair gently.

This was their new life, and Dean would be damned if he wasn't going to make the best of it.


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