Summary: AU. When Lisa abandons Dean and their new baby, Ben, Dean has no option but to give up their home and move into an apartment building close to where he works. But he doesn't expect to fall for his helpful neighbour, Castiel. Please R&R!

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All Of It For You

Chapter Three

Ben squeaked uncomfortably in his crib, and Dean found himself smiling as he looked to his little boy who was just waking up. He was a few minutes late, Dean noticed, and he climbed out of bed, taking uneasy steps towards the crib as he steadied himself from waking up.

"Hey, you..." He whispered, "Good morning, Ben."

He smiled at his little boy who was beginning to huff and cry where he lay, and he reached down to rub his belly before scooping him up into gentle arms, cradling him close and pressing little kisses to his head. He hushed him and soothed him while keeping him wrapped in his blanket, heading straight to the kitchen to get him a bottle.

"I wonder what kind of morning it is," Dean began, "We'll open the curtains soon and have a look, huh?"

Ben blinked up at him as he put the bottle in the microwave for a minute, and Dean sat at the table and rocked his little boy gently. This moment was perfect to Dean, just him and his little boy and no-one else in the world, and the apartment was so peaceful too.

"I'm hoping to be seeing this smile in the next couple of weeks, Benny." He told the child, "Six weeks is the average and you're nearly four weeks old. I bet you're a clever boy, clever like your mama and I bet you can do it before then, huh?"

Ben hummed in agreement and Dean went to retrieve the warm bottle, holding his son close as he fed him. The baby happily drank the milk, curling up to Dean and humming as he gently rubbed his leg.

"That's my boy..." Dean said softly, "Good boy."

Ben's little feet kicked as he rejected the bottle when he was full, and Dean sat on the couch with him to burp him. He took a few moments, but the burp came and Dean grinned with pride. He pressed kisses to his little boy's face and the headed over to the window, pulling back the curtains to be met with a sunrise. He shielded his son's eyes slightly as the orange sky became filled with the golden gleam of the morning sun, and as Ben began to wriggle uncomfortably, Dean decided he should change the little guy's diaper.

Ben was a quiet baby, who rarely cried for anything, but he made little noises that told Dean exactly what he needed to hear. Ben was starting to hold up his own head, and had done a couple of times but only for a short while, and Dean noticed that he'd lifted his head up once or twice while he had his diaper changed. As he did again, Dean grinned widely.

"Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up..." Dean encouraged softly, placing his hand there for so that the baby's head didn't hit anything hard on the way back down, and as it landed in his palm, he smiled, "Good job, buddy! We're getting there!"

He lowered Ben's head back onto the cushioned changing mat and continued cleaning up his son, before heading out of the room and settling with him on the couch.

"It won't belong before grandma and grandpa come visiting you." Dean said softly, "'Cause they like to come and see you, huh?"

Ben murmured and flexed his fingers, looking up at his daddy and snuggling closer. Dean grinned and held him close, grabbing his cell phone as he heard it begin to ring. He flipped it open with one hand and brought it to his ear, smiling down at his son.


"Dean, it's your mom."

Dean grinned at the familiarity of the voice, putting the call on speaker phone so Ben could hear his grandma's voice. He had a feeling he knew what his mother was calling for.

"Hey, Mom." He smiled, "Say hi to Ben. You're on speaker phone."

"Hey, Benny!" Mary gasped, "How's my little man this morning?"

"He's being a good boy!" Dean grinned, smiling as Ben looked towards the phone, "He knows you're talking to him."

"Awww, are you being a good boy, honey? Would you like Grandma and Grandpa to come and visit you, huh?"

Ben made a soft sound which made Dean smile and Mary laugh. The little guy was so sweet, and Dean knew how happy Mary and John would be to see their grandson.

"I'm sure he'd like that very much." He chuckled, grinning and keeping his little boy close, "Wouldn't you, Ben?"

Ben hummed and Mary giggled, while Dean just sat mesmerised by his little angel's beautiful eyes.

"Oh, well if it's okay with Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa will be stopping by in a couple of hours."

"That's perfectly okay with Daddy." Dean chuckled, "Just buzz when you get to the doors."

"Alright, baby. Love you." Mary said softly.

"Love you too Mom." Dean replied, "Bye."

"Bye, honey!" She answered, "Bye, Ben!"

Dean let John and Mary into the apartment building, and carried Ben over to the couch as he waited for them to come up the stairs. The knock on the door made him grin, and he headed over, opening it to find his parents on the other side, both beaming at him and then Ben. After quick greetings, Mary and John were sat on the couch, Mary holding Ben in her arms.

"Dean, he looks so like you." She said, "He's so, so beautiful, huh? Aren't you, Ben?"

The little boy huffed and wriggled, reaching up to John who gently held his hand. Dean, who was making coffee, shared a look of nothing but pride with his dad, and John winked at Dean who smiled widely in return.

"He's gorgeous, Dean." John told him, "I never get tired of looking at him."

"Neither do I." Dean chuckled, placing the coffees on the counter for Ben's safety, "He's so special to me. I'm gonna devote every second I can to him."

He smiled as his little boy began to lift his head to look at John, and he joined his parents by the sofa, grinning at the child.

"Atta boy, Ben!" Mary grinned, "He's getting so strong, huh, baby?"

The baby let out a soft squeak as Mary passed him across to John and Dean grinned as his father held his son close. This was the perfect scene for him and he put a hand on his dad's shoulder, knowing that he was making him proud.


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