The Answer – Chapter One

"That was brutal!" stated George Costanza as he made is way over to his favorite booth in Monk`s coffee shop with his three best friends, Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine Benes, and Cosmo Kramer. He was referring to the year the four of them had spent in prison, because they had violated the 'Good Samaritan' law.

"Who the hell was ever heard of a 'Good Samaritan' law?" said Elaine angrily. She then glanced down at herself and saw a revolting sight. She was smelly, her clothes were tattered, and there was a huge mustard stain thanks to George. "I gotta get going. I need a good, hot bath, "she stated, looking at her friends who were now sitting.

"So soon? We didn't even eat yet," said Jerry looking up at her.

"I`m not really hungry. I`ll see ya boys later," she stated with a wave left.

"Didn`t want to bring it up, but boy does she need that bath," stated George crinkling up his nose.

"Hey, do you see that waitress over there? Do you think she is single?" asked Kramer nodding towards a pretty, young, blonde girl.

"There is always the possibility," said Jerry.

"I`m going to go talk to her," said Kramer and got up. He went over to her and immediately started making chit chat with her. Within the next 15 minutes Kramer had a date with her, and he couldn`t believe it. Being in jail must have changed him.

"Hey Kramer, my friend over there has been kind of lonely since she broke up," stated Marisa (that was the waitress`s name). "Do you think you can get her a date, so we can double? She loves quirky, funny, light hearted men."

"Giddyup.I have someone right now. I`ll bring him over," said Kramer and dashed off towards George. "Hey George, that girl over there is single. Want me to set you up? Then we can double."

"Sure, why not. She looks pretty good. I could use a date. It`s been a year," said George.

"Kramer, why didn`t you try and set me up?" asked Jerry.

"I think George is more her type," he replied vaguely. He then turned to George and stated, "Come on go talk to her."

"What? Now?" he replied frantically as he was dragged off by Kramer.

Pretty soon all four of them were happily talking and getting along. Jerry, looked over and suddenly felt jealous for some reason. 'George and Kramer already had dates and plans, and here he was like a loser,' he thought. He wanted a date too, because after all, it had been a year.' Then suddenly, out of nowhere, he thought of Elaine.