The Answer – Chapter 2

It was 9:00 PM now and Jerry was back in his little apartment, which was across the hall from Kramer who was now happily out on a double date. So, Jerry sat there bored on his couch, flipping through the television, wishing there was someone there to hang out with. Then, once again his mind went back to Elaine. 'Oh, her face… Just so nice to look at… She is such a cool chick," he thought to himself. Then, immediately he shook himself and thought 'what in the world is wrong with me? She`s my friend, not my girlfriend. I can`t have such thoughts about her.' Anyway, he called her to ask is she was free.

"Hey Elaine!" he said. "Are you doing anything?"

"Hey Jerry! I`m kind of busy right now. Is this urgent?" she replied.

"Not really. Just wanted to hang out," he stated. "Anyway, what are you doing?"

"Uhhhh….." she hesitated. "Just trying to track down Puddy. I think he moved or something. I NEED HIS NUMBER! I NEED A DATE!" she suddenly exploded.

"Elaine, calm down! Take it easy! Talk to ya later and good luck," he said.

"Okay, thanks. See you at the coffee shop for breakfast. Bye," she replied and hung up.

Just then, for some reason, Jerry found himself feeling excited that he was going to see her. He had never felt that way before, even though he had been to the coffee shop millions of times to meet her. He admitted he always liked being with her, but he never had so many thoughts before. 'I think that year really changed me. Being in such close contact with her for a year, must have brought out my real feelings' he thought, surprisingly soberly.

Finally, at about 1:00 AM Kramer came home again, and Jerry was still vaguely sitting on the couch.

"Hey buddy! What did you do all night?" asked Kramer.

"Nothing much. You?" replied Jerry.

"I had the best time of my life! I think I`m in love!" said Kramer excitedly. "George loves his girl too! Her name is Tina!"

"I`m so happy for the two of you," said Jerry sarcastically. "Anyway, you want to hang out for a while. I`m not in a mood to go to bed."

"Sorry buddy. Marisa is waiting for me in the apartment. Gotta go!" he replied and took off.

Jerry, watched him leave, boiling with jealousy. He wanted a date. He wanted someone waiting in his apartment. He wanted to be in love too.

After that when Jerry finally went to bed at 2:00 AM, his last thoughts were about Elaine – her laugh, her smile, her eyes. She was just so beautiful…