The Answer – Chapter 3

The next morning, Jerry entered the coffee shop and saw George sitting with Tina in the corner booth. They were all over each other, and Jerry felt quite sick. Just then, Elaine entered the coffee shop but she wasn't alone… She walked in hand in hand with Puddy! Jerry saw her just casually talking and laughing with him as they walked up to him and for one fleeting moment he wished that it was he who was with her.

"Hello, Jerome. Look who I found…" she said with a big smile on her face.

"Yes, I see," replied Jerry. "So, should we sit?"

His question, however, went unheard and unanswered because those two became so wrapped up with each other that they completely ignored Jerry and made him feel invisible. Pretty soon however, the three ended up sitting at the other end of the coffee shop from where George was. Jerry's feeling of invisibility continued throughout the meal, as Elaine and Puddy barely spoke a word to him. The more he saw the two of them together, he found himself getting angrier and angrier and more and more attracted to Elaine. He loved the look in her eyes, the sound of her laugh and all he ever wanted was to hold her in his arms. He couldn't believe he once had her and let her go. He felt like kicking himself for that idiotic move. He just couldn't take it anymore so he decided to leave.

"Hey, I got to take off. See you later. Bye," said Jerry, standing up and putting on his coat.

"Wait, Jerry. I forgot to tell you, I was thinking why don't you, me, George, and Kramer go out for dinner tomorrow night. Not the coffee shop, I know this great place, The Carousal, but it's really fancy okay, so wear a tux," stated Elaine.

"Oh yeah, I know that place. It's supposed to be pretty good, yeah sure we'll go. What time?" asked Jerry.

"How about 7?" she replied.

"7 it is then. See you, bye," said Jerry and took off with one last look at Elaine's beautiful smile as she waved to him.

Jerry then took a long walk that afternoon before heading home, thinking rather solemnly and deeply about these feelings he had been having for the past few days. He wasn't quite sure if this was love or just a migraine. Either way, he knew he would never act on any of these feelings. So he just decided that the best thing to do was to start seeing someone else. Maybe he just had these feelings because he hadn't dated anyone in so long and they would all just go away the moment he began seeing someone else.

Just as he was walking down the road, he saw a familiar face. He stopped to look at her and then realized that it was Meryl! ( In the show she was played by Courtney Cox in the episode The Wife). "Boy! Does she look different!" he whispered to himself. He knew she had been controlling and pushy but she looked so nice that he felt she must be that nice a person too. Even he knew he was skating on very thin ice, but he just had to go talk to her. So he went over and lightly tapped her on the shoulder.

She turned around and with a look of shock and happiness she said, "well, what are the odds, Jerry Seinfeld." And she gave him a big hug before he could even respond.

"Hey, Meryl. So how are you? How's everything?" he asked.

"Oh, everything is just great. I'm just so happy to see you, but look I really have to go. Very important meeting. But here's my new number, so call me. And, how are you placed tonight?" she asked, saying too much at once, quite breathlessly.

'Well, she's still the bossy, uptight little person, I see' thought Jerry, but aloud he said "I'm free tonight I guess."

"Okay, good. Why don't we meet at Chez Catherine? Pick me up at 7:00 okay? Sorry, I'm rushing but this is sort of a make it or break it for my career," spoke Meryl quickly, gave him a peck on the lips and walked off quickly.

Jerry then stood there for a couple of minutes regretting what he had just done. Why in the world did he agree to take her out tonight? She seemed so awful! 'Well, if you think about it, I actually didn't agree' he thought. But he hadn't been on a date for so long, that he decided to just give it a try with Meryl.

When Jerry got home, he went over to Kramer's apartment to tell him the news about Meryl, but found he wasn't home. He then called up George, but he didn't answer either! Looking at his watch, he found that it was 11:30 am, and failed to understand why neither of them was home. When did they ever have something to do and he didn't? Then, he remembered about Marisa and Tina, and for some reason felt angry. Maybe it was because they were with the love of their life… and he wasn't.

That night Jerry went to pick up Meryl, and found her waiting on the sidewalk. She looked beautiful, he thought. She had grown out her hair and now that she wasn't in pants rushing to a meeting, but wearing a nice skirt, she seemed quite lovely. They both chatted what they had been doing for the past few years. Jerry quietly skipped the part about the jail though… After that they had a very pleasant night and then went back to her place. As they were sitting on the couch, there was an awkward pause, and so Jerry leaned in to kiss her. As her lips touched his, he found himself wishing it was Elaine. He just couldn't get her out of his head, so he finally just made and excuse and headed home.

After a couple of hours, Jerry went over to Elaine's to see if she was home so they could go for a movie or hang out. On his way, he was wishing she would be home and when he got there, his face lit up the instant she opened the door.

"He –Hey Jerry…" she said

"Hey. You want to do something? Movie?" asked Jerry hopefully.

"Actually Puddy's here so not the best time. I'll catch ya later…" she said closing the door.

As quickly as his face had brightened it dulled down. So, he just went back home and spent the rest of the day on his couch, which is what he seemed to be doing a lot these days.