Author note part 1

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She looked up, the light blinding her, she lunged forward getting the offending light, welcoming the blessed darkness, grabbing something hard, bringing it to her mouth, swallowing it, then lunging again, getting the liquid to flow free, drinking it up she looks up, one red and green eye is seen


[the summary]

(Authors thoughts and Sabrina`s I hope you can guess them)

She woke up a splitting headache emerges, [she looked up] at [the light, blinding her, [she] falls out of the bed then [lunged forward] hitting the light switch [getting the offending light] her headache then lessens [welcoming the blessed darkness].

Heading to the bathroom, she looks around [grabbing something hard], her pills, [bringing it to her mouth, swallowing it, then lunging again] due to the pills getting stuck in her throat, she hits the tap [getting the] cold water [liquid to flow free, drinking it up she looks up, one red and green eye is seen] her plain brown hair framing parts of her face due to it falling out of its ponytail.

She panics looking for her other contact she spys it on the floor, picking up the red contact (yes she likes the red makes people take a sencond glance) she cleans it the puts it back on her eye.

X mins later (due to a shower an clean up).

She gets ready for her early morning jog, dressed in her blue tracksuit with the top open slighty exposing her green tank top and with her white trainers with 1 red stripe going across the side she grabs her keys and heads out to the park nearby to begin her workout.

While she takes her jog what appears to be a drunk person stumbles out the bush behind her, the man falls down but quickly gets back up again and at a drunken but surpisingly quick pace follows after her, she tries to ignore him as she gathers he maybe attempting to hit on her and she had other plans today namely her job interview at the local Hospital.

The man then catches up an places his hand on her shoulder, she winces as he squeezes her, she turns around and comments

"could you please let go I am abit busy as you can see" as she getures to herself.

The man instead growls and proceeds to bite her arm, succeding in his odd choice, shocked by his odd reaction she swings her arm and overbalances the man, he falls over and due to leaving her Mobile at home she has no means of informing the police about this odd attack, making herself scarce she heads out the park looking to ask someone for some help (no she`s not in great danger but lets face it if someone bites you, you kind of want to inform the police of said crazy person) seeing noone, but at this time in the morning its still early she heads home while clutching her bleeding arm.