When Maverick awoke, he was immediately blinded by the bright orange ceiling, which left him with a feeling of triumph. Even more so when he remembered how he had gotten to the Autobot's base. The feeling quickly left though when he thought about the fact that any bot who was a medic would either ask him to explain why he was out in the forest…and about the makeshift panel.

A deadened feeling formed in his spark the same way it had when he had still been a human in Drag Strip's 'care.' The only good thing was that the yellow mech was probably raging about his 'pet' attacking him and having managed to escape.

Fear though quickly formed along with the dread. There was no doubt in Maverick's mind that it was a matter of when the Decepticons discovered he was gone, rather than if they found out he was gone. He for one though was not going to squander Dead End's help by letting himself get captured by the 'Cons again.

He couldn't have fought back before when he was with them, but now that he was free, he sure as hell was going to fight back to avoid being caught again. Since really, if he got caught, he was going to get hurt physically as well as mentally anyway.

Maverick heard the whoosh of the door opening and when he looked up, his blue optics met the same blue visor from the mech that had patched up his hand in the forest. Maverick stared at him awkwardly, what was he supposed to say? He usually just kept as quiet and tried to remain as invisible as he could on the Nemesis, but this was out of his depth.

'Great, now I can't even talk to others regularly. Damn those 'Cons, and damn Drag Strip!' Maverick thought angrily.

He was surprised though when the red and white visored mech smiled at him, genial and warm; a smile that spoke of no ulterior motive or underlining desire to hurt him. "Hello." The mech said gently.

Maverick was actually left speechless on account of the fact the mech was being polite to him. It had stupefied him, which was rather sad when he thought about it. It also made him think about how just how long he had been on the Nemesis. He had stopped counting after a month went by.

The visored mech continued speaking after Maverick had just stared at him. "It may sound rude, but are you unable to talk?"

Maverick blinked. 'He'd right, that would have sounded rude if he had phrased it the other way.' He thought. "Yes, I can talk." He said quietly. "You're an Autobot, right?" He knew the answer, but he just wanted to be sure.

The mech nodded; then paused. "Well, technically, I'm a Protectobot."

Maverick blinked again. Close enough. "I'm Maverick."

This time, the other mech's visor flashed dark for a moment in a blink. "That's…an unusual designation for an Autobot."

Maverick had to stop himself from laughing. The thought of laughing quickly died when he realized that this mech must have been serious. Factions usually identified one another by their optics color, right? "I'm not…I'm…" he trailed off uneasily. He had to think on his feet to let it down easily that he had been a human once. "I've always been on earth. The…humans I was with before just called me 'Ricky' for short."

The mech's visor brightened. "You've always been on earth? Like Skyfire?"

Maverick had to think of who that was before he nodded tentatively. "Yeah, sorta." He paused for a moment. "Uh, what your na…designation?"

The mech looked visibly embarrassed. "Sorry, I'm First Aid." He said smiling.

"First Aid." Maverick repeated and looked down at his patched up hand. The Decepticon decal nowhere in sight thankfully. "It suits you. And…thank you for patching me up."

Now First Aid just looked both bashful and uncomfortable. "There's also the matter of how you ended up in the forest-"

Before the mech could finish, the door opened and all Maverick saw was a yellow mech before he let out a terrified screech and fell off the medical berth he was on.