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Logan laughed, rolling his eyes as he typed out his response.

Logan Mitchell (11:45am): The weather's fine. It's pretty warm.

Kendall Knight (11:46am): That's cool...

Logan Mitchell (11:46am): Yeah. How about over there?

Kendall Knight (11:48am): Fine
Kendall Knight (11:48am): Partly cloudy
Kendall Knight (11:49am): Might go swimming later

Logan Mitchell (11:50am): Sounds good.

Kendall bit into his lip, looking awkwardly out of the car window. The parking lot was deserted.

Kendall Knight (11:51am): Can we please talk about it?

Logan Mitchell (11:51am): Talk about what?

Kendall thought for a moment.

Kendall Knight (11:52am): Stuff...

Logan Mitchell (11:53am): I really don't want to talk about it over text. Can you please respect that?

Kendall heaved.

Kendall Knight (11:53am): Of course.

A moment later, Logan's phone began to vibrate, vigorously. He looked down to the screen,

(Incoming call: Kendall Knight)

"...Really?" He asked, leveling the phone to his ear.

"This isn't texting..." Kendall said through a smile.

"I meant in person..."

"This is... sort of in person..."

Logan breathed, dramatically. "Fine." He said, his heart thudding loudly as he braced himself for a conversation he wasn't prepared for. "Talk." He heard Kendall exhale, obviously in a similar position.

"So... ah..." The blonde began, nervously chewing on his bottom lip, "..Weather's still good?"

"The weather's fine, Kendall."

"Great. That's great." An awkward silence lingered, as the blonde desperately tried to figure out a way to start the conversation.

"I'm hanging up," Logan threatened, irritated by the lack of communication.

"No!" Kendall protested, his jaw tensing nervously.

"Then talk!"



The blonde sighed, closing his eyes. "Sorry. I don't really know what to say..."

"Do you know what you want to say?"


"So just say that." Logan instructed, calmly.

"I'm afraid I'll sound stupid..."

"When has that ever stopped you before?" The brunette mock encouraged. Kendall laughed, before sucking in enough air to last him a week underwater.

"...Do you really love me?" He asked, his voice a combination of hope and insecurity. Logan nodded, forgetting momentarily that they were on the phone.

"Yes." He said. Kendall smiled, goofily.

"Cool," He exhaled, looking down to the ground.

"You really love me?" Logan asked.

The blonde nodded vigorously, also forgetting that his friend couldn't see. "So much."

They both took the opportunity to smile to themselves, lost in the good news.

"...So what now?" Logan asked, a black cloud forming over his thoughts as he remembered that they were both boys with an image to maintain.

"I don't... I don't know," Kendall admitted, seriously. He furrowed his eyebrows, as he brought his eyes up to the car's ceiling. "Does this mean... we... we're like..."

"D-do you want to...?" Logan asked.

"I don't know..." Kendall bit into his lip, suddenly overwhelmed, "I don't think I thought this through."

Logan frowned, "What do you mean?"

"I don't know." The blonde sighed, reluctantly. "I miss you."

"...I miss you too, but what are we going to-"

"I don't know, Logan." He snapped, drumming his fingers against the steering wheel. The brunette's frown deepened.

"I... well, do you want to..." He paused, struggling to collect the right words, "...do you want to... be with me?"

"...Yes," Kendall said, surprising himself, as he'd answered before the question had even registered. Logan smiled.


"Do you want to be with me..?" The blonde returned, awkwardly.


"So... then... we're together?"

"I guess we are..."

"Cool," Kendall breathed through a smile. They sat in a dazed silence, until the blonde finally interjected.

"We're together..."

"Yes we are..." Logan replied, equally stunned.

"Oh God," Kendall said, his voice cracking, "I'm so glad we're in separate states..."

"Why...?" The brunette asked, his face falling.

"Because I'm about to do my happy-dance, and I know how much you hate it..." Logan laughed.

"I don't hate your happy dance..."

"Really?" Kendall asked, genuinely intrigued.

"Not usually..." Logan contemplated, "...Well, when it's used in the appropriate circumstance... then I have no problem with it..."

"Sounds fair. I might have to step out of my car for this, though..."

Logan laughed, as Kendall's hand moved up to massage his cheek bones, his face so sore from smiling.

"This is so crazy..."

"I know,"

"...I miss you," Kendall said, bitting into his bottom lip as his mood became serious.

"I miss you too..." Logan looked up, to see at least 6 of his smaller cousins staring him down as he sat on the front step. "But I have to go,"

"Uh- ok-" The blonde said, furrowing his eyebrows.

"I'll text you later," Logan returned, his face flushing red as he came up onto his feet.

"Um, sure-"


"WAIT," Kendall said, literally shouting into the phone.


"I love you,"

"...I love you too," Logan said, trying to muffle his voice with his hand.


"Yes, really."

"That's so cool." Kendall smiled, hardly able to find the word's to express his enthusiasm.

"Alright- bye,"

"Text me later,"

"I said I would- I have to go-"

"Ok, bye!"


"I love you!"

Logan sighed, "I love you too. Goodbye!" The brunette flipped his phone shut, then shoved it into his pants pocket, his face a bright shade of red.

"Who were you talking to, Logie?" Scotty asked, his soft red eyebrows pushed together, creating a crease in his freckle stained forehead.

"I heard him say Kendall's name..." Said another.

"Is Kendall really going to kiss you on the forehead? Can he kiss me on the forehead instead?"

"Who was that, Logan?"

"Erh..." Logan returned, scratching the back of his head, "...It was my mom."

"Oh!" They all returned, in sync.

"I heard Kendall on the radio this morning!" One contributed, shooting her hand up into the sky.

"How nice for you."

"Is he really gonna kiss you on the forehead?" Logan lifted an eyebrow.

"Through the radio? While he's in a different state? Isn't that a bit silly?" He laughed, unsuccessfully playing dumb.

She frowned, "But... I kiss you through the t.v screen when I see you sing!" Logan laughed, bending forward to plant a peck on the top of her head.

"I guess crazier things have happened, then..." He said, as he was guided off onto the yard for an incredibly enthusiastic game of Capture the Flag.

"KENDALL." Gustavo Roque shouted. The blonde didn't react.

Kelly had called the boys into the office about an hour after their interview for the critique Gustavo insisted on conducting after every public appearance.

"KENDALL." He called again, peering over his desk as to emphasize his authority. James dropped a hand in front of the blonde's line of sight.

"Kendall?" He tried. The blonde remained unfazed, a goofy smile engraved to his soft complexion as he sat in absolute silence, replaying the days events in his head.

Carlos threw his arms to the side, before springing up onto his feet.


"What?" The blonde asked vaguely, bringing his head up just enough to match the Latino's gaze. Carlos placed his hands on his hips, proudly turning to face the others.

"HAVE YOU HEARD A SINGLE WORD I'VE JUST SAID?" Gustavo shouted, his fists clenched. By this point, the heavy man had been lecturing for the past 45 minutes, and Kendall obviously hadn't heard a thing.

"Relax," Kelly advised, dropping her hand soothingly. Gustavo growled, as he lowered his body into the black swivel chair behind his desk.

"I AM RELAXED." He roared, slamming his fists against the wooden table top. Kendall pursed his lips,

"Nope," He replied, popping his "p".


"What do you mean? We did fine!" Said the blonde, bravely cutting the angry man off.

"They did fine." Gustavo corrected, gesturing towards the pretty boy and the Latino. They looked to each other, their eyebrows raised in surprise. If you'd asked Gustavo a minute ago, he would have eagerly told you all about what a terrible job they'd done.

"We all did fine!" Kendall defended, his arms crossed.

"THEY DID. YOU DIDN'T." Gustavo cried, pushing his sunglasses back up the length of his pig nose, "YOU CAN'T GET UP IN FRONT OF 3 MILLION FANGIRLS AND PRETEND TO BE GAY, KENDALL. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THAT'LL DO TO ALBUM SALES?" The blonde's eyes shot open, as he remembered how he'd announced in front of an audience that he wanted to kiss Logan on the forehead.

"I don't," He said, suddenly infuriated, "But maybe you could call a member of one of your old boy bands and ask them? I'm sure it was their sexual preference, and not a lack of talent that killed their career!" Gustavo got to his feet, throwing his pointer finger in the blonde's direction.

"QUIET." He demanded, unable to conjure a better response. Kendall crossed his arms, smiling smugly.

"What Gustavo's trying to say," Kelly interjected, standing quietly in the corner. "Is that the majority of your fan base is made up of girls between the ages of 8-13."

"...So technically, we could date any 8-13 year old girl we want?" Carlos asked, his voice a combination of confusion and disgust. Kelly tried to ignore the boy's display of genuine stupidity.

"You just shouldn't confuse them with remarks that could be misinterpreted."

"What do you mean 'misinterpreted'?" Kendall asked, throwing his arms.

"It's just…" Kelly sighed, trying to figure out the best way to explain what she wanted to say, "Since homosexuality isn't something that's universally accepted, especially since your primary fan-base is younger... I just think you guys should refrain from saying you'd like to kiss each other. Things like that. Even if it is jokingly. People might actually begin to think that you're gay, and that could seriously damage your reputation." Kendall pursed his lips, too frustrated to pursue the topic.


Gustavo intertwined his own fingers, eager to move past the issue.

"Good," He said, looking down to his desk. "Alright, another thing…"

Kendall pulled his cell phone out of his sleeve, immediately tuning the man out.

Kendall Knight( 1:50pm): Hey
Kendall Knight (1:53pm): Can you talk now?

Logan Mitchell (1:54pm): Hi.
Logan Mitchell (1:54pm): I was playing with my cousins. I just came inside. What's up?

Kendall Knight (1:54pm): We're in Gustavo's office
Kendall Knight (1:55pm): I know u're jealous
Kendall Knight (1:55pm): What were u playing?

Logan Mitchell (1:56pm): I'm not jealous at all, actually. Is he yelling? And capture the flag. It was fun; I lost

Kendall Knight (1:56pm): Ur a liar...
Kendall Knight (1:56pm): When is he not yelling?
Kendall Knight (1:56pm): It's funny how he actlly wonders why nobody likes him...
Kendall Knight(1:56pm): ...But capture the flag!
Kendall Knight (1:56pm): u actually played?
Kendall Knight (1:56pm): And I missed it?

Logan Mitchell (1:57pm): I'm not lying: I'm really not jealous. Yes, I actually played. But I know; Gustavo's got a personality only a mother could love. Or what ever it was he was raised by...

Kendall Knight (1:57pm): Jeez, Logan.
Kendall Knight (1:57pm): When'd u get so cynical?
Kendall Knight (1:57pm): ….And athletic?

Logan Mitchell (1:58pm): They're side effects from being around you too much.

Kendall Knight (1:59pm): I'm not cynical

Logan Mitchell (1:59pm): Sure you're not….

Kendall Knight (2:00pm): I prefer the term…
Kendall Knight (2:07pm): ..."artistically pessimistic"

Logan Mitchell (2:07pm): Why'd it take you so long to reply?

Kendall Knight (2:07pm) …My thesaurus app took a long time to load...

Logan Mitchell (2:08pm): Cute.

Kendall Knight (2:09pm): :^)

Logan Mitchell (2:09pm): So what's Gustavo going off about?

Kendall Knight (2:10pm): Oh
Kendall Knight (2:10pm): Radio show
Kendall Knight (2:13pm): he's really pissed

Logan Mitchell (2:13pm): You did great. I'm sure he's just doing this to entertain himself.

Kendall Knight (2:14pm): :^)

Logan Mitchell (2:15pm): Unless of course he's mad at you.

Kendall Knight (2:15pm): ….But...
Kendall Knight (2:15pm): But I'm lovely :^(

Logan Mitchell (2:15pm): Now that I think about it, he must have thought the remark about you kissing my forehead was pretty inappropriate

Kendall Knight (2:16pm): Yeah
Kendall Knight (2:16pm): He was pretty pissed
Kendall Knight (2:16pm): He says we're not allowed to joke about being gay
Kendall Knight (2:16pm): ... Irony?

Logan Mitchell (2:16pm): I understand where he's coming from, though. Our fan base is made up of little girls, for the most part.

Kendall Knight (2:17pm): I like you more than little girls

Logan Mitchell (2:18pm): Thanks?

Kendall Knight (2:19pm): No problem

Logan Mitchell (2:19pm): What else is he saying?

Kendall Knight (2:20pm): No clue. Not listening.

Logan Mitchell (2:21pm): I'm sure it's nothing interesting.
Logan Mitchell (2:21pm): Shoot- I have to go.
Logan Mitchell (2:23pm): We're eating dinner
Logan Mitchell (2:23pm): I'll text you later.

Kendall Knight (2:25pm): It's not even 2:30...

Logan Mitchell (2:25pm): 2 hour time difference.

Kendall Knight (2:26pm): Ah
Kendall Knight (2:27pm): Erh, ok
Kendall Knight (2:28pm): Bye lovey :^)

Logan Mitchell (2:29pm): No. No pet names. Especially not terrible ones, like that.

Kendall Knight (2:30pm): Poop,
Kendall Knight (2:32pm): Really?
Kendall Knight (2:32pm): What about sugar-booger?
Kendall Knight (2:32pm): Or sweetie-pie?
Kendall Knight (2:33pm): Or baby-cakes?
Kendall Knight (2:34pm): Or love-muffin?

Logan Mitchell (2:34pm): I can't tell if you're joking or not...

Kendall Knight (2:35pm): Lol.
Kendall Knight (2:35pm): I'm kidding, honey bunch

Logan Mitchell (2:35pm): Stop.

Kendall Knight (2:35pm): Fine
Kendall Knight (2:36pm): Go eat food
Kendall Knight (2:36pm): And text me later

Logan Mitchell (2:37pm): I will

Kendall Knight (2:37pm): Bye

Logan Mitchell (2:37pm): Adios

Kendall Knight (2:38pm): Ciao

Kendall sighed, as he dropped his phone into the pit of his lap, lifting his gaze reluctantly. Gustavo was still going on, passionately complaining as he beat his hand repeatedly against the top of his desk. The blonde rolled his eyes, looking up to the clock that lingered above the door frame. He drummed his fingers impatiently against his chair, struggling to keep himself awake.

"Oh, you're such a turd..." Kendall looked down at the device in his crotch, surprised to see that Logan had texted him.

Logan Mitchell (2:49pm): I would have said it sooner, but i was convinced you were going to first... I love you so much.

Kendall bit into his lip, trying hard to repress the stupid grin that was seeping across his pale complexion.

Kendall Knight (2:51pm): I love you too, Logie

"I think that's it." Gustavo said, running a finger across the stray piece of notebook paper that lay atop of his desk, drenched in his illegible handwriting. "Now get out." The boys jumped up eagerly, resembling a stampede as they pushed each through the door frame.