Let her leave him

Prompt from FemaleSpock: Angsty D'jok/Anyone. I chose Tia, as we all know I love a bit of D'jokXTia.

"I need you,"

It's what he wants to hear and though she knows that, it doesn't make the statement any less true. She used to be so independent, she didn't need to lean on a boy, but Rocket had broken her, and now she leaned on D'jok as if he were her crutch.

However, it wasn't just that she needed someone...no, she needed D'jok in particular. This had nothing to do with just picking any guy to lean upon; Tia wouldn't be able to do that. Tia had fallen onto D'jok for specific reasons.

He cared for her, cared more deeply than she ever imagined he could, thus, she received the love she now so craved, another part of her broken form that she loathed. But D'jok was also strong. Sure, he got emotional and he was often volatile in expressing these emotions, but he was strong; he didn't run away...unlike Rocket.

D'jok was dedicated to Tia in ways she found hard to believe; he had always loved her, he said, right from the very beginning. Tia chose to believe those words, she didn't care whether they were true or not. Those words made her feel wanted, made her feel special, all the feelings Rocket had torn from her when he had ran away once again.

Yes, Tia needed D'jok. She needed him because he was nursing her broken heart; he was eradicating the dirty evidence of heartbreak from her skin. He was there for her. And that was what Tia needed. She needed him...but she did not love him. She could never love him. D'jok was just the temporary stepping-stone between the leap that was Rocket and being alone. Tia was weak right now, but she would become strong again and when it came to Tia, D'jok couldn't be his normal forceful self. He knew he was going to step back, let her take that leap. Let her leave him.