This story will only make sense if you read my other story 'What She Was'.

Characters: Lucy, Natsu, Gray, Erza, The rest of the guild.

Its been 4 years since Lucy's death. The guild had come back to life, but any mentions of Lucy, and they lash out.

Gray, Natsu, and Erza had grown considerably.

Erza was now 22 years old, and is currently dating Jellal. Her hair had grown a bit, and she still has her same style. Only her blue skirt was replaced by a red one.

Gray and Natsu are now 19, and their friendly rivalry hadn't changed a bit. Their hair had grown spikier, and even though they were college age, their more immature than ever.

The guild was pretty much the same, a little bit bigger though. And the orange paint was chipping a bit.

The members had pretty much grown, and Romeo was no a healthy 10 year old boy. The guild mark shown proudly on his neck.

Wendy had grown a bit also. Her hair was cut to her lower back , and she was 15 years old, but was still as sweet and innocent as ever. And thanks to her "older brothers", Gajeel and Natsu, she had zero experience with boys.

Cana and Gildarts had moved in with each other, and now everyone knew about the whole "father, daughter" thing.

Laxus has changed, and was ready to take on Masters role, that is if Makarov wasn't such a stubborn bastard, and just finally retires.

Team Natsu, which now consists of Wendy, Gray, Natsu, Erza, and occasionally Romeo, Cana, and Juvia, was just getting back from a mission.

Bursting into the guild, the Team was greeted by Mira, who hadn't really changed.

"Welcome home guys." She smiled as she continued cleaning a glass cup. "How was the mission?"

Wendy smiled as she sat down next to Gajeel, and his girlfriend Levy Mcgarden.

"It went pretty well Mira-san." She glanced over at Happy and Charle, who were happily nursing their 7 kittens. "It was kind of weird without Happy and Charle."

Mira smiled, as Gajeel smirked ruffling the blue haired girls hair.

"I might consider letting you borrow my cat, kiddo."

Levy nudged him playfully as she smiled along.

About that time, Natsu and Gray were fighting again.

"What did you call me flame brain?" Gray shouted as he prepared his magic.

"You heard me Underwear Prince!" Natsu sneered, as he grabbed the closest thing he could grab, which was a chair, and threw it at Gray.

He dodged it easily, and it ended up hitting Erza's cake.

Natsu's eyes widened when he realized his mistake.

"Sh**." He muttered as he began cowering.

Gray burst out laughing, when he saw him shiver and shake.

Erza slowly got up, a menacing aura surrounding quickly.

"Natsu... Gray..."

Gray perked up.

"Me too?"

The two hugged each other in hopes to hug out the pain they were about to receive.

But, it never happened.

Because the guild door was swung open, resulting in everyone turning their heads towards the large frame.

A small girl, that looked about the age of 6, or 7 was standing there, her hands behind her back cutely.

Her blue, and pink dress went perfect with her lemon yellow hair. She had cute, chocolate, brown hair that pretty much made her look 80% cuter.

And to the Dragon Slayers, she smelled familiar.

"Excuse me? Is this Fairy Tail? I would like to join..." She mumbled in a 6 year old voice. Mira walked up, crouching in front of the girl.

"I'm sorry little girl, but you can't really join unless we know your name." She said, in a pure, sweet, voice.

The girl giggled.

"I'm Lucy."

The guild froze.


She's back!

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