Living Your Life


June 30th

''I'm sorry, Fleur.'' Harry said when he was putting his little god-daughter back in her mother's arms. Almost immediately his lap was filled with Teddy, who had been tugging at his leg.

''I had to work overtime this week, because of a werewolf attack. The little one was always asleep when I came back home.'' Teddy took a tight grip on his shirt.

''Don't worry about it, he missed you, that is understandable.'' Although Harry had convinced the three-year-old to play with his Daddy, aunts and uncles in the garden, the playtime had only lasted four minutes and thirty-six seconds. Exactly the amount of time it took Harry to greet half of the Weasley women and take Victoire into his arms for a hello-kiss.

Teddy snuggled closer to Harry's warm body, ignoring everyone and everything else.

''Maybe you should work less, dear.'' Molly put a plate with freshly baked cookies on the kitchen table.

''It was a one time thing, well one week thing. I didn't like it either, half of the week Charlie was asleep as well, when I finally made it back from St. Mungos.''

He stroked the midnight blue hair and heard Teddy sigh softly. ''Want some of Granny's cookies?'' He pressed a kiss to his head. ''Mmh.'' A small hand reached out, but his arm was too short to reach the table. The women in the kitchen watched with loving eyes, how Teddy's forehead crinkled in deep thought. To get a cookie he had to move from his position. He settled on giving his Papa the puppy-dog-eyes-look, when Harry tried to stay unaffected, his lower lip began to tremble.

''Fine.'' Harry grumbled as everyone else lost their fights and started laughing.

He grabbed two cookies from the plate, gave one to Teddy and ate the other himself.

After one bite Harry felt somehow addicted to the chocolate and vanilla taste and suddenly he was very hungry. His peace was interrupted, when he munched happily on cookie number eight.

''You really shouldn't eat so much, Harry. I can't stop but notice that you gained some weight lately.'' Hermione said without looking up from her book. ''You look already a pit pudgy around the middle.''

Harry blinked his eyes and looked around the people and then down his body, as he tried to look past Teddy to see his stomach, he felt anger bubble up in him. How dare that woman call him fat!

Just because she decided to loose weight to appease her new boss.

''What? For your information I can eat as many cookies as I want.'' He placed Teddy on the floor and stood up. He glared at her, grabbed two more and walked out of the kitchen with Teddy hot on his heels. ''Where we go? Papa?'' Curious brown eyes looking up at him. ''We go and play with Daddy. Girls have cooties.'' Teddy giggled.


Charlie stepped out of the floo with his son in his arms, he let go of his hand and turned around to catch his husband. He had no idea why, but he never agreed with this form of magical transportation. The floo flared up and his small raven stumbled out and straight into his arms. Charlie chuckled and kissed his pouting lips softly.

''Good journey?'' He couldn't help himself, sometimes he just had to tease him. Right when he thought Harry had managed the art of fire transportation he turned back to his old stumbling self.

Harry glared at him and stalked out of the room. Charlie shook his head smiling when he saw Teddy skip after him. The last week had been absolutely no fun, getting Teddy ready for bed was one thing, but then getting him to sleep without his Papa was nothing short of cold war.

He walked into the kitchen and only saw his Mum, Fleur, Penny and Hermione. ''Where is the rest of the crowd?''

''Outside, they started a pick up game of Quidditch.'' Penny answered him. ''Excellent, Harry let's join them.''

''You go, I haven't even said hello, jet. Take Teddy with you, I'll join later.'' Charlie nodded and reached out to take Teddy's hand, but he scrambled away from him. ''Teddy stay with Papa.'' He hugged Harry's leg, hiding behind it. Harry kneeled down so he was eye-level with him.

''Don't you want to go outside? You love Quidditch and all your favourite uncles and aunties are playing.'' Teddy bit his lip and his eyes wandered to the open window and back to Harry.

''I promise to join, soon.'' Small hands were put on slightly tanned cheeks. ''Pwomise?'' Harry nodded severely. ''I promise.'' Ever so slowly Teddy shuffled over to Charlie, Harry stood up and greeted the four women. ''Come here my little love.'' He took little Victoire in his arms. Their god-daughter was now just over a year old, so small compared to their ever growing son. His eyes roamed over the way Harry held her so naturally, like he was born to do so, sitting on his favourite kitchen chair and kissing her cheek.

Teddy huffed and ran back over to him, tugging on his jeans. ''Up. Papa, up! Me no playing.'' Harry smiled apologetically and followed the order. Charlie winked at him and walked outside, between his job and Teddy the time to fly was limited to these weekends.

''Hey, little brother, where is your husband? We need the complete team.'' Sometimes they were switching players, but most times it was Bill, Charlie, Fred, Alicia and Draco against Ron, Harry, George, Angelina and Ginny.

''Still inside, I'm not really sure if he is in the mood to play. He had a busy week at work, he is still looking a bit pale, but that could be because of the floo.''

''We talk him into it, he loves to play, a bit of fresh air will do him good.'' Ron said determined and the other obsessed flyers nodded their heads. ''You sound pretty sure about yourself.''

''Whatever, at least give him a few minutes before you ambush him.'' He grabbed a spare broom and took off, flying aimlessly around for a few minutes.

''Harry, get over here.'' Fred's enthusiastic voice pulled him out of his bubble and he landed next to him and Teddy. Harry was handing the kid a cookie and Charlie opened his hand to get the second one. Green eyes looked at him, but Harry ate the cookie himself and slapped his hand away.

A movement that made his brothers snicker loudly. ''So, if you are done with your meal, let's start playing.'' Ginny was bouncing on her feet and they mounted their brooms, Percy would play referee from the ground and keeping an eye on Teddy.

They were only using one bludger and playing with one beater and two chasers but the game was full swing after half an hour. Ginny had scored last and the count was 120 to 130 now, she was soaring past Charlie when he caught sight of the snitch. He accelerated and focused only on the gold fluttering in front of him, seconds later he had it securely in his hand.

He pulled his arm up in victory, but that feeling was quickly leaving him, when he saw Harry collapse on his broom, before falling off. ''Harry!'' His hands closed around the handle, the snitch was completely ignored and he raced towards his husband.


Harry swallowed the last bite of his cookie, after he had defended it from being taken by the taller redhead and mounted his broom, barely holding himself back from running back into the kitchen for a new one. He cheered for every goal that Angelina and Ginny made for there team and kept looking for the snitch.

He swerved to the right to avoid the bludger and slowed down, for the first time in his life he felt insecure on a broom. He secured his grip and taking a breath focused on the game again. He saw with clouded eyes that Ginny scored again, making their team lead by ten points. His field of view became smaller and the next second all he saw was black, before finally loosing the fight and consciousness.

Hope you like it.