Living Your Life


August 22nd

''Come on, squirt.'' Charlie said and tugged him away from the shopping window.

Teddy pouted and gave the sweets one last sad look over his shoulder.

They walked side by side till they entered the more busy part of Diagon Alley. Charlie picked Teddy up and settled him on his hip, that way he wouldn't lose him.

He walked pass his brothers shop and entered the one four numbers down.

He walked up to the counter of Little Witch.

''Good morning, sir. How can I help you?'' The clerk was an elderly woman, who smiled gently at him and the small child.

''Morning. I was wondering if you have a catalogue for my spouse to look through. Unfortunately he was put on bed rest so he can't do his shopping the normal way.''

''Of course, here it is. Every product we have is in here and the order form is at the end of it.'' She put the heavy looking paperback in front of him. ''This is a new version, my granddaughter charmed it so you can visualize the furniture simply by tapping it with your wand. Say the incantation ''show me'' and it will be visible for you in the exact size and colour.''

''Really? That's great, he can plan the room without overworking himself.''

''I want this.'' Teddy pointed to a bright yellow ball.

''Don't you think you have enough balls already?'' He asked him and sat him on the counter.

''No.'' Teddy blinked confused, when he noticed the other people in the store. Five woman and one man were browsing through the racks and all of them had a child with them or were visibly pregnant. One customer came closer and stood in line behind Charlie.


''Yes, what do you want now?'' Charlie asked distracted, while handing the clerk the two sickles and five knuts for the premium catalogue.

''How gets the baby inside the belly?'' Teddy pointed one small finger at the brown-haired lady.

Charlie gaped at him and then looked helplessly from the amused shop-keeper to the brunette, who had raised an eyebrow in polite curiosity.

''Well, you see, the baby, ohm...'' He cleared his throat in embarrassment, this wasn't part of today's plan. Teddy had his gaze fixed on him, waiting silently for an answer and Charlie could almost feel how his hero status would crumble and burst into non-existence, if he gave the wrong answer now. How unfair was this? He had always found an answer for every single question Teddy had thrown his way. The perfect Daddy and now?

He took a deep breath to stall for more time.

''Well, babies are looking for someone nice, who would take care of them and love them always.'' He could see the two woman smile at him and the old clerk was nodding her head. ''Once they found someone they stay inside that persons tummy, because they are really small and they take time to grow till the baby is big enough to be born.''

Teddy hummed and looked back at the pregnant woman.

''So, she is a nice lady?''

''Yes, she is.''

''What about Papa?''

''What do you mean?''

''Papa has two babies in his tummy. Does that mean he was really good?'' He choked on his breath. Oh, yes he was. He cleared his throat, fighting the blush on his cheek, when the two females began snickering.

''Yes, Papa is the nicest person in the world, isn't he?'' He asked Teddy and picked him up again.

''He is, he gives the warmest hugs. Mmh.''

''Okay, buddy, want to visit Fred and George before we go home?''

''Yeah!'' Teddy gave him a big smile. Charlie nodded in goodbye to the two women and left the store with his son safely perched on his hip.

Five minutes later they reached the brightly coloured heart of the Weasley empire.

Walking through the door triggered the shrill wolf whistle of the motion sensors and Teddy giggled at the sound, like always.

''Charlie, old chap...''

''...what a pleasure to see you...''

'' our humble establishment.'' Charlie smiled at them and put Teddy down, before greeting his brothers.

''And the little rascal, come on Teddy we have some cool new stuff.'' George took Teddy's hand and the two vanished into the back room. It was hard to tell which of the two was more excited.

''Are we still on for dinner on Friday?'' Fred asked, looking a bit unsure.

''Sure, why not?''

''Weren't sure if Harry was up for all the trouble.'' He answered with a shrug of his shoulders.

''I won't let him do all the work, Kreacher and I will do most of the cooking with Harry's direction and supervision of course, besides he would put me on the couch, if I dared to cancel it. He is looking forward to it. Bill will come over after Teddy's afternoon nap and we have the weekend off.''

''Great, we come around against six o'clock, Verity can handle the last two hours alone. Angie and Alicia are more likely to come earlier.''

Charlie nodded, that was fine with him.

A second later he had to bend down quickly to catch the running three-year-old. Teddy jumped in his arms with a loud cry of 'Daddy, Daddy'.

''Uncle Georgie showed me baby Pygmy Puffs, Daddy they were so small.'' He let go of his shirt and used both hands to show him how very small the babies were.

''And all fluffy, he let me pet the pink one.'' He added proudly with a nod of his head.

''Really? That's great.''

''Mmh. Daddy?'' Teddy's nose scrunched up and he looked as if he was thinking really hard.

''Yes, what do you want to know now? And no, we don't buy a Pygmy Puff.'' Teddy nodded sagely and took a deep breath.

''Where come the babies from?''

''I told you already.'' Teddy shook his head.

''No. You said how the baby gets inside, but where does it come from?''

''You told him how babies are made? He is only three, you know.'' Fred said with an arched eyebrow.

''I know perfectly well how old he is, thank you very much.'' He answered shortly.

Small hands were put on his cheek and his head was turned back to Teddy. He looked in big green eyes that showed curiosity and stubbornness. He exhaled slowly, would this day never end? He should have stayed in bed.

''Hey, what's with the gloomy face?'' George asked and Fred answered immediately. ''Charlie is giving Teddy the birds and the bees talk.''

''Seriously? He is only three, are you sure that's okay with Harry?''

''I know how old he is.'' He snapped. Merlin, brothers were so annoying sometimes, hell all the time.

''Daddy! Answer!''

''I, the...the babies are...oh sweet Merlin look at the time, we will be late for dinner. Your Papa will be so worried and we still have to go and buy your Puffskein.'' He said in a rush over the louder getting snickering from the twins, they would never let him forget this.

''My Puffkin?'' Teddy shrieked in delight and wiggled to be let down. He tugged impatiently on Charlie's hand. ''Come on, Daddy. Move. Quick.'' He huffed and let go, turning on the spot and running to the door, knowing perfectly well that he would follow behind. He caught up to him just outside the door and spent the next twenty minutes helping Teddy to choose the right colour.

The little one just couldn't decide between neon green and dark purple.

''You clearly took your time.'' Harry said as way of greeting when the two tardy rascals trudged out of the fireplace. ''Kreacher has dinner ready for ten minutes.'' He held his hand out for Charlie to help him get up from the couch where he had fallen asleep again. Sometimes he was getting a bit light-headed when getting up and having his husband steady him was a good excuse for more closeness. He had come in here to wait for the two, but the warm glow from the fire along with the soft light and slow music in the background had been his downfall.

''Yeah, well, we were stopped here and there, you know how it can be.'' Charlie said uncomfortable.

''What do you have there Teddy-Bear?'' Harry asked curiously, seeing a green fluffy something clutched in his small arms. Teddy held it up for inspection.

''My Puffkin. His name is Dragon.'' Harry looked up at Charlie, clearly confused about all this.

''He is really cute, Teddy, good choice.'' Teddy beamed proudly. ''Why don't you go and show him your room?''

''Okay.'' He nodded and skipped out of the room.

''I thought we agreed to wait till Christmas?'' He looked around the room and out the window. ''Nope, no snow, no decorations, no Christmas.''

Charlie sighed again. ''Sorry, I know you wanted to be there as well, but he was asking so mean questions and I needed a distraction.''

Harry walked closer till he was in reaching distance. ''Mean questions? What can a three-year-old ask, that has you, a highly trained dragon-tamer cave in like this?'' He could hear the amusement lacing the words.

''What's with the lot of you today? Everyone is pointing out his age like I don't know it.'' Harry's arms wound around him and he could feel the bump press against his body. ''He wanted to know how babies are made and all that.'' He mumbled and Harry chuckled softly, warm lips gave him comfort and he thought that maybe this day wasn't all that bad.

Hope you like it.