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Harry's Got Something in the Oven!

Harry's and Draco's spring wedding happened in early April and came home on the May 4st because they have a lot of things to get done back home. Harry was in kitchen making dinner with his apron on shaking his ass to the rhyme of his head. Draco was watching from the doorframe grinning from ear to ear how cute his dark angel was being. Today was their last day of their honeymoon May 4th was the date how Draco burned it into his mind not liking the idea of coming back to work. He just wanted to be with his angel alone with no one to bother them inside their manor. He still hasn't found a way to tell his lover the potions he got from Snape to get men pregnant. He guessed it was now or never to tell him today before it would get push off until Merlin know the time to tell him would come up. He knew how Harry wanted a family of his own and he can give it to him. Draco snuck over his lover saw has he was done stirring the pot. The smell made his mouth water to death when he was getting closer to his target. He was so damn pleased he had captured Harry Potter in addition to his cooking skills. He snaked his arms around his waist earning him a yelp then a little chuckle.

"What are you up too, Dray?" He placed the lid on the pot right before another good stir turning off the stove so the pot to let it settle for thirty minutes. He looked over his shoulder smiling having a wonderful husband holding him. Harry felt it was right being married to Draco as well to starting a new life together. Few minutes passed he felt something pressing against his lower half. He chuckled shaking his head at the same time made Draco why his Dark angel laughing at him.


"What's so funny, love?" He placed his head on his shoulder still not letting go of him like his life depend on it.

"I've noticed you are excited about something," He smirked before he moved them both away from the stove pushing the hot blonde against the wall of the kitchen. "I guess I have to take care you of then." Harry pressed his hands on the blonde's chest sliding them down his body heading towards his goal.

Draco gulped at his naughty lover was doing. He didn't know why he was so turned on when he lover was cooking. Take that back he knew why he was so turned on by his hot smocking husband was he was wearing that damn apron while swinging and humming at the same time. He couldn't help it but touch him or hold him or even made love to his beautiful lover. He took a deep breath as he felt his zipper being pulled down. What took his breath way was his dick was out in the open in the warm cool temperature.

"What's the matter Dray can't take the little bit of chill air?" Harry laughed at Draco being so cute and hot at the same time. His lover glared at him until his eyes rolled over when his dark angel mouth was over his hot member swollen it whole.

Draco's legs were about to give out pretty soon having his hands pressed real hard against the wall. The blonde wished he didn't tilt his head down noticing a hungry dark angel sucking like it was no tomorrow. The sounds echoing inside his head on how well he was getting close to his wonderful climax; however a slow motion came over. Harry pulled back wiping his mouth with his thumb before he stood up leaving the kitchen. The raven thought took about two minutes of his little fun in the kitchen.


It was like this on their honeymoon of playing around with each other getting one excited then leave right before they come into bliss. The raven was paying back from yesterday when Draco had his pants down inside underneath the bridge inside the park. Oh he was humming all the way to the living room to continue his reading. Draco didn't know what to say when his lover left him in the kitchen to finish himself off. He was going to get him back ten times fold, but remembered it was payback for yesterday still he was going to get him. After he was finished with his little problem head straight to living noticing his lover all curled up on the couch reading a book he got him on their honeymoon. The blonde walked over their gracefully not disbursing his doom lover. Harry was so into his book he didn't noticed the stud muffin coming towards him and sat next to him. Draco stayed quiet for a good few minutes followed by a tickle attack making the raven's book fell on the floor.

Harry didn't know what to say how his lover was tickling him to death. He knew all the sensitive spots on his body made him laugh and moan like a female in heat, but was trying to cover it up the best he can. He tried to fight him off or tickle him back, but no such luck. Draco was on top of him tickling his sides next came his underarm where that was the most ticklish spot on his body. With all Harry's might knock the blonde off of him only landing on top of him instead. The raven had to catch his breath before giving him a good one before he started laying his chest. It was warm and soft lying on his husband's chest. The raven pushed himself up straddling the blonde. Draco smiled at him wondering if their little fun would continue here or someplace.

"I see your eyes are filled with lust I take it after the little display in kitchen," Harry smirk sending chills down the blonde's spine. His lover sighed smiling down on him. "I guess it can't be help uh." With that the raven got off of him leading up to their bed room giving a sexy look. Draco couldn't believe how lucky he was to have such a sexy beast as his partner in life. He slowly picked himself up excited of what about to happen next. He was about to move forward; however he stopped himself to go any further ahead. He remembered he had to tell his beloved the truth about the potion Snape brew for him. He took a deep breath running towards his sexy mate.

Harry was trying to figure out what sexy underwear he should wear. Hermione and the other girls picked some out for him to wear. They love to dress him up in his male clothes and lot of fun to dressing him up as a girl. Harry could look the part if they make up on him and do his hair in all along side with the clothes too. Finally he found the one he wanted wear was a dark green silk with frilly on them. He was about to place them on when Draco came through the door. He lend against the door frame smiling at the underwear Harry was holding. The raven blushed hiding the underwear behind him made Draco laugh. Still the red face raven couldn't look the blonde in eye.

"Aw don't hide it from me. I will never get tired of you blushing because it fits you so well, my love," He walked over closing the gap between them smirking on what's about to happen. Draco reached over grabbing the dark green underwear from him. "Will you wear this, love?"

"Pervert," He grabbed back his underwear heading towards their bathroom made Draco chuckle. In the meantime Draco took off his shirt along with this socks and shoes waiting for his cute dark angel to come out. Harry was against the door blushing like mad holding on the dark green underwear. He sighed thinking how great he had it, but for some reason deep down he felt something was missing from his life. He was happy he had found someone to share his life with, yet something in the back of his mind was telling him something was missing. He shook his head shaking all the sad thoughts and just thought on the fun he was about happen.

Harry came out of the bathroom shy of the way he was wearing his dark green girly underwear. Draco's breath was taken from the site laid out beforehand there standing all sexy like with his green eyes shine through with his tan skin played well each other. His body has some muscle along with a lend frame with some feminine charm to it. Yes, Draco was head over heels with this one his whole life. Draco stood up walked over towards his dark angel with his hands in his pocket feeling the potion. It was now or ever to let Harry know about the potion. He smirk pulling out the small bottle from his pocket holding up with his thumb and index finger. Harry was confused on what it was titling his head to the side forgetting on what he was wearing.

"What's this, Dray?" Draco had finally closed the gap with his free hand he placed it on the raven's cheek. Harry lend into the warmth. He pulled his hand way lifting Harry's chin.

"This potion here will be able to make you have children," Harry was shock by hearing this. It was rare for a male wizard to be able to have children of their own. Harry had read a long time ago in a book when he was back in Hogwarts inside the library. The only way men can be able to have kids was to have a potion or being a submissive creatures. Now Draco was here holding up a potion in his hand was a way for them to have kids. The raven couldn't understand how he got it in the first place.

"How…..h…..how did you get that. Is it the real deal?" Harry didn't know what to do at this given time. Draco let out a little sigh then gave a Malfoy's smirk.

"This is the real deal, the one and only. Trust me; Snape was the one who brew this. So no worries, okay. So do you want to drink this and make a child together?" The blonde ask still holding the bottle that could bring their so much enjoy of hearing their own children laughing. Something Draco was shock to see his dark angel crying. Of what he said really upset his husband if he did then he had to make it right. He placed his hand on his cheek again with a sad expression. "If I made you sad then I'll apology for what I've done. Please forgive." All Harry can do at the time was shaking head no. Harry's hand placed his hand over's the blonde's.

"You haven't done anything wrong it's…..it's just I'm so happy that his bottle here can give me a chance to have a child. You don't know how much this means to me, Dray," Harry smiled made Draco breath taken back. He was so happy his dark angel wasn't upset just happy with this bottle in his hand. Harry drank the potion with ease swallowing every last drop. After that they made love with each other in the most loving way to bring forth a child into their lives. The potion made Harry really horny making them have sex three times that night. Draco didn't complain not one bit enjoying the bliss he has with his husband and hating the next day of work for the both of them.

Harry and Draco thought the potion had work, but there were no clues of him being pregnant. Harry lost hope because of the fact the potion told by Snape after he had drunk it should work the day when it was drunk. The raven was sad that potion didn't work thinking the day of a child wouldn't come. Draco didn't like how his lover was acting trying to think of something to make his dark angel happy. Few days later Harry was not feeling well and headed towards the doctor for a checkup. The raven found he was pregnant and the doctor said it the child inside him was already two week. The raven had to think when this child came to be and remembered it was the day they got back from their honeymoon and he had drunk Snape's potion. His blood and Draco's blood was running through their child; however he was sacred because Draco didn't like kids anymore because it was making the raven really sad and didn't want to talk about it anymore. A week later when the raven got the news Harry was making Draco's favorite meal for dinner. The blonde came home figuring out that something was wrong which made Harry cry running away from his lover. Draco followed him to their bedroom at the Draco's manor where the raven finally told Draco he was three weeks pregnant. Harry thought it was the hardest thing he had done, yet it turned alright in the end. Draco was so pleased he got his lover pregnant and was going to be a father too. Harry was excited finally starting his own family with the person he truly loved. When he had their friends came over Hermione was also having a child too. She got pregnant on May 18th again spring does make people what to mate with each other really badly. Blaise and Hermione thought they would never have one due to her little problem of gaining a child; however they did making them very blessed and their friends too. As for the loving parents thinking of names was going to be hard for them, yet they would figure out something that would hit them in the head for a good name for their children.


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