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Three little ones were 24 weeks old staying inside the incubator keeping them alive. Harry got the chance to see them happy the last one was a little girl named Lily Luna Malfoy as promised. It has been two weeks after Harry gave birth. He asked the doctor why he didn't catch the third baby. He explained Lily was hidden by her two brothers and in the sonogram and her heart beat didn't pick up only hear three hearts beating. Harry and Draco couldn't take them home until they have some weight on them more and make sure they are really healthy to be taken out. Harry didn't want to be alone with the little ones because he would break down crying seeing them inside there. Draco had to be strong for Harry and for himself. Hermione was in her fifth month of her pregnancy keeping Harry calm and trying to think happy thoughts about how her little girl will play with Kaitlyn Marie Zabini. They finally thought of a name for their little girl that they were having.

Everyone came visit the three little Malfoy babies including the press which made Harry, Draco, and his friends really pissed they had no business coming in and asking about if they would live or die and what they would have done if they did died. So the St. Mougo forbidden the press to come in and disrupt the work and their sick and their family and friends. At least they can relax and enjoy how Scorpius, Sebastian, and Lily are growing up so fast. In no time they can take them home to the manor and to Cassidy. She would be happy having someone to pay more attention onto her.

"Draco look how beautiful they are. Lily has your hair and my eyes. Scorpius is like a mini copy of you and Sebastian has my hair and your eyes," Lending against his husband who was the father to his kids.

"They are truly beautiful because I found someone just as equal as beautiful as they are," He turned Harry so he can face him made Harry blush. "No matter how many years it's been I still love your blush and will continue to love them more," He kissed his lover lips smirking into them hearing their little ones starting to cry. "I better tend to them, my dark angel."

"I think so too," Giving one last kiss pulled away, so he can make his babies not cry anymore. Draco and Harry were pleased they had good friends who had their backs and help them with their kids who were still in the hospital.

After so long they finally has their three pride of joy were coming home to the Malfoy manor. Hermione was now seven month pregnant and wanted the child to be out of her. Blaise also wanted their child out too just as much as she was. Cassidy was jumping up and down seeing her family coming towards her. She stopped sniffing out three different scents. She sat down waiting for her master to down the three scents she found. Harry placed his bundle on the couch and slowly brought Cassidy to see the babies. She wagged her tail at the sight then got her front paws off the couch.

"See Draco I knew Cassidy wouldn't harm our kids," Harry patted her on the head. Draco crossed his arms.

"I was only looking after my heirs and my princess well being," Cassidy looked at Draco with a look only made Draco point at her. "Your dog is too smart for her own good. I think she has some magic in her."

"You're crazy. Cassidy is a normal dog who doesn't have magic. Now I am going to take our bundles upstairs to their new room," With that being said the raven has taken his chicks with him disappearing up the stairs leaving Draco and Cassidy alone.

He looked at her and she looked at him right back. Both staring until Draco gave. "I am not in the mood to deal you with dog." Before he headed upstairs she trotted over towards gave one good rip of his pants leaving no trace of a bite mark. She held her tail high leaving the stunned blonde alone with his thoughts. She heard the blonde yelled at the raven upstairs at what Cassidy did. She listened in more hearing her master saying 'did you call Cassidy a dog because she doesn't like being called that.' Next came blonde, 'but she is a dog no matter what and you spoil her too much.' Their little fight went on for awhile until the blonde groan how he has to sleep on the couch for saying something he shouldn't. After she heard the blonde's defeat she left the room to find a place to take a nap in the sun.


"Draconius Lucius Malfoy!" Draco knew he was in trouble none other than Harry Malfoy-nee Potter yelling. Only his mother called him by his full name when he was in trouble and sometimes his father, but more so on his mother part. He thought he was out of the full name calling, but oh how wrong he was. Now his lover has started doing it too, his kids' chuckle at this. Harry was in the other room looking for the blonde.

"Now kids I need to your help as your father that you did not see me and if your mother tries to get you guys to tell him, tell him that daddy will be back in a few hours. Ok you three," In the far corner of the manor Draco can his lover getting closer. He kissed his kids disappearing out of the manor hoping he find something to claim his lover down. The triplets and Cassidy looked at the blonde man/father run away funny by funny I mean him bumping into things and looking over his shoulder. Harry found out they didn't use protection in resulting into another pregnancy. Scorpius, Sebastian, and Lily are now five years old using magic so quickly. They are the sons and daughter of famous Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy who match well in strength and magic a little more so on Harry, but let Draco think they are a little equal.

Harry walked into the room seeing the triples playing and Cassidy lying close to them keeping an eye on them. The raven thought it was the cutesiest sight beside later on when he saw Draco trying to be sorry. He was now going to have another child along the way giving the triples another siblings hoping it won't be triples again, but if it was he will still love them just as he loved his triples now. And would destroy Draco's balls for doing that to him again, yet maybe scaring would be fun then really doing it. He walked over sitting where they were playing having they looked at their mama. They gave the biggest smile running over to him to give a big hug made Harry smile and laugh. Once the hugging and laughing was done Harry gentle pushed them back to ask them a question.

"Now you three, have you seen your Daddy?" The raven couldn't wait to see what Draco told them to do. They looked at each other then back on their mama then nodded their little heads. Oh Harry knew it was matter of time when he finds his blonde doomed lover. "Do you know where Daddy is hiding?" This time they shook their head no made Harry a little pissed, but not at them just their stupid daddy who knocked him up and carrying another Malfoy baby. Draco's mother would have been happy in her grave to have some many grandkids around. It was matter of time when Draco came home and when he does he will get a mouth full. In the meantime he was playing with his children and with Cassidy too enjoying the summer.

Later in the evening Draco came home with something in his hand thinking it would solve this problem for the meantime or not it's just how if Harry was still mad at him. He slowly walked around the manor trying to spot his husband, yet no such luck. It was the boys and his little girl nap time wondering if Harry was with them reading them a book. He made his way upstairs to their rooms poking his head in seeing his three angels sleep, but no sign of his dark angel. He headed towards their bedroom take a shower; however found his lover all wet from his shower. He's forgotten box fell on the floor staring at his smoking hot husband with water dripping down his body. Harry smirked at the sight wanting to mess with the blonde for getting him knocked up against; however happy he could have a child. He wanted not to have another sets of triplets maybe one child he can do, but if he ends up with twins or triplets he would still love them just the same as his three little angels.

Slowly he walked towards the bed having his back turn towards the very hot bother blonde. He removed the towel ever so slowly making the blonde moan in pain. The towel was unwrapped but it didn't fell to the ground just held in the raven's hands. He lowered the towel showing his tan back while looking over his shoulder. Draco was pulling at his collar trying to breathe. Harry wanted to make him pay for not using protection while they were on little vacation away from the triplets for a week. To them it was the best week to get to know one another and re-spark their passion some more. The towel was getting lower and lower right above his ass and stopped there made Draco groan.

"You're killing me dark angel," Draco placed both hands over his face and sliding them down still staring at his hot lover.

"I am punishing you forgetting to use protection," He wrapped the towel around his waist facing the blonde with his arms crossed.

"If I recall you didn't mind I forgot to place the protection charm on you, my love," He gave a wicked grin making Harry blush and turned away from me earning him a good laugh. Draco walked over towards noticing the box he dropped on the floor. He picked up heading towards his embarrass raven of his. He tapped him on the shoulder making the raven turned around slowly eyeing on what he was about to do.

"What's this?" He eyed the box in his hand then looked up at his stud muffin. Draco kissed him on the lips and pulled away with a smile. He took a step back so he can really have a good look the gift he was about to open. He placed the box in his hand waiting to see face. Harry looked at him then looked back at the box. He opened it covering his mouth of what he found.

"I'm taking you like, love?" Harry couldn't speak just gave a slight nod taking out a beautiful sliver bracelet with little charms on them showing their little family on there. He even laughed seeing Cassidy symbol on there. Harry held out his wrist for his husband to place it on there. Draco gladly fastened the bracelet on his amazing husband and father of his children. Harry kissed Draco showing how much he loved the gift once they were done. Draco picked Harry up in a bridle style and placing him on their bed. "Plus when our new bundle on the way we can add he or her to the charm bracelet of yours.

"You know when I get mad at you buying gifts will not save you all the time," The raven smiled propping himself up.

"Well I think I'm not in too much in trouble I am?' Draco grinned throwing his hand out to the side making Harry laugh shaking his head no. "Go now I can play with you before our three bundle of joys wake up."

"Then you better move yourself over here," Harry unwrapping the towel giving a good view for Draco to look at making Draco groan with pure pleasure. Without anything being said they made love slowly enjoying each other bodies like it was their first time. It was a good thing Harry took Draco home while he was drunk to start their spark with one another. Also having their friends supported them from the very start making their love grow even more.


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