Stupid and pointless. Basically, while Skipper's on vacation, the other animals of the zoo ask the penguins why they're with Skipper.

"So... how come you guys stay with Skipper anyway?"

The three black heads poked up from the spot their eyes had been laying on. The animals had yet again gathered for one of their 'meetings' while Skipper had left on a vacation.

"What do you mean?" Kowalski asks, more surprised than intended.

Maurice, who was surprisingly the one who asked the question, stared at them in mostly curiousity.

"I mean, you guys obviously have to have a reason. He's not really that... nice to you really. So why do you put up with him?"

The three stare at eachother in silence while the other animals around them agreed and muttered their own accusations of why.

Kowalski stared down in thought, and began thinking aloud. "He changed all our lives with just a few small actions... and what you don't know is that we weren't exactly that 'nice' to him either." He addressed the last part of his thinking for everyone.

Marlene rolled her eyes. "Yeah right. Like you guys actually ever hated eachother."

"Gabba dabba duh!" Rico snapped at her.

Private nodded in agreement. "It's true Marlene. In fact I- nevermind." He looked down at the ground, not wanting to talk about what he says is his shameful past.

King Julian clapped his hands in amusement. "Yes. Yes! I wanna hear the funny penguins stories of the bossy penguin!"

Kowalski sighed in defeat. "Fine. But it IS classified information. So you will NEVER repeat these stories to ANYONE else. Understand?"

All the zoo animals nodded their agreements to his terms.

Kowalski sighed again and breathed in deeply. "Alright then. Who should go first?"

AN: Well? Who should go first? You decide! Next chapter will be WAY longer by the way. WAAAY longer... also, it feels like I'm stealing this plot. I don't know if it was in fanfiction, or a movie, or a cartoon or something, so if I did I'm sorry.