Summary: A story of the sad scene of Po's mother's demise in Kung Fu Panda 2 told from her point of view in third person up until the moment of her death.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kung Fu Panda 2 or its characters. They belong to Dreamworks. No copyright intended.

She runs through the snowy forest, holding her baby close to her. As she flees, red eyes appear on the trees and the snow seems to turn into white feathers, like those of the albino peacock chasing after them.

A wolf chases after her, snapping its jaws. She stumbles through the snow and barely dodges the wolf as it tries to pounce on her, before she continues running through the forest, more wolves joining in the pursuit. She runs down a hill. They'll find her again any moment now. Then she sees a crate of radishes. All in an instant, she knows what she has to do. She places her baby in the crate and removes a few radishes.

She is about to leave, but her baby holds his arms out to her and starts crying. Trying to hold back her tears, she gently shushes him. He smiles and coos, as she kisses him on the forehead. The tears come back as she realizes that this will be the last time her son will see her alive. Finally, she forces herself to move away and climbs back up the hill, trying to ignore the baby's cries of confusion and those little arms reaching out towards her.

Once she reaches the top of the hill, she quickly waves to the wolves and the peacock to get their attention and she runs again, the growls of the wolves and the cry of the peacock not too far behind her.

A/n: So there you have it. Just thought I'd give this one a whirl and try present tense. Review and tell me what you think.