The tall brown-haired man gazed at the blond, honey-eyed man from across the classroom, attempting to pierce the man's soul with his cold, cerulean, eyes.

Joey Wheeler was leaning against his desk talking to his best friends, but stopped when he caught sight of the man's gaze.

"What'cha ya lookin' at, Kaiba?" Joey glared at the man and yelled from the other side of the room.

Seto Kaiba, the CEO of Kaiba Corporation, smirked and stood up from the piles of paperwork sitting on his desk.

"You know, someone should really keep a muzzle and leash on you, mutt!"

Seto began to laugh in a cocky manner and crossed his arms with a sinister smirk across his face.

Joey always hated the brunette's demeaning dog comments, but he was secretly aroused by the dominate aura the CEO gave off.

"Alright, ya cocky bastard," Joey shot back instantly, "Why don't ya come over here and say that to my face?"

"With pleasure…" Kaiba snorted and confidently walked down the aisle of desks. By this time, Joey's friends were prepared grab him, just in case Seto managed to push him too far.

"Okay, Wheeler, are you ready to get down and beg like the dog you are?"

"Not even in your dreams, Moneybags!"

Joey grabbed Seto roughly by the collar and stared into his eyes.

"What are you going to do now, Kaiba?" Joey questioned while barely holding back his air of overconfidence.

Kaiba laughed and tightly grabbed the blond's wrist.

"Dog!" He exclaimed as threw Joey to the ground.

Joey shut his eyes and when he reopened them, he was on his knees in front of the man he anxiously wanted to call Master.

Seto began to cackle and dominantly looked down at him.

"Stay down and accept that you are nothing more than, not only a second rate duelist, but a worthless mutt."

Joey was in such shock due to Kaiba's demeaning tone and looked up at him with a submissive gaze and a hint of lust in his eyes, while thinking about how much he enjoyed being call a mutt by the sexy and extremely intelligent Seto Kaiba.

Seto saw Joey's reaction and smirked, knowing that Joey wanted him. As he turned and walked back to his desk, he glanced over at the blond still on his knees and said to himself,

"One day, Wheeler…I will make you mine."

Then he sat in his seat, while the entire class remained confused about the events that had just taken place.