poem i wrote for english class, but i ended up liking it alot. no yaoi *crys* but yeah its about Ciel and Sebastian


Little robin

So gracefull and small

Truly the fairest

Of them all

Beautiful feathers

Legs thin

Why did you have to do

And fall prey to sin?

Sin dressed in black

With red flaming eyes

But a smiling mask on

As his disguise

He is the raven

Symbol of death

The putrid smell of darkness

Reeks his breath

Found you broken

Bloody limbs

No name

You called to him

And to you

He came

Protecting against others

Black wings a shield

Though so small

A great weapon

You wield

Like a sword

To a knight

He'll kill off the others

With one swift swing

And when all is done

All other pieces gone

He'll kill off you too

No longer

Your pawn