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"Be right there Dean."


"Hey Dean, hey! You're dreaming. Time to join us the land of the living bro."

"Sam, stop with the touching."

"Sorry man, just trying to wake you up."

"Why? What's wrong?"

"Nothing. We're fine Dean."

"Fine...thought we were out in the snow. Feel like I've been hit by a truck..."

"You have a couple bumps and bruises, I checked you out, it's all minor."

"You're taking care of me?"

"Just trying to return the favor. Thank for that by the way."

"Don't mention it. Your leg?"

"Sprained. Your back?"

"Uhhh...stiff. What happened?"

"You got us into back into town. Right up to the door of the hotel and then you passed out on the owner. Freaked her right the hell out."

"Right, right. You were heavy."

"I'm sure I was."

"Mostly when you rolled over me."

"In the sled...oh yeah."

"You start laughing again and I'm going to shove my fist in your pie hole."

"Sorry, so uh...how are you feeling?"

"Like I got mowed down by a moose, no offense."

"No. I mean your arm and your fingers, it took you awhile to warm back up. You feeling normal again?"

"As normal as we get anyway. I can feel my toes and fingers and hey look, no Iceman breath."

"Good. That's good."

"We need to jet soon?"

"No. Actually the lady that owns the hotel kind of likes you."

"Oh, she does? Is she hot?"

"Only if geriatric shoes and walkers do it for you."




"She said you remind her of her grandson."

"This is the worst trip ever Sam. I mean, tell me one good thing that has come out of this descent into furry frozen Hell!"

"We saved future victims from being eaten."


"We got to see new things."

"Didn't have deep fry a Yeti on my bucket list."

"We did some brotherly bonding."

"I'm still trying to wash off the wash and fuzzies."

"We made it back alive."

"Do you even have to remind me about the digging us out of a cave part just to get pancaked by my own damn sled?"

"I brought you hot chocolate."

" Yeah? With those little marshmallows?"

"Yeah Dean, with those little marshmallows."

"I guess it wasn't a totally waste of a trip. Thanks Sammy."

"Plus we know how to kill a Yeti in case we ever run into one again."

"Flamethrower! Been trying to add it to the arsenal for years."

"It's a good thing we have a big trunk."

"That reminds me, is my baby okay?"

"Yeah, Impala's parked outside, I went and got her yesterday."

"Got hot chocolate, got my baby and got you to call my baby a her. Yeah, it's a good day."

"Whatever you say Dean."