A/N: For the Not Your OTP Challenge, this time Fred/Harry. As always thanks to my beta CalculusWasTough. Quote- "The best thing in life is listening to someone's heartbeat and knowing it is beating like that because of you"

I look at him again, because I can't keep my eyes off of him, not to save my life. He laughs at the joke Ron just told, that no one else seems to get.

His sense of humor isn't confined to just pranks, despite popular belief.

I realize now that I haven't mistook him for George in two years, because two years ago is when I started looking at him so frequently that I could tell the difference.

Of course, it's obvious whenever one of the twins talk, too. They might finish each others sentences, but the way they say things, the emotions they feel and show- those are different.

Oh, and their voices are actually different if you know them well enough.

He turns and catches my eye (he never lets it go), laughs and says he'll explain later.

It's really amazing, his laugh. Makes me want to laugh, but it's been a little over a minute for any (other) reason to.

After dinner, everyone is playing or watching Quidditch. Everyone but Fred and I. We're in his and George's room, snogging on his bed.

We've been dating for a few months, but we haven't told anyone. Mainly because Mrs. Weasley would make it her duty to never leave us alone again.

Fred's hands are on my waist, pulling me closer. A few minutes later though, we have to go back outside. Before people start to wonder where we are.

"What happened to you two?" George asks. "We need a seeker and a beater you know." Laughing, we ignore the question, and pretend to have ate too much.

As we go back inside I put my hand on his chest for a few seconds. His heartbeat is fast, erratic. I did that.