This story is taking a totally AU look at Boy Meets World at a critical moment in the relationships of Cory/Topanga and Shawn/Angela and what happened after that. The first few parts will be the at wedding, but then we will jump back in time, to where Cory and Angela's journey began. (No copyright infringement intended. Suing me will get you nothing because I have next to nothing.) During the series I enjoyed Shawn and Angela, but always wished there were more scenes between Cory and Angela.

Prologue Part 1

"Ceremony starts soon, Angela," Rachel said, coming into the room.

"Thanks, Rachel," Angela replied, continuing to gaze into the mirror. "Is my dad ready?"

"Yeah, he and Cory's dad are just outside taking and laughing." She put a supportive hand on her friend's arm. "You're not getting cold feet, are you?"

Angela shook her head and smiled. "No, never. It's just...," she struggled to find the right words. "I'm getting married today."

"That just dawned on you?"

"Kind of."

"What did you think all of this planning was for, then?"

"I don't know. It wasn't real before. It's real now. Not to mention it's Cory."

"What's wrong with Cory," Rachel asked, confused.

"Nothing, absolutely nothing," Angela insisted. "But if you would've told me when I met him that I would end up marrying him, I would've laughed in your face and asked if you were drunk." They both laughed. "But Cory, he's...he's Cory and that's perfect for me. It's what I want. I love him more than I could possibly explain."

"Oh, don't get me started," she exclaimed, grabbing a tissue and dabbing at her eyes. "I have to make sure my make-up lasts at least through the ceremony. Thanks for doing pictures earlier, by the way."

"No problem."

Rachel stared at her friend, looking for a sign of nerves or apprehension and finding none. But Angela didn't seem overly excited and giddy like Rachel expected either. She was oddly calm, too calm for Rachel. Heck, she had spent their entire conversation staring at her reflection. Up until today, whenever the wedding was brought up there was giggling and shrieking, jumping up and down, and lots of excitement. Today, she had shown none of that. Granted, during the photos Angela was totally happy and in the moment with Cory, but when Cory hasn't been around she's been off in her own little world.

"Are you sure nothing is bothering you? You can tell me."

Angela turned to face her. "Rachel, I swear to you I'm fine. I'm so in love with Cory and beyond happy to be marrying him. Why are you questioning that?"

Rachel decided to tread lightly. "I'm not, but until yesterday whenever we mentioned the wedding we'd giggle and jump up and down like little girls. And I remember how I was when I married Jack. Even though I knew it was right, I was still so nervous I could hardly talk. Even Topanga at her wedding, even though we weren't as close as we once were there was a lot of excitement in the air...," Rachel noticed Angela's body language change at the mention of Topanga's name. "It's Topanga, isn't it? How can you still see her as a threat? She's married with two small children."

"It's not Topanga, not really," she explained, walking across the room. "Cory spent so many years imagining this day with her as the bride. Sometimes I wonder how you can be that committed to one idea and suit it to another person."

"His relationship with Topanga was completely different that the one he has with you. And I don't know if you've looked into that man's eyes during the last eight years, but he hasn't been thinking about any one else but you."

Angela grinned, her eyes tearing up slightly. "I know, you're right. I mean, how many guys would be willing to wait 8 years to marry me?"

"Not many."

"God, I can't believe I let this bother me." She grabbed her flowers and walked over to the mirror to check her make-up. "How stupid was I?"

"It's okay. I think everyone is entitled to one or two little moments of doubt. If it makes you feel any better, I'm sure Cory had the same worries about you and Shawn." Rachel mentally kicked herself. They had gone the whole wedding weekend without mentioning Shawn, why did she have to slip moments before Angela was to walk down the aisle? She was almost afraid to look at her, afraid of her reaction. But Angela surprised her.

"No, I don't think so," she said matter-of-factly. "As much as I really wanted to see it when we were in college, I was never going to marry Shawn. Even if I didn't end up with Cory, my relationship with Shawn was doomed." She looked Rachel right in the eye. "No matter how much we wanted it, it was never going to work."

Meanwhile, in Cory's room...

"Why did Angela insist on separate preparation rooms for you guys? You've been living together for years, you spent last night together, and hell, you've already seen her dress because the pictures are taken. Why the separation before the ceremony itself?"

"I don't know, Jack. She said she just wanted a few minutes of peace before the craziness started." He shrugged. "I figured it was best to just give in."

"That's probably smart."

"Hey Cory, we hit the road any minute," Eric said as he entered the room, tossing the bottle of alcohol to his brother.

Cory barely caught the bottle. "Careful, Eric! The tux may be mine, but Angela will kill me if I ruin it. And there will be no hitting the road until it's time for the honeymoon," he grinned.

"Where are you going? You won't tell me."

"Nope. Do you know I actually have nightmares of Mr. Feeny showing up and giving me wedding night advice? Of you finding out where we are and following us, making sure we have a perfect time and that the weather is perfect?"

"Well, I am Philadelphia's most popular weather man, little brother. It comes with the job description."

"Don't worry, Cor, I'll make sure Shaina keeps him busy here."

"Thanks, Jack."

"You guys do realize I'm standing right here, don't you?"

"Okay, okay," Jack said, knowing if Eric and Cory started bickering they'd never stop. "Let's focus. Our friend Cory here is mere moments away from getting married. I do believe we had a little toast in mind."

"You guys think it's smart to drink before my vows," Cory questioned as Eric cracked the seal.

"Come on, it's tradition. We did it before Jack and Rachel's, before mine and Shaina's, and now yours' and Angela's. What's a wedding without a toast amongst you, me, Jack...," Eric trailed off.

"Is he coming?"

"I don't know," Jack admitted. "When we talk and see each other, you and Angela never come up. I let him know you're doing okay, but he doesn't ask any more questions."

Cory was quiet for a moment. He hadn't expected Shawn to react well to the news of he and Angela together or that they were getting married, and he hadn't disappointed. "Well, he's had eight years to get used to the idea of me and Angela together. I've tried reaching out to him, I called and offered support when he's had his problems and I've been completely shut out. If he can't accept it at this point I have nothing else to say to him."

Eric and Jack looked at each other, surprised by how harsh Cory sounded. They knew he was missing his best friend. Eric poured the shot and handed it to Cory.

"I shouldn't have said anything."

"No, it's okay, it's not your fault." He ran his hand over his hair. "I wish we were still friends and he was still in my life, but if it's a choice between having Shawn as my friend or Angela as my wife, it's not even a question." He raised his glass. "Here's to the future, to looking ahead. I'm about to spend the best years of my life with the most incredible woman in the world. I only hope I can treat her the way she deserves. To Angela."

"To Angela," Eric and Jack repeated as the guys tossed back their shots.

"So, you're still not going to tell us where this honeymoon is going to be," Eric smirked.

Cory rolled his eyes. He and Angela had only been keeping it quiet from work. Since she worked at a travel magazine and he occasionally filmed pieces for the Travel Channel along with international news documentaries, a lot of their vacations were work related. If work knew they were overseas, there was a chance they would try to get them to squeeze in an assignment. "We're going to England and then to Spain. It's where we first started to look at each other in a way other than friends. I thought mom told you. We've just been keeping it quiet around our offices. You know how our vacations have been turned it special assignments before."

"You mean you don't want to produce a special called, Top 20 Things to do on Your Honeymoon?"

Cory tried in vain not to blush. "That doesn't exactly sound like my idea of a good time."

"Oh, come on, I think it'd make the perfect travel channel documentary. Just picture it..."

A knock at the door interrupted the rest of Eric's sentence, for which Cory was grateful. There was no telling where this little idea could've ended up. "Come in."

"Hey," Alan said to the guys, noticing their glasses. "So this is where the party is."

"Just trying to get Cor to relax a little before he walks the plank, dad."

"I'm perfectly relaxed. Just waiting for the ceremony to begin."

"Okay, well, mind if we have a little father-son chat before the wedding?"

"Sure," Eric jumped in. "Cory, Jack if you'd kindly excuse us...," he walked over to the door and held it open.

"Eric," Alan laughed.

"Just keeping everyone on their toes, dad. We'll go make sure everyone is ready and in place."

"Big day, huh," he asked after Jack and Eric were gone.

"The biggest day of my life so far."

"So far...I like that. So many people put so much pressure on the wedding day itself that they forget about the marriage and living out the rest of their lives."

Cory laughed. "Dad, Angela and I have been busy living out our lives. It just took a while to get her to agree to the marriage part."

"I was starting to think you two would never get married."

"Me, too, but I had actually reached a point where I would've been okay with never getting married," he admitted. "As long as Angela and I are together nothing else matters." He laughed. "If she ran in here right now and decided to cancel the wedding and continue our lives the way they are, I'd say okay."

Alan smiled and shook his head. "Just don't tell your mother. She loves how important the idea of marriage is to you."

"It's still important obviously," he gestured to their surroundings," but I realized that being with Angela- married or not- is what is most important."

"You know, it's funny, I bet what made you realize that is the same thing that made Angela realize she wanted to get married."

"My accident," Cory said, nodding. "As cliched as it sounds, nearly dying makes it clear what you want to live for."

"You really scared us."

"It wasn't intentional, dad. You weren't the only one who was scared."

"Don't do it again," Alan ordered, pointing his finger at his son.

"I don't plan on it. Angela has already said she will kill me if I ever do that to her again."

"She'll have help," he smiled. He looked at his watch. "Well, we better get out there. We don't need an anxious bride storming in here."

"I'd actually be more worried about the army sergeant father of the bride," he laughed.

to be continued...