Hello again my fellow readers, and welcome to Wolf and War's Q&A panel. As most of you know, I asked you the fans to ask me questions pertaining to my fanfic, Wolf and War. As my first Q&A panel, I might make some mistakes. Live and learn my friends, live and learn. Our first question is

"What inspired you to write "Wolf and War"?"

When I watched Spice and Wolf, I began to wonder how Holo would react to another time period. I began to brain storm ideas for a time period. I thought of Holo in the Civil War, the Vietnam War, the Revolutionary War, etc. Then I remembered another Anime I watched before Spice and Wolf called Strike Witches. Strike Witches is a World War 2 inspired anime were under aged girls with Magic powers, high caliber weapons, and a device called striker units battle an alien invader called the Neuroi. One of the strange features of the girls, besides the most obvious feature, is that each of the girls has a familiar. Basically, a bunch of magical cat/ dog/ rabbit girls. Watching Strike Witches, I remembered that during World War 2 numerous armies employed female troops. From this piece of information, I began to pick which army Holo would fight in. Nations like America and Britain where crossed off the list primarily because women did not have the same roles men had, and often just placed on radio and clerk duty. Nations like Germany and Italy where crossed off since I needed a villain. Nations like Japan I avoided since, again, the use of females in there doctrine was not of frontline troops (excluding Kamikaze or suicide troops). That left me with the Soviet Union, and its history of using women as frontline soldiers, snipers, and pilots. I then had to think of how Holo would have joined the Soviet army, as a harvest deity just doesn't walk up to a recruiting line to sign up. At the same time, I listened to a band called Sabaton. Two songs the band played where Talvisota and White Death, about the Winter War and of famed Finnish sniper Simo Hayhe. With the How and the When taken care of, I had to then think of a Who, specifically a Lawrence substitute.

Remembering the game, World at War, I began to pick up names. Initially, I had the idea of Holo serving with a Sgt. Reznov and Dmitri. Not wanting to write a crossover, I decided to just use Dmitri's name and how common the name is in Russia. Sasha also came up in development. As I created the characters, I began to realize that I did not want Holo to serve alongside a squad of drunks and misfits. I wanted someone who would seem like Holo's equal, someone who Holo would both respect and fear. I also wanted this character to break to social norms of present day society. With this in mind, Malik Lone was born. An opposite, yet equal man to Holo, Malik was Holo direct Opposite. Cold, sober, dangerous, Malik was opposite to Holo's Outgoing, sometime drunk, child play. In fact, I am often surprised at how popular Malik became after I created him. With Malik now in the squad, the cast of characters was set.

After creation of the characters, I simple sat back, and followed Zhukov's campaign. From Stalingrad, to the concentration camp, to Berlin, I took my knowledge of Soviet World War 2, and created a story with Holo in it. Mixing in Nazi occultist, and Russian History, I wrote a story of Holo acting a small part, which resulted in a large picture. Giving Holo reason to fight, to protect her squad and family, to fight for her return to home, I wrote what I thought Holo would have encountered in the early 20 century after living centuries filled with grief over a loved, and how she would overcome her greatest battle, herself.

So then, next question

"What music do you listen to when you write?"

To tell the truth, I did not listen to music while I wright. This was not always the case though. Initially, I would listen to the songs and practices of a marching band. Surprisingly, these songs helped me think and make writing somewhat a peaceful hobby. When the marching band stopped playing, I began to listen to songs from Sabaton, Techno music, remixes of songs, anime songs, video game songs. Anything with a beat I listened to calm me down and rejuvenate me after writing for long period of time.

Next question

"If you met one of your readers in real life, what would you do?"

Probably talk with the reader, get their input. See what ideas they would have. Basically act like any other author, nothing special.

Last questions

"When are you going to make another chapter I love this story?" and

"Are you going to continue the story or make a sequel?"

I thank the first questioner for their comment. As for the questions, that's hard to say. I will probably make a new chapter after writing some other fanfics and an original story. Afterwards, I might continue Wolf and War as Wolf and War 2. The story would continue with Holo and Norah talking with each other. Holo telling Nora about Dmitri being drafted to enter the Vietnam conflict, and how Dmitri had to hide his secret of being Holo's descendent. Holo would also discuss how she traveled around and lived during the Cold War. From Holo having a discussion with Ernesto Guevara, to being present at Woodstock, to helping the civil rights movement, Holo would discuss different turning points in the home front, to Dmitri's struggles, victories, and defeats at the war front. As of now, I have not written anything of the story. It's a long ways off, so I cannot tell the future. But either way, I will do my best to write the stories that come out of my head so that others may read them.