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Vegeta leaned against the tree while sneering. He watched as all the Namekians were lead into the capsule house, home of Bulma and her family. Then Vegeta's eyes fell upon Bulma, with her wonderful blue hair and curvy figure.

He found that he could not take his eyes off of her, and then his eyes fell a bit lower.

'This is absurd what am I doing she is a human, and I am an elite Saiyan warrior'

Bulma turned to face Vegeta waving her hand "HEY VEGETA YOU COMING" Vegeta shook his head and headed in the opposite direction the Namekians and Bulma. Vegeta growled

'Since I have returned from planet Namek there has been something different about her'

Vegeta powered up and flew into the air, flying at a slow pace and heading in no particular location, just away from Bulma's house. "No, this cannot be happening! There is no way that I could have feelings for the human girl!' Vegeta shook his head;

as if the thoughts would just pour out of him, like some sort of liquid. 'Why am I having these thoughts? Why am I having this feeling?'

Vegeta gave a heavy sigh, as the wind swept through his hair. He took in a deep breath, it seemed that he could smell everything of planet Earth; feeling that he could smell the rich soil of the Planet.

Vegeta glanced down to see a small far, a family of five; a husband, wife, three boys, and two girls; worked at their land. It was surprisingly, a beautiful sight to Vegeta.

He frowned, 'The only thing I should be worried about; is defeating Kakarott, as soon as he returns to this pathetic excuse for a planet. Not falling for humans!' Vegeta had no explanations for these thoughts, but one thing was for certain, they weren't going away.

He looked down at the ground, he was just passing by a city full of people walking to various locations, 'I could destroy them all in an instant.'

Vegeta sped up his pace, 'I am only here to destroy this planet.' Vegeta thought to himself, a sense of doubt in him. He could not find any excitement in destroying Earth; instead he felt guilt at the thought of destroying such a beautiful planet.

But, Vegeta somehow knew that he would not be destroying the planet.

'Where else would I live?'

Vegeta thought to himself, trying to come up with an excuse of why he did not want to destroy Earth. 'Planet Vegeta's destroyed, I'll never return to that planet of Freiza's.'

Vegeta nodded his head, "Yes, that is why, I will not destroy this planet, I still need it until I find another planet for me to conquer." Vegeta looked up to the sky 'But what planet would I conquer?'

Even though Vegeta couldn't stand the thought he had to admit that he did not see himself conquering any planet, all he could see was him living the rest of his life on the pitiful rock of a planet.

Vegeta landed, he looked around at the terrain that he was in. He could swear that it was the exact place that he and Kakarott had first fought. He only vividly remembered the fight between him and Kakarott; how he, Vegeta, prince of all Saiyans was forced to retreat by Saiyan scum.

Vegeta thought 'How long ago that was.'

And then another thought came into Vegeta's head 'But how much the same things are here, Kakarott has still surpassed my power and I am still one step ahead of me' Vegeta growled.


the name ran through his head, memories also ran through his mind, 'How is it that whenever I cannot defeat an enemy, Kakarott swoops in and saves the day?' Vegeta thought back to the Ginyu force and how he had been so easily defeat by Recoome.

How Freiza had killed him without seconds thought. 'Kakarott is always there to prove; how much more powerful he is then me.' the thought of this angered, Vegeta.

'But the day will come, Kakarott, that I will be far more powerful than you!'

But then another thought came in to Vegeta's mind; "Planet Namek" growled at the thought.


Vegeta's eyes opened, all around him was dirt. He could taste the foul soil that seeped into his mouth.

Vegeta sat up pushing through all the dirt easily, 'Where am I?' he thought to himself. He looked around and then, instantly remembered all the events that had occurred 'B-But I was killed by Freiza. How can I still be alive?'

He looked at the planet; it looked as if it were about to explode, "What has happened?" Vegeta asked. Then the thought of Kakarott; stepping up to take Vegeta's place in fighting Freiza, came to mind.

'Has Kakarott really given Freiza, this much of a fight?'

He sensed for the two warriors' powers and was quick to find Freiza and Goku's power "There they are." Vegeta muttered to himself.

Vegeta was then, even more surprised to sense hundreds of Namekian powers, as well, 'Wait, aren't they all dead?' Vegeta looked to his left and saw the Namekian Dragon and then sensed that, Goku and Freiza were heading straight toward it.

"Freiza must be trying to get his wish of immortality." Vegeta smirked, "Fat chance." Little did Freiza know; you had to speak Namekian in order to get your wish. Vegeta was soon approaching the Dragon, when he caught sight of Goku.

'W-Who is that? Is that Kakarott?'

Vegeta gaped, 'No, has he done it? Yes, that's the only explanation; he's become a Super Saiyan. But, how?' Vegeta looked at Goku who was facing Freiza.

His golden aura was impossible to miss and Vegeta also noticed, Goku's hair had turned gold as well. Goku turned, finally noticing Vegeta," That can only mean that the wish worked!"

Vegeta started toward Goku, "K-Kakarott!" but with that word, he had disappeared back to Earth, along with all the Namekians.

(End Flashback)

The image of the golden warrior flashed through Vegeta's mind. It was only a brief second, but that second caused all the anger deep within Vegeta, to build up inside. Until it almost felt as if it were going to burst.

Vegeta's power began to rise, "How can such a low class warrior; be so much stronger than me? When I am the prince of the entire Saiyan race, an elite warrior with a power greater than anyone! How could Kakarott be so much more powerful than me?"

Vegeta's dark blue aura began to grow, as the anger did as well.

He powered up a Ki blast, in the palm of his hand. Without warning, he shot blast after blast at the rock formations, causing them to crumple to the ground, as if they were never there.

Vegeta continued on with this for two minutes, letting out all his anger with the blast. He stopped powering down.

Vegeta let out a heavy sigh, looking back up to the sky, deep in thought.

'There is only one way to surpass Kakarott's power!'

He knew there was only one solution to his problem, 'I have no choice but to become a Super Saiyan.' Vegeta thought.

Vegeta flew back into the air, heading back toward Bulma's house, 'I must begin my training. If my memory serves me right; there should be one of those high-tech ships with the gravity machine at Bulma's home.'

He sped up, 'It can't take that long to become Super Saiyan. I should be just on the brink of the transformation.' Vegeta smirked.

'Be prepared for a rematch, Kakarott. Because, once I become a Super Saiyan, there will be no one who will be able to defeat me. And I will take my rightful place; as the strongest warrior in the universe!'

Vegeta smiled at the thought of becoming Super Saiyan, 'And I'll show you how strong an elite warrior, like me, really is!' He powered up, power to its limit and sped through the sky at amazing speed,

leaving people to watch in amazement. Thinking to themselves, 'What in the world could move that fast?'

After, Bulma showed the Namekians where they would be staying, while they were living on Planet Earth. She then walked into her kitchen and looked up to the sky, seeing no movement, whatsoever.

When Vegeta had denied coming into the house, she had watched as he had stormed off, taking to the air and flying off into the distance. He was gone within the blink of an eye. 'But, why did you leave? Was it me?'

Bulma looked back up to the sky not even a bird flew in the sky, how Bulma wished for there to be some sign of movement, and how she hoped Vegeta would come back running into the house and embrace her in a hug.

'Vegeta, why don't you come back?'

It angered Bulma, to think about how much of an angry man, Vegeta was. It was like he was mad at her 24/7.

But even though he was an angry man, it did not change the fact that she needed him in her life. He was her knight in shining armor. Bulma could not believe that she could be falling for such an arrogant man.

'But, I still can't deny the fact; that I AM falling for Vegeta!'

Bulma thought sadly to herself. She put her head in her hands, looking out the window 'It feels as if I can't live without him.'

The image of Yamcha came into her head. 'Of course, I felt that way for Yamcha, but somehow this is different. And Yamcha was too much of a player for my taste, unlike Vegeta.' Bulma sighed.

"Hey, dear." Bulma turned suddenly to face her mother, who beamed at her. When was there a time she was never smiling? Bulma sighed, "Hey, mom." she turned back to the window.

"Why the long face dear?" Bulma turned back to her mother, "It's Vegeta, I'm just waiting for him to come back." her mother frowned. 'Oh, I hate it when she's upset!' Bulma thought sadly.

"Mom, no please don't be upset. I'm fine; I'm just waiting for Vegeta to come back, so I can talk to him."

Bulma's mother nodded her head, "Okay, dear." she motioned with her hand, the drinks that sat on the counter. "I got to get these drinks to those Namekians; they really seem to like pina colada."

Bulma chuckled, "That's good that they're getting settled in, nicely." Bulma watched her mother walk out of the kitchen, Bulma got up and walked outside to get some fresh air and clear her head.

Bulma walked, looking at the ground, thinking of all the things that Vegeta could be doing right now. Bulma was so deep in her thoughts that she did not notice her father, who was looking at his papers and the two collided.

"OH! I'm so sorry, dad let me help you." Bulma knelt down, picking up the scattered.

gathered up his paper and looked at his daughter,"Is everything alright Bulma?" Bulma was annoyed.

'Am I that obvious, that I'm upset?'

Bulma shook her head, "No, dad everything's alright. I just have to talk to, Vegeta." She looked confused "Didn't he fly off somewhere?" Bulma nodded her head.

Without warning, a huge wind swept through the air. They covered their eyes from the wind, "What in the hell is that?" shouted. Bulma ran toward the source of the confusion

and saw their ship rising from the ground. She looked up, knowing good and well who was inside of it. Her father caught up to her, looking up as well, "Isn't that Vegeta?" Bulma watched as the pod flew off into the distance.

A tear formed in the corner of her eye, Bulma gave Vegeta, a silent prayer for safety.

'Please come back to me, Vegeta.'

Bulma thought to herself. Placing a hand on her shoulder, "Come on, let's go inside." and Bulma allowed herself to be walked into the house, all the while thinking of Vegeta."

Vegeta gazed out at the endless scenery of space. He had caught the stare of the human female he had saw,

gazing up at the pod in wonderment, it seemed as he if re-encountered these events, the feeling coursed through his body,

He paced around the pod deep in thought. Vegeta looked outside of the pod, he could catch but only a last glance at Planet Earth, as the pod sped away.

He felt at loss, as the distance between him and Earth, grew steadily more and more.

Vegeta could not deny it any longer. He had to accept the fact that he was falling in love, with Bulma.

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