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"Come one Gohan, don't tell me that's all you've got." Goku shouted to his son playfully. His son hovered in front of him, in his fighting stance, and Goku grinned at the scene. Sparring with his Gohan always reminded him of his childhood, always striving to become more powerful, Goku could see the fire in Gohan's eyes.

"No way dad, not yet, we haven't even begun."

He shot toward his father and began throwing a combo of punches and kicks. Goku dodged each move effortlessly, and every once and awhile he'd punch Gohan in the jaw, or stomach, hard enough that he felt, but not hard enough to seriously hurt him.

Gohan shot into the air spiking his energy level, "MASENKO HAAA!"

Goku positioned himself in a ready stance, and just before the energy blast made contact with the Saiyan, he swiped it away with one fluent motion of his arm. The blast flew off past Goku and hit a large rock formation.

'Good thing we're in a remote location' Goku had always made sure that wherever he and Gohan trained, there was no living life forms around to be harmed. He could never know how the fight would turn into, and with Gohan becoming even stronger this precaution was necessary.

"Hey Gohan! I think that last move wiped you out, didn't it?"

Gohan gave his father a crooked smile, "Yeah it did." Goku flew over to his son and tousled his hair.

"You've gotten so strong since Namek, I'm so proud of you."

Gohan smiled, "Yeah but it's nothing compared to your Super Saiyan power."

"Don't worry, Gohan I promise you there will be a day that you will become even more powerful than me." Goku assured him, "Now let's get back home, your mother's probably finished with dinner by now."

Gohan followed his father, the mention of food reminded him how hungry he actually was. Suddenly his father stopped in mid air, and looked up at the sky. Gohan flew next to him, looking up at him questionably.

"What is it dad?"

Goku didn't look at his son, "You feel that Gohan? That power source?"

Now that his father had mentioned it, he could feel the power, and Gohan felt shivers run through his body when he noticed the power was equal, or possibly greater, than his father.

"What do you think it is?"

"I don't know, but we'll find out soon enough…look" Goku pointed off in the distance, and Gohan noticed the space pod whipping through the air. Goku motioned for his son to follow him,

"Come on, let's go check this out."

They flew off as fast as they could in the direction the pod. Whoever was maneuvering the pod was flying pretty fast. Goku could see the pod, coming closer into view. When they were right on top of it, the pod took an unexpected downward slope.

"Dad it looks like it's going for a crash landing."

Goku watched the pod, and observed that Gohan was right, the pod was now skidding across the forest floor, and it ran into a cliff and exploded.

Goku watched the crash shocked, "Why in the hell would they want to crash….unless." He flew down quickly and blew out the fire that covered the pod. A deep smoke hung over the pod, Goku squinted his eyes and could see a dark figure emerge from the smoke.

Gohan looked up at his father, who had a big grin on his face, he looked back at the smoke covered pod, and Vegeta stepped out of the smoke with the usual smirk on his face.

Goku ran over to the Saiyan, and gave him a welcoming hug, Vegeta looked shocked, but he gave embraced the taller Saiyan. Vegeta couldn't help but admit he had missed Goku's presence more than he realized.

Gohan stepped toward him, and gave him a firm handshake.

Goku placed his hands on his hip and laughed, "Man I should have known it was you Vegeta, I almost didn't recognize your energy, where have you been?"

Vegeta shook off Goku's question, "That's a long story Kakarot."

Goku scratched his hair, Vegeta was amused at the Saiyan's glee. "Vegeta…We didn't think you were coming back, Bulma's going to be so happy to see you." Goku said. Vegeta paused and stared at Goku,

"So…um…how's Bulma been?"

Goku looked away from Vegeta, worrying the Saiyan further, "Well she hasn't been in the best of moods since you've left, it's been pretty hard on her, and I assume you ask this question because…."

"SHHH! Quiet down Kakarot, yes…that's why I asked."

Goku leapt up and pumped his fists in the air, "I knew it, I always had a feeling about you two."

Vegeta sighed and looked at Gohan, "Is your father always acting like this." Gohan chuckled, and looked up at his father,

"Yeah pretty much."

Vegeta grinned, "KAKAROT GET DOWN HERE!" Goku hovered down toward Vegeta, and stood in front of him.

"What's up Vegeta?"

"Now listen up closely Kakarot, focuses your mind over in that direction." Vegeta pointed up at the sky toward the East, "Now focuses hard and tell me what you feel." Goku looked at Vegeta a bit confused but did as he was told.

Gohan watched his father, and then followed Vegeta's direction as well. Vegeta waited and soon got the reaction he was expecting,

"What the hell is giving off that energy Vegeta?!" Goku exclaimed, Gohan stood there with his mouth hanging open, at a loss for words.

"I don't know what it is, when I noticed the power was heading straight for Earth when I was heading back, I sped up the controls and beat it back but with the speed it's at-"

"It'll be here in twenty four hours." Gohan interrupted. Vegeta nodded his head and looked at the two.

Goku was now staring up at the sky, a grim look was present on his face, "I can't tell if it's stronger than us Vegeta, but we have to let everyone know, and prepare." Goku shot up into the air, Gohan and Vegeta followed closely behind him.

"Come on we have to head over to Bulma's place." Even though this situation was troubling him, Vegeta couldn't help but grin at the mention of her name.

'Here I come Bulma'

Bulma pulled her hair into a ponytail so that it wouldn't keep falling in her face. She had stuck with her plan of keeping herself busy with her capsule corporation work, and so far it was working well. She heard the door to her lab open, and her father ran in with a huge grin on his face.


Bulma jumped up, startled at her father's sudden appearance. A few papers scattered to the floor, she bent over and picked them up a bit aggravated.

"What is it dad? I'm pretty busy right now."

"Goku just showed up…and…you should come see for yourself." Bulma rolled her eyes and stood up, grabbing one of her clip boards. She followed her father outside, but continued taking notes on her clip board.

She stepped outside and heard Goku's voice, "BULMA!" a bit confused at Goku's tone, Bulma averted her eyes from the clip board and looked up. She felt the her breathing stop, and she dropped her clip board to the ground.

She couldn't believe her eyes….she couldn't believe she was looking at Vegeta. He was staring at her, he lightly pushed Goku aside, and walked over to Bulma slowly. Bulma felt her heart skip a beat when Vegeta stood in front of her, he looked down at her.

Vegeta slowly brushed a strand of her hair out of her face, and behind her ear, then he lifted her up and brought his lips to hers in the most passionate kiss she had ever experienced.

They both sat there for a minute, kissing each other, then it became aware to the both of them, that everyone was watching them. Vegeta pulled away from the kiss, and leaned his head on the top of Bulma's.

"I missed you so much." He whispered.

"Don't ever leave me again Vegeta."

"I will never leave again, I promise."

Goku cleared his throat and stepped forward, "Um…Vegeta?" Vegeta looked away up, and was reminded of the situation at hand. Bulma looked up at him, she placed a hand on his chest, a look of concern on her face.

"What's wrong?"

"Okay while I was heading back to Earth, I noticed a energy source, a huge energy source, heading for Earth." Bulma let out a shocked gasp and put a hand to her mouth. "We don't know what it is, but we know it's going to arrive on Earth in about twenty four hours from now."

Bulma looked at both Goku and Vegeta, she could see that the issue was worrying them, and this only worried her further.

"What are we going to do about it?"

Goku shrugged his shoulder, "Me and Vegeta were planning on investigating the source of the energy as soon as it lands on Earth, with Vegeta and my power levels combined, whatever it is shouldn't be much of an issue."

Bulma looked at Vegeta, "Are you guys sure it'll be safe."

Vegeta frowned and shook his head, "No, all we know is whatever this…thing is, its may be stronger than me an Goku."

Goku stepped toward Bulma and laughed, "Listen Bulma, with the two of us it won't be a problem, so why don't you and Vegeta enjoy some "alone time" together and don't worry about anything."

Bulma couldn't help but laugh at the way Goku said "alone time." She waved Goku off playfully.

"Okay if you say so Goku."

Goku grinned, he looked at Vegeta and winked, Vegeta grinned and gave him a thumbs up. Goku looked at Gohan and the two flew off for their own home. Vegeta noticed Bulma's father had went back inside, and he grinned giving Bulma another kiss.

"So, I think you and I have some catching up to do, don't you think?" Bulma grinned and patted Vegeta's cheek lightly.

"You are correct, after you take a shower, you stink!"

"BULMA!" Bulma walked into her bedroom at the sound of Vegeta's voice making sure to shut the door behind her, since he had come back she could not stop grinning at the thought that he was actually back. She walked up to the closed shower door.

"Yes Vegeta!"

Vegeta stepped out, wearing some plain jeans, and tight short sleeved white T-shirt. Bulma couldn't help but stare at his masculine figure. He noticed and let out one of his charming laughs.

"I think this shirts a bit small Bulma."

Bulma licked her lips and stepped toward him, she looked at him with a sly grin, "I think it's perfect."

Vegeta grinned and pulled Bulma closer to him, "Oh you do." And she was pulled into another kiss. This kiss was much different then the first one, now that all eyes were not on them anymore.

Bulma felt his tongue enter mouth, she massaged his tongue with her own. Vegeta placed his hands on Bulma's ass, and lifted her upward. Bulma wrapped her legs around his waist and began kissing his neck.

Vegeta walked over to the bed and lay her down gently. He began kissing her neck, and began working his way down. Bulma moaned with pleasure at the feel of his lips on her skin. Bulma pulled off her shirt, and Vegeta followed up by pulling off her pant .

The Saiyan sat back on his heel, and took in the full sight of Bulma's wonderful body. Her breasts seemed to be bulging out of her bra, and he rubbed her upper thigh delicately. Bulma suddenly pushed Vegeta onto his back, and sat on top of him.

"Your turn." And she began sucking his neck, while removing his shirt. Bulma rubbed his broad chest, and felt herself become even more turned on at the feel of his hardened abs. Bulma unbuckled his pants and threw them off to the side.

Vegeta felt his manhood harden as Bulma began rubbing his leg, Bulma reached down and began slipping his boxer briefs off, and she held back a gasp at the sight of Vegeta's penis.

The dominant Saiyan laid her down on her back, he lowered himself and began removing Bulma's panties with his teeth, all the while massaging her breasts. Bulma moaned and arched her back, his hands felt strong around her breasts. Vegeta brought himself back up.

"Vegeta I want you now" She groaned, now becoming impatient. Vegeta grinned at her, and gave a hard thrusts of his hip. Bulma grabbed the edge of the bed, He did not give a second pause, but thrusts himself inside her again, this time harder.

Her back arched upward, and she moaned even loud, Vegeta grabbed her breasts again and began playing with them again as he pushed himself inside of her.

Bulma could feel the power of Vegeta, with each thrusts of his hip, she reached out with her hands and grabbed his ass. Vegeta's intensified,

"Oh my god Vegeta! Yes…harder…harder"

Vegeta gave another might thrusts, and let his essence release itself inside of her. Bulma let out another gasp of pleasure. Vegeta pulled himself out of her, and laid down next to her on the bed.

Bulma grinned, and rubbed the side of Vegeta's head, "That was amazing Vegeta." Bulma laid her head on his chest. She noticed the scent he gave off and grinned. "You smell good."

Vegeta laughed, "Lilac body wash, you like?" Vegeta leaned over and gave Bulma another kiss, and the two soon fell asleep in each other's arm.

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