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"Draco. Are you a Veela?"

"Um… I'm only half why; does that shock have to do with it?"

"Maybe, try holding my hand."

Hermione held out her hand and as soon as Draco touched it they were shocked again.

"Draco do you know anything about your Veela side? I have a feeling we might not like some results that come with the shocks."

"I'll I know is that a Veela will find there mate after 16 and a half Veela may take up to two years after to find their mate. Wait I do remember mother saying that a useless shocking comes when one is intimate with ones mate. Oh sweet wizard god. Hermione I think I might have made you my mate. I'm so sorry."

"Draco you don't make someone your mate. I read once that Veela often are soul mates with a person they've had feuds with in the past. And I think that this may just be a blessing for us. At least I know that you need me now and wouldn't ever cheat on me or you could die."

"Is this sarcasm again you naughty witch? Or are the facts going to pull us together?"

"I think I could help you with that answer in my dorm."

Hermione led Draco up the stairs. As soon as they were in her room they were stripping each other of their clothes and instantly melted into bliss. Hermione straddled Draco and started to grind him. He was as surprised at her as she was, but he wasn't complaining. She arched her back and he griped her back and he was at full attention. This was it they were having sex. The steamy scene lasted an hour and a half. Draco got off the bed and stared collecting Hermione's clothes and handed the back to her. Once they were both dressed they both went down to the little kitchen to get some food, but before they could reach they heard the voices of Gin and Blaise coming from the other side.

"I can't believe second night back and I'm hooked"

"You know I still think the professors knew something would happen with the four of us."

"So do you think Hermione and Draco are having amazing sex like we did…"

"Well Gin I may be able to answer your question." Hermione couldn't stand there any longer and burst into the room.

"Herms! You look like you just got out of bed."

"As do you my friend."

"Ok ladies, we all obviously had sex, so why can't you just say that."

"Blaise, we have more than just sex on the line."

"Drake you don't mean?" With that Draco and Hermione both nodded, and Blaise laughed while Ginny stood confused at what was happening. "Love , Drake is half Veela and he's found his mate tonight in Hermione."

"All these years you two fight then end up being soul mates, that's awesome."

"Yes, yes it is Gin."