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Summary: "You know you love me!" He yelled, "Go die in a hole!" I yelled back.



Ah, nothing better to start the morning than to get hit by a bicycle.

"Uh, are you okay?" The crazy psycho person that just hit me with his bike asked me, I was ready to call the police until I saw his face.

Messy auburn hair, light tan, tall, and I mean tall, muscular, and deep green eyes, and he was looking at me worried, I figured he was in the soccer team since he was wearing a shirt that said "Seiyo High Soccer Team"

"I'm fine," I said stubbornly, adjusting my ugly brown wig to make sure that none of my blonde hair will flow out, I was wearing the school uniform, but wearing big nerdy glasses that made it impossible to see my eyes, and ugly shoes, I didn't want everyone going "Kyaa! It's Hoshina Utau! The Pop Idol!" On my first day of school.

The boy suddenly screamed, startling me.

"I'm gonna be late!" He yelled than started leaving in an inhuman speed on his bicycle.

So, I stood there, alone, until I realized that I was going to be late on my first day and started running like crazy.

I fell a few times, 8.5 to be exact, the 0.5 is when I nearly fell, but fortunately, I wasn't late, I went to the office and told them my name.

"Tsukiyomi Utau?"


She handed me my time table and kindly instructed me to where my class was, not.

I was lost in the hallway until I bumped into something, or someone.

"Ouch," The petite person said.

I had to look really closely to be able to tell that she wasn't a doll; she had thin fragile arms and legs, long curly blonde hair, darker than mine ( or at least my real hair, not the wig), big round golden eyes, and pale small porcelain face.

"Sorry," I said, keeping my face neutral.

The girl looked at me strangely then smirked, "Hoshina Utau, right?"

I nearly tripped, but kept a straight face.

"What are you talking about? My name is Tsukiyomi Utau, not Hoshina,"

The blonde girl smiled knowingly, "Ha ha, right, nice to meet you, Utau, I'm Rima, and by the way, you're wig fell off when you bumped into me,"

I looked around and saw my brown wig on the floor, and finally noticed my blonde hair that was tickling my shoulder.

"…Keep it a secret, would you?" I pleaded, out of character, but I didn't care, I'd rather plead than get swarmed by an army of fans.

Rima just nodded, and then she actually took me to my first class, Science.

All the boys looked at Rima as she sat down on her seat that was beside a graceful looking boy with long purple hair.

"Class, this is Tsukiyomi Utau, a new student, please be nice to her,"

The class looked at me interest but it quickly dissolved after looking at my looks, no one knew who I was just because I wore an ugly wig and nerdy glasses, some fans.

My assigned seat was beside some pink haired girl; I quickly went over than sat down.

"H-hey," The girl whispered, she looked really nervous.

"Hi," I whispered back.

She looked happy for a second but quickly replaced it with a cold façade.

"My name is Hinamori Amu," Amu said coolly, so she had an outer character, interesting.

"Nice to meet you," I said coolly.

She smiled super brightly, then started blabbering thing to me, we talked even after class, with Rima and the long haired guy named Nagihiko.

"So all of you are in the student council called…guardians?"

Nagihiko nodded, "I'm Jack, Rima-Chan's Queen,"

"That's Mashiro-san to you, purple head," Rima grumbled, making Nagihiko chuckle nervously.

"I'm the Joker," Amu exclaimed.

"Then there's the King, which Tadase-kun is doing, and the clover, which Kukai-san is doing, and the Ace chair, which Yaya-chan is doing, we also have the spade, diamond, and the heart but no one's in that spot yet,"

I thought for a moment, "How do you join the guardians?"

"The current guardians pick the new guardians, do you want to join?" Rima asked.

I nodded; it might be fun, who knows?

"Then you are now the heart chair!" Rima smiled, well, that was easy.

Nagihiko and Amu looked at her, surprised.

"Well, we are both fine with it, right?" Nagihiko glanced at Amu, who nodded.

"If it's this easy, why couldn't anyone join?"

Nagihiko smiled sheepishly, "Well, you need permission from all the guardians, but Rima was always the one saying no, so…, oh, and also, you need to have a special job,"



Amu pointed at Rima, "Yeah, a job, Rima is actually the child model/comedian 'Riri' I'm sure you heard of the name, right?"

I looked at Rima; she did look a lot like her, now that I think about it.

Then she pointed at Nagihiko, "Nagihiko is the professional Japanese dancer, from the Fujisaki family," I looked at Nagihiko, I had no idea he came from such a famous family.

"And I'm actually the one that owns that designer company called the 'Amulet' believe it or not,"

My eyes widened, I knew that the owner was rumoured to be a high school student, but I never thought that it was actually true.

"What about the other people?" I asked, suddenly feeling small around them.

"Tadase-kun is the movie star from the movie "Shugo Chara!" and Kukai is the famous soccer player, the one that shot the winning goal? He lied about his age just to be a soccer player,"

Wow, famous people.

"And Yaya-chan is the commercial model; you know the one with the orange juice?"

I nodded hesitantly.

"But how do you know I have a famous job?" I questioned them, Amu glanced at Rima.

"We don't, but I'm pretty sure that Rima does,"

I looked at Rima, she smiled and winked at me, and then I remembered that I was the famous pop singer, Hoshina Utau.

"Yeah…But I don't think I can tell you, yet," I said, looking straight at the group.

They nodded reassuringly, like they've been in this situation before, "I know, Rima was like that too,"

"Well, congratulation! New hearts chair," Amu and Rima said at the same time.

I was walking back home; Rima told me not to worry about the other guardians not wanting me to join, she told me that she'll teach them a lesson kindly, which worried me deeply.

"Hey!" A familiar voice called my name, I turned by reflex then immediately regretted it, it was the psychotic person that hit me with his bicycle.

"Sorry about this morning," He said, "The names Kukai, you're Utau, right? The new Hearts chair,"

So he was the soccer player.

"Yeah," I grumbled,

"So, what's your job? Hoshino Utau?" He said jokingly.

I stared blankly at him.

"Ha ha, joking! She has blonde hair, and I would definitely recognize her if I saw her,"

I didn't like this guy.

~To be contiuned~

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