Curiosity Killed the Cat.

It had been a reasonably long day of patrolling the now interlocked Nanairo-Kaio star systems. Killing off stragling krawl that hadn't fled after Krux's apparent defeat was quite a task- and a dirty one at that. It was always a race amongst Rallen and Jeena of who got to wash the krawl blood and mud off first- however, after a time the competition became pointless and they simply made a schedule.

As the patrol missions spanned four days, one got to shower first every other day. While this might seem a silly thing to compete over- Krawl don't quite stop kicking even after they've been defeated. Their blood begins to sting if left in contact with the skin long enough. Fortunately, the ship's advanced liquid recycling system could easily break it up into harmless materials.

It was Wednesday, and the third day of their patrolling as well as Jeena's turn. As she did every time she had her turn first, she felt compelled to announce it- adding "... And if you peep on me, I kill you."

Rallen simply rolled his eyes in response. The bathroom could be entered from either of their rooms- but both of these doors locked the momment the water was turned on. It HAD occured to him that there could be a way to hack and unlock the doors, but knowing some of his previous conflicts with tecnology, attempting that would mean certain death.

He wasn't desperate to see her naked... Or rather THAT desperate.

While he waited for Jeena to finish up, he plopped down into his pilot chair and stared at the ceiling. Komainu- just as exhausted from work as he was, was fast asleep in a medium-sized dog bed near the lab system making a strange snoring noise. Rallen continued to stare into the ceiling as if it contained the answers to all life's mysteries untill he heard the telltale sound of an automatic door opeining.

Jeena stood just outside the door of her cabin, hair a few shades darker in the standard uniform nightclothes (they did in fact have uniform nightclothes consisting of a white shirt and black pants). "All yours." She said, before dissapearing back into her cabin.

"Goodnight." He yelled after her.

"Goodnight." Came her response at a distance.

Rallen gave a sigh at her lack of any desire for conversation at any point during the day. It seemed unlike her to give him the cold shoulder for such a long time, and he began to contemplate weither it was her time of the month or not...

He proceeded to walk into the bathroom, removing his boots and armor, setting it into a clear platic box to be cleaned seperately, and proceeded to undress, when he saw something in the corner of his eye.

Another function of the ship was its laundry system, intended to allow the uniforms to be washed and worn again quickly. All clothes were put down one of two chutes for each persons particular clothing. Uniforms down one, undergarmets down another.

However, on this occasion something frilly and pink was hanging over the undergarmet chute. This shouldn't have made Rallen blush, having been raised by a single mother, and having to handle her bras on occasion, but this well- wasn't his mother's. It was Jeena's. He gave a hard swallow and took a step closer, grabing the garmet by one of its straps.

He had one of two options: do the right thing and toss it down the chute, or give into his curiosity and take a peek at that telltale tag...

Unfortunately, Rallen didn't have time to decide. The door swung open.

"WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING. WITH. MY. BRA?" Came a shocked and angry voice.

There was no point in attempting to hide it, he'd already been seen "I-I..."

"Y-you PERVERT!" Jeena screamed, backhanding him across the face, promptly followed by a knee to his Nether Regions. He fell to the floor gasping, letting out a sound of pain an octave higher than normal.

"W-wait a second." Rallen said, a realization coming to him. "Why'd you open the door so quickly, I could've been undressed for all you knew..." He smirked "Unless YOU were peeping on ME."

This accusation sent Jeena into a flurry of stuttering and blushing. She seemed to've reached the same conclusion of not being able to deny it. "I-I w-was going to stop watching after you took your shirt off."

He grinned "C'mon, I know you love me." He said in a half joking manner, opening his arms to give him a hug.

"Get a shower. Then we'll talk."