"Alright." Rallen started, now showered, dry, and ultimately krawl blood-free. "This is the part where you tell me you tell me you love me."

Jeena, who was sitting in the same state of cleanliness in her uniform nightclothes, hair pulled back, narrowed her eyes. "No, this is the part where you explain your apparent curiosity in my bra size."

"Not until you admit it."

"Well what if I don't love you?"

"Then you're just a pervert." He grinned upon seeing her face flush the color of her hair. She was cornered.

"Who are you calling a pervert, pervert?" She snapped, not able to conjure up any wittier comeback.

Rallen shrugged "You do realize there's a statistic that says men think about sex an average of once ever fifteen seconds, right. I think nature says I have an excuse."

Her blushed darkened. "A-are you telling me you think about... that..." Jeena couldn't bring herself to mention that in front of him without completely loosing her nerve. "A-and with who?"

"You, most of the time." He said flatly, as if admitting to breathing. "And there. I admitted to my deepest, darkest secret. I'm a pervert and I'd be wasting my breath to try and deny it."

Jeena lowered her head and muttered something.

"What was that?"

"... I..." She whispered

"A little louder please"

There was a seemingly eternal pause. Finally she stood up, blue eyes meeting orange. Ice meeting fire.

"I love you."

That was all the invitation Rallen had needed. The look in her eyes had said it as clearly as if she had said it aloud. I want you.

They were on each other, in a fury of kissing and the removal of outer clothes. Wrestling had been used as a training excersize when they were Master and Co-Master, but that had been fully clothed- this was the excitement of bare skin on skin. That had been struggling against- this was a struggle toward.

Finally, they stopped, panting heavily. At this point they had already fallen on the bed, and were now laying side by side, Jeena formerly being on top. For the time being, she was stunned. She could still faintly feel his hands on her waist and back, the taste of his mouth still on her tongue, her lips slightly swollen from the repeated kissing.

Rallen had glanced over at her, in the same state of disbelief as to what had happened. Jeena was in her underwear and bra (a sight he never thought he'd behold) and he was in his boxers. God, if anyone ever found out about this...

Finally, she rolled over onto her side, half-smiling.


"Say it?"


"Don't play dumb with me." She inched closer.

"I love you."

She was now settled on top of him, a mischievous grin spreading across her face, and placed her hands on his waist, the tips of her fingers suggestively placed just under the waistband of his underwear. "I love you, too."

He grinned, rolling over and taking the top. "Guess when Curiosity killed the cat, Curiosity didn't realize the cat had eight more lives."

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