these broken wings

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There was something about weddings that was bittersweet.

There was always so much planning and time and effort that went into them beforehand, taking months and months of making sure that every last single detail was perfect. And then, in a matter of hours, it would be over. In fact, the ceremony itself lasted under half an hour, and that was it.

Still, there was the whole idea of it. There was the idea that they would spend the rest of their lives together, and they full-heartedly planned to do so, making the promise before all of their family and friends.

And then, suddenly, it wasn't so much of "Kurt and Blaine" but "Mr. and Mr. Anderson-Hummel", and that day was meant to be one to remember, when that transformation took place.

It was a winter wedding, nearly a year after they'd become engaged. It had been a slow yet eventful year, with so much time dedicated to arrangements and preparations, yet they both knew that it would be worth it in the end. They wanted this, and that was what mattered.

And then the day was there so quickly, and time was rushing past. Before Kurt could even really wrap his head around the meaning of the day, he found himself at the reception, Rachel raising a toast to the newly married couple. It was then at last that it struck him, and he felt his chest swell with an onslaught of emotions, feeling the happiness and love and excitement for the thought of the rest of their lives.

Everyone drank their champagne, and cheered for the newlyweds, someone quickly tapping a knife to their glass. At the sound, Kurt rolled his eyes but leaned in to kiss Blaine—his husband—a smile on each of their lips.

The chatter picked up again, and Blaine looked to Kurt, still smiling.

"What's on your mind?" he asked him softly.

"Mm," Kurt hummed. "Just thinking about how happy I am to be here."

"Me too," Blaine responded, pressing a chaste kiss to Kurt's lips. "We've come a long way."

Kurt nodded at this. "I suppose it took me a while to come around," he said, a little teasingly.

"We're here now," Blaine reminded him. "That's what matters."

Kurt smiled at this, taking another drink of his champagne, still feeling the joy beating along with his heart. He let the reality of everything around him continue to sink in, marveling in just how far they actually had come. He finally felt excited and happy and hopeful, things he hadn't been able to honestly admit to in what felt like such a long time.

And, he thought, smiling as he took Blaine's hand in his, he felt safe. He felt at home. He felt, at last, completely healed.