Volturi Swan and Dr. Carlisle Cullen


My name is Isabella Marie Swan Volturi. I grew up with Vampires in a castle in Volterre, Italy. You see, my parents were killed by vampires. My father, Charlie Swan, came to visit me along with my mother, Renee, and her husband, Phil Dwyer. We were in the car at a stop light after going out to dinner, all four of us, and we were on our way home. Then the unthinkable happened dark figures came and got my parents, draining them all dry of their blood. There were three other figures just as dark as the others that killed my parents. They approached me and promised me they would not hurt me. I believed them. They were vampires, after all. The vampires took me home with them. Aro Volturi and his mated wife, Sulpicia, adopted me as their daughter and they became my parents. Then I became a niece to my uncles Marcus and Caius.

I am now twenty three years old I have not been changed into a vampire yet. I was only eight years my parents were killed by vampires. I did not feel the need to rush things. I want to be one of them, yes. But, I want to be changed by Carlisle Cullen. I would go into my father's study and see the painting with my father, Aro, Marcus and Caius in painting there was Carlisle. I thought he was God-like good looking with looks to die for. I had a slight crush on Carlisle. I felt drawn to him no sooner than laid my eyes first on him. I knew I was in love with him. I never took interest in any of the guards. Only one man, Carlisle!

I grew up in Volturi castle. I studied, learning American school subjects and the Italian language. As soon I turned sixteen my father agreed for me to go to the new world, as he called it, to attend high school in the USA in Glendale, CA. My body guard posed as my guardian for me to live in CA.

I attended UCLA to become a Physiologist and a CIA agent. There is one thing about growing up in the vampire world, you learn to keep secrets. So, I became a top notch CIA agent keeping their secrets. As a Physiologist I am good at keeping confidentially in my patients care.

I plan one day soon to meet the man of my dreams, marry him and become his vampire wife.

I know it's just a dream but it is my dream.

Carlisle Cullen! Um!

Now on with the show! I do not on Twilight or SM series of books.

Chapter I Past


Marcus, Caius, and I and some of our guards are heading out to the new world. There is trouble with new

Coven, they are causing random killings in Miami, FLA. They are threatening to expose us, and we couldn't let them get away with this. What are our plans? To kill as many of vampires that is responsible for leaving evidence of our kind behind. We are in our private jet and I am thinking how my life has been over a millennium. A part of me wishes I did not have to feed off of humans but there is no other way. As I touch a person, I am draining them, I am reading every thought he or she has ever had. I remember like it was yesterday. It is heartbreaking, to say the least, knowing I am a cold blooded killer.

The jet is finally landing at a Miami airport. Felix is flying the plane. We all get off to get into a limo and the driver takes us to our hotel. It is nightfall and our trusted tracker, Demetri he, is out doing surveillance within city

of Miami. Jane and Felix are accompanying Demetri in search of coven that is responsible for exposing our kind. They meet us in the hotel shorty after we arrive Jane approaches me where I standing waiting for their return.

"Master," Jane say to me.

"Yes, go ahead, dear Jane." I took her hand to read her thoughts on what she saw in her surveillance in the city.

I am reading her thoughts as her hand is in mine. There is a group of five vampires that are ripping car's doors off as they pull the passengers out of the car. The vampires drained blood of their prey, killing them. I am seeing in Jane's thoughts that this car is at a stop light while people standing by watch the horror scene before them. The incident happens so fast they cannot get a look at their killers. The vampires call themselves the dead of night coven. I hear one of the vampires say to woman vampire.

"Dead of Night shall live on here! Here!"

She tells him it was a fun way to go about killing the humans as she is laughing about it. There is another vampire in their crowd who sets the scene on fire as two people in the crowd watch. Then the fire department crew shows up. The police have no leads other than a random act of violence or possible serial killer.

I released Jane's hand and I look down on the floor to my feet.

"Thank you, dear Jane," I say to her.

"Master, do you need anything else?" Jane spoke to me.

"Yes, Jane that will be all, you are dismissed," I say to her.

I look to my two brothers, Marcus and Caius, and tell them Jane's thoughts when I read them.

"Brothers we will kill the Dead of Night Coven. They are leaving evidence of our kind behind. They are ripping the car doors off of cars, pulling out their occupants out and draining them dry. There is in Jane's thoughts the victims were at a stop light when the incident happen. This coven did this unspeakable act in front of bystanders as they were watching," I say in a monotone voice.

I am so angry that they are leaving evidence of our kind behind. This must be dealt with. There shall be no more of the Dead of Night Coven to exist, let alone be left alive.

I look to my brother, Marcus. He is pacing back and forth in a rage.

"Aro, my brother, we must end their coven now. It cannot go on any further. They will expose us for what we are."

Marcus says to me. I see Caius as angry as I am He looks like he could blow a fuse.

"When shall we go, Aro to kill the Dead of Night Coven," Caius he is asking me.

"We will go tomorrow night, my brothers," I say to them.