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Twenty Years into Future


Bella POV

I am sitting in a lounge chase chair looking at the stars in the heavens and thinking about what has taken place after, Carlisle and I got married. I can hear the ocean and its tide splashing against the shore. The kids are asleep while the couples are together in their rooms hearing their sounds of moans and pleasures while, they are having sex. Carlisle is doing his paper work in his study. He will join me later. We do this every night come out here to gaze at the stars.

We are now living in San Monica, California. It has been ten years living here. We moved from Seattle over ten years ago. Our mansion overlooks the ocean and it is up on a hill and nice and woody terrain to give us a measure of privacy. We have twenty bedrooms and over thirty thousand square feet living space. At times, my family comes and stays with me and the extra space helps. Denali's live in Beverly Hills, California in a seven bedroom home and has fourteen square feet of living space.

We still have living with us is Edward and Tanya and Peter and Charlotte and Jasper and Alice live along with Emmett and Rose and Emilia Rosalie Cullen. Seth and Mei and Joshua live with us as well. Now, we have Shawn Black the adopted son of Leah and Jacob he lives with us. Now, Bradley and Brandy live with us. We have a bedroom for Bree when, she comes home to visit us.

My home in Glendale, California I still own it. We use it when one of the couples wants to use it for a romantic getaway.

I graduate from medical school over twelve years ago and loving it. Our medical private practice is booming with patients. Rose and Carlisle and I practice in LA. All of us once a week work in ER at LA County Hospital.

Carmen and Raymond graduated from law school over fourteen years ago. Carmen and Eleazar and Jasper and Edward and Raymond they, opened up their law practice over ten years ago. It is quite successful.

Garrett works for Edward Jones here in LA as an investor for clients. He does well in his profession.

Tanya and Alice opened up their home interior design firm over five years ago; they get calls from movie stars and singers wanting their homes done. Charlotte still is a designer architect and she moved her office in LA at the same building Tanya and Alice office is. She loves drawing out designs. She just recently, did a new hotel that is going up in LA in the next five years.

Irina opened up a bouquet on Rodeo Drive, she graduated in business management. Her store sells shoes and bags from the top designers.

Seth and Emmett game software company is in LA it became successful. Apple wanted to buy them out but, Emmett and Seth told them to take a hike.

Peter teaches night school at UCLA as a professor in history. His students love the way he teaches his class to make history sound interesting and not boring like most history classes can be.

The villa in Naples that Carlisle brought me as a wedding present the winery is booming thanks to Jasper and his business knowledge and he hired some locals giving them much needed jobs. We fly back often to Italy to see family and spend alone time at my villa.

Carlisle finally, taught me to fly our jet now, I have my pilot licenses. I love flying the plane.

Over twelve years ago my sister Jane and Randall got married. Then, my brother Alec and our adopted daughter Bree got married one year after Jane and Alec got married. My brother Felix and my sister Heidi got married over five years ago. We all attended those weddings after all; I was in the wedding party. Raymond and Irina got married ten years ago, even though they are not true mates. But, they manage to say together for twenty years. Kate and Garrett got married a year ago. We attended those weddings.

Our daughter Mei got married to Seth four years ago at the age of twenty one and she found out she couldn't have children. So, they adopted a baby boy and named him, Joshua Michael Clearwater and he is four years old now. Mei attended college and became a school teacher and she loves it. She teaches at a middle school in San Monica. Mei went through the change one year ago at the age of twenty five to become a vampire and she has good control and she is a shield like me. Seth still phases so he will live forever as long as he does and stay young.

Rose and Emmett adopted a little girl recently, from China and her name Fang but, they changed it to Emilia Rosalie Cullen. She is two years old. They didn't want her to have a name like Fang especially, around a vampire family. Her China name Fang and its meaning is, "fragrance, upright and honest". Rose loves being a mother. The Volturi allowed adoptions of mated couples two years ago. Everyone was on aboard for that for those who wanted to adopt kids. My brother Demetri and my sister Renata they adopted an Italian girl from the orphanage in Rome and she is seven years old. Her name is Alessandria Volturi. My brother Felix and my sister Heidi adopted a boy from the UK and he is six years old. His name is Steven Barrett Volturi. My sister Chelsea and my brother Afton they, adopted a four year old boy from the same orphanage that Demetri and Renata got their daughter from. And, his name is Angelo Volturi.

Caius and Athenodora adopted a son from Greece and he is five years old. His name is Cleo Volturi. Marcus and Esme adopted a girl from Greece and she happens to be the sister of Caius and Athenodora son. And, she is six years old and her name is Collette Volturi. Both couples adopted them over two years ago.

The Volturi requires each child of a guard member or separate covens in our vampire world to change their kids who they adopt at the age of twenty one. This gives them time to go to school and college and have a normal life as possible before, giving up their life to immortality.

My father and mother didn't adopt any children after me. My father told me, I was enough and with Mei and Joshua being his grandbabies that he loves and adores. That was plenty for them. We surprised my father and mother six months ago, by adopting two more children. My father and mother flew here to LA once we made the call to them about the kids. They wanted to meet them.

How did this happen? It is when the LA police department and special children services they, needed a physical exam of two small children abandon by their mother in the streets of LA. They were in the alley and it was winter and chilly outside. The police took them to our ER department and Carlisle and I happened to be there working as ER doctors in the LA County Hospital and gave the kids an exam.

We fell in love with them and made the arrangements for adopting them. The boy we adopted his name is, Bradley Anthony Cullen and he is four years old and he has blond hair and blue eyes and his sister is two years old and her name is, Brandy Alisha Cullen and she is two years old and she has blond hair and blue eyes. Everyone in the family loves them. Their mother gave them to us stating she could no longer care for them and she is nineteen. She wanted her freedom and didn't want to see the kids again. We won't hear from her again. The judge recommended her to have her tubes tied or go on birth control pills and get physiological help. She told the judge to bud out of her business. She was rude to him and she walks away from the courthouse. Edward was applauded by her actions so was the rest of the family. Edward represented us as our lawyer in the adoption proceedings.

Alice and Tanya designed Emilia and Bradley and Brandy's rooms. Joshua his room was designed by them four years ago. Mei and Seth live with us with their son.

Jacob and Leah came to visit us with Shawn their adopted son and he is twenty five years old. He imprinted on Emilia. Emmett and Rose threw a fit stating he cannot have her. It took Jasper to defuse the situation and calm everyone down.

It looks like to me no matter what, Shawn and Emilia will be mates in future and Shawn is a shape-shifter too. He phase at the age of sixteen. He is a doctor and he moved in with us and practicing at our medical practice working for us. He is keeping an eye on Emilia to make sure she always stays safe. We told Rose and Emmett we know what it is like because, Seth imprinted on Mei. But, everything worked out in the end. They are starting to slowly accept it. Shawn knows he will have to wait on Emilia when, she reaches the age of eighteen.

The money that the Volturi gave Quileute's tribes made the whole tribe millionaires. It allowed for all the tribal children to go to college. The money that was siege from the Romanians and their assets was split two ways to the Volturi and the tribe. So, Shawn went to medical school because it and it made Jacob and Leah millionaires with the money that the Volturi gave them. They helped rescued me out of the Romanian castle. I fled the bastards who took me. The tribe helped in gathering Romanians in our fight with them. The schools and hospitals flourished because of the large donations from Carlisle and my father.

Life has been good to us and I love it and wouldn't have it in any other way. Carlisle and I are strong as ever since, we got married and it only gets better with each passing day. I love him so much like he does me.

Suddenly, I felt him coming Carlisle comes and joins me on the chase lounge chair and lays with me and holds me in his arms. I kiss him passionately. We lay here holding each other and looking up at the stars in the heavens.

"Isabella what were you thinking about just before, I got here?" Carlisle asked me.

"You know about everything that has happened to us over twenty years that we have become man and wife. So, many changes happened in our lives and I wouldn't have it in any other way," I say to him and kiss him.

"The same goes for me too," Carlisle says to me and he kisses me.

"Well, here is to our forever Carlisle and I love you!" I say to him and he kisses me.

The End!

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