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Chapter Summary: It's the next day of Kurt's tour, it's been extremely disappointing so far. He's set to visit two marketplaces before returning to the motel for the night, but he just might meet a fabulous stranger along the way!

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Kurt tried everything he could think of to not wake up the next morning. He kept his sleep mask perfectly in place, and jammed his ear plugs further in as he ignored the wild snoring of the man in the next bed. The last day had been so miserable that he wasn't sure how he could possibly survive this one as well.

It wasn't very long until there was a sharp rap on the door. Kurt huffed at the door and threw his ear plugs across the room. They barely even muffled the noise anyway. There was a loud thump, and the tour guide burst into the room.

She straightened quickly and brushed at her clothes briskly. "The tour is leaving in 15 minutes. Bring coin." She turned on her heel and stalked from the room quickly, straight across the hall to wake the next pair.

Kurt pushed back the covers roughly, throwing his legs out of the bed and pushed up his mask so it was more of a headband. Throwing a glance over his shoulder, it was evident that his roommate had not even been disturbed by the guide's sudden appearance. He hummed softly to himself as he went about a speedy edition of his daily skincare regimen.

He dressed unnaturally quickly, by his standards, and was in the hall just in time to be told that he was too late to be able to enjoy breakfast. Sighing heavily, he slipped a couple of pieces of gum into his mouth, praying that it would hold him over until he could get his hands on some hearty Italian food.

Their schedule stated that they were to be visiting two Viales that morning, Viale Papiniano and Viale Fauche. Kurt had been especially looking forward to this day, as it was supposedly a day purely for shopping. He tried to enjoy the sites out the bus window, and keep his hopes for the day from getting too high.

The day was already a little better than the one before, he noted as the guide marked attendance, because the man who had been sneering at him the day before was absent. The guide raised her eyebrows so high that Kurt thought they might just fall off her head, and asked him where the man was. "I don't know," he replied with a shrug, which was technically accurate.

He knew full well that he hadn't woken the man before leaving the room that morning, but he wouldn't have a clue as to where the man was now.

He gave the guide his sweetest smile as her nostrils flared and she scribbled something down on her clipboard. She stomped away as Kurt snickered into his palm, turning his attention back to the scenes outside of the bus where there were brightly coloured Vespas whizzing by and gelato stores on every third street corner.

An old woman carried a basket with one half filled with breadsticks and the other with wildflowers. She walked arm in arm with a man approximately the same age who was telling her something that was accompanied with wild hand gestures. She smiled like the two had known each other for as long as they could remember, and Kurt thought that he would have loved to have drawn them.

He would have loved to have drawn everything. The cobbled streets, the children playing with marbles on the sidewalk, and the apartments all around them with their washing lines spanning the width of the street. The smell of food was all around them, and all the other patrons of the tour had found something to gawk at.

When they arrived at the first marketplace, Kurt blinked several times to make sure what he was seeing was real. He loved this place! There were hundreds of stalls, grouped by the items that they were selling. Older women held dominion over the food stalls; some selling fresh fish, and others reaming off fresh pastas so quickly that he could barely believe it.

He wandered forward with child-like abandon taking the handouts thrust at him, and stuffing them into a tote he'd grabbed on the way in. It was loud, there were children laughing and screaming, stall owners chatting across the paths to each other, and in the background he could hear a lone guitar playing. He headed forward aimlessly, smiling wider than he had in days.

Kurt wasn't shocked when a little girl with dark pigtails and striking eyes took his hand. She giggled wildly, one hand clutching his and the other a teddy bear that had clearly been restitched many times. "Mi segua! Mi segua!"

They whizzed past hundreds of people, and the stalls became flashes of colour, but the guitar that had been background noise became louder. Before he knew it, they were bursting around a tight corner into a small courtyard in the centre of the marketplace. There was a stone fountain, small fir trees, and a group of people all crowded around something that Kurt couldn't quite see.

A mellow voice rung out over the din of everything around them, and Kurt couldn't quite convince himself to do anything but listen. The girl who had been leading him smiled widely, showing a gap where she'd lost a tooth before running off again. He shuffled forward a few steps, further into the small crowd. He caught a quick glimpse of black before it was gone again.

He couldn't make out the words of the song that hung in the air, but the melody alone was the enough to make him want to get closer. He shuffled through any gap in the crowd that he could find, and upon making it to the front of the pack, was left breath taken.

A dark haired, lightly tanned boy stood strumming a guitar with the case open beside him. If Kurt had to guess, he would say that it had about seven hundred Euros in it, which would equate to about one thousand dollars back home. The boy had sunglasses obscuring some of his face but it wasn't hard to tell that he loved what he was doing. Kurt smiled and felt a pang of homesickness.

The wrapped up the song, and despite only being able to understand one or two words of it, Kurt was disappointed. The stranger thanked everyone, took a couple of playful bows as some girls threw flowers with their phone numbers attached to the stem. The older women blew him kisses before heading back off into the throng of people.

Soon enough Kurt found himself being the only one left, his feet seeming to have been rooted to the ground. He watched as the boy packed up his things, placing his money in small piles before folding them neatly and stowing them in his pockets. There was something about his face that Kurt want to talk to him - to know him. Then there was something about the body of the boy, along with the mischievous glint in his eye that made Kurt want to do bad, tawdry things.

He decided to start with an introduction.

He approached gingerly. Kurt Hummel may have be bold in regard to several things; such as style, songs and attitude, but he wasn't anywhere near confident when it came to relationships. He was forever scared that his feelings were one-sided, but this was a holiday and if things went badly he would never have to see the boy again.

"Hi, that was a great performance." He wished he could have come up with something less generic, but as he wiped his sweaty palms on his pants he realised that he was lucky if his brain could manage a conversation. "Not that I could really understand," he admitted.

The boy smiled and laughed, his teeth fairly glowed next to his tanned skin. When he spoke it was with only a light Italian accent.

"I wondered about that when I spotted you," he grinned wider, "you look far too pale to be a native Italiano. An exchange student perhaps?" He lifted the hem of his shirt to wipe some sweat off his face whilst waiting for Kurt's answer.

"Uh, no. I'm just on a holiday. I'm Kurt, by the way." He held out a hand, not quite sure what else to do.

"Ah. One of those get out and see the world type things, yes? I am Blaine, and pleased to meet you." He winked before turning so that he spoke over his shoulder to Kurt while packing away his guitar.

Kurt laughed, relaxing. "So where do you head off to after this set?" He moved so that his weight was resting on one foot.

Blaine stretched, and when his shirt rode up Kurt got a quick glance at his navel and the path of dark hairs leading downward. "I'm done for the day. I got more than enough to last me a week." He picked up his case. "I'm actually heading off now."

He turned and began to walk away, whistling a jaunty tune. Kurt sighed. "Bye." He muttered under his breath. Clearly the boy wasn't that impressed with him if he was just walking away.

"Hey!" Kurt looked up to see Blaine looking over his shoulder. "You coming?"