Pairing: Quistis/Rinoa (background Selphie/Irvine, Rinoa/Squall, Seifer/OC, and implied Selphie/Quistis, Rinoa/Seifer) - busy little drabble, huh?
Prompt: Pain and Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: Femslash, angst, dark, infidelity, hurt/comfort, violence
Word Count: 500

A/N: Odd pairing is odd as I hate Rinoa, but I wanted Quistis to take her anger out on someone, so... *smiles sweetly* (Don't worry, no Rinoa-bashing, she does get hurt some but she'll be fine... Eventually.)

close enough to hurt

Grasping a thin wrist, far too delicate for the life its owner claimed to live, Quistis dragged a surprised Rinoa from the party the blonde had been forced to attend. The music was a faint pulsing din in the distance by the time she reached an area private enough for the blonde to turn and shove Rinoa against a wall. Rinoa's elbow struck the wall with an audible thump, drawing a gasp from one pair of lips and a smile on the other pair. Quistis wanted to hurt the brunette; wanted to hear her suck a breath in pain and make her eyes tear up.

Quistis was angry. It was a fiery thing to be sure as she was rarely angry, instead allowing everything to build until she pushed aside all her uncertainties and fears to reach out and break something. This time it just happened to be Rinoa. Had to be Rinoa, because she was 'perfect' and cute and so sickening sweet to Squall that Quistis wanted to hurl at the sight of them touching hands.

Rinoa knows what this is, yet she attempts to fight back, objections coming to her lips but forcibly drowned out by rough lips that just wanted her to shut the fuck up. The blonde digs fingers painfully into creamy biceps, squeezing so hard the bruises would not fade for over a week - longer if Quistis was lucky (though she'll definitely feel horrible about it later). Tears prickle the corners of Rinoa's eyes now, blurring her vision of blonde hair and blue eyes that hold no actual malice, only hurt. Hurt that ran so deep that Quistis was literally panting for air as she allowed a trinkle of blue magic to escape her fingertips, sending a jolt of Electrocute through the brunette.

Quistis kissed now sobbing lips, angry still, but realizing the anger was at herself for being young and stupid and being in love with someone whom was unattainable. This had nothing to do with Rinoa, but she'd been the closest, the most likely to understand; the easiest to hurt. Her hands shook where they held the brunette, letting Rinoa go with effort. Quistis felt no regret for what she had done, not yet.

She broke then, dropping to her knees and balling her fists on her bent knees as the pain in her heart exploded. Rinoa was so surprised by the rapid mood change that it took her a moment to reach a warm hand out and place it on the blonde's head.

"So she chose Irvine after all?" Rinoa asked quietly.

Quistis nodded mutely, tears trickling down her cheeks. Kneeling, Rinoa enclosed the other woman in a hug and when Quistis sought out her lips again, anger gone and helplessness in its place, Rinoa accepted the kiss.

The blonde had been right, Rinoa understood. She'd lost her own love to someone else. Squall was a decent replacement, but he was no Seifer, same as she was no Selphie for Quistis.