Solace Academy! A school where nearly everyone can come here and learn something new! Today is the first day of a new school year for this school that has only been in study for 2 decades. But within these few years, the school has given way to many great trainers the world over! Now as we begin this tale of a year at Solace Academy, let's take a look at the start of one of these new or returning young soon to be masters!

(A/N: I'll do this in way of a few of my own OC's, but I'll slowly bring in more and more of your OC's! So just be patient, and look to see who ends up coming out first!)

School Day 0: Orientation Day – Monday July 7th, 2040

(Kylee Reed)

(Night Fall Village – Reed Home – Kylee's Room – 6:30 AM)

We come to this… fairly bright and colorful room to see a little 10 year old girl who had just recently celebrated their 10th birthday. Now after becoming eligible for becoming a Pokémon Trainer, this young girl named Kylee Reed will prepare for what's ahead of her. But she won't be taking the three day travel to Hearts Town to meet with Professor Sena. No, she'll be going to the great prestigious academy that is based in the Solace region!

This small girl is the young Kylee Reed. She's the daughter of two researchers, Natasha and Alexander Reed. This child is a rather happy and adventurous girl, so today is a great day for her. It's a quiet morning as the distant sun begins to shine into her room and onto her face causing her to awaken.

"Uh…" Kylee yawned as she rolled awake, her wavy silver hair draping over her face. After pushing the hair back she sat up and looked out the window next to her bed, the bright light shining in over the secluded village of Solace. "What a beautiful morning…" the young trainer then pushed the window doors open and rested her arms on the window ceil to look out at the village while the sun continued to rise.

"Heysis,areyouawake?" an aged and youthful male voice said from the other side of Kylee's room. This voice belongs to Kylee's older brother, Nathanial Reed. He's a rather exciting individual, preferring to take life as if he were to die the next day. He never competed in League Conferences or in the Grand Festivals, but instead he'd be exploring around looking for his next death defying thrill. He's a rather tall person standing at 6'3", but he has a thin figure and form. He's still very muscular though. Right now at this moment, he was in a black tank top and a grey pair of sweat pants, his red eyes closed and his dark grey hair shaggy and messy. "HeyLeelee,wakeup,youdon'twanttobelateforyourfirstday."After Nathanial knocked on the door a few times, Kylee finally took notice and shifted out of bed, but she made a bit of a slip.


"Oww…" Kylee groaned as she sat up and rubbed her back.

"Kylee, are you okay sis?" Nathanial said as he rushed into the room after hearing the bang.

"Yeah," Kylee sighed as she pulled herself to her feet and brushed off her black and white pajamas. "Good morning brother,"

"Morning sis," Nathanial chuckled as he looked at his sister's gleaming violet eyes. "Have I ever told you how jealous I am of your violet eyes?"

"Constantly," Kylee yawned with a soft sigh. "Who else is awake?"

"You and I are the only ones awake right now kiddo," Nathanial chuckled as he rubbed his little sister's head. "I'm to help get you set up and then to drive you down to the academy grounds."

"Alright," Kylee said happily. "I'm going to get changed, so I'll see you down stairs,"

"Alright sis, your things are already parked in the car, so hurry up and get ready." Nathanial chuckled as he walked over to the doorway. "I'll have breakfast ready, so be quick."

"Okay!" Kylee said happily as she started looking around her room while her brother closed the door behind him as he left.

"She's going to have a grand time at the school." Nathanial chuckled as he continued down the hall.

For around 10 minutes, Kylee got herself changed and cleaned up before going down to the kitchen. Kylee had been in a white long sleeved turtle neck shirt, a light blue pair of pants, and a white pair of slip on shoes which were over a white pair of ankle socks. When she got there, she found her parents and her infant sister Tina waiting for her alongside her older brother.

Her parents were both in their early forties late thirties. Her mother, Natasha, was in a white sundress, her white hair left to fall over her back with several strands lying over her shoulders. Her Blue eyes were closed looking towards her daughter as she branded a happy smile. Her father, Alexander, was in a black short sleeved shirt with a white lab coat over it and a dark blue pair of jeans. His shoulder length dark grey spiky hair was tied into a Ponytail and the rest of his hair was slightly spiked out and covering part of his face. He was looking at his daughter happily. Finally, Kylee's sister Tina, who was in a small white dress and her short light grey hair was kept out of her blue eyes by a black ribbon. He hadn't noticed her sister yet, but she was sitting on her mother's lap while playing with a small stuffed Pichu.

"Good morning Kylee, are you excited about you first day of school?" Natasha asked with a happy tone as she played with her youngest daughter.

"Yup!" Kylee said with a happy and optimist tone.

"Well I'm sure that your Pokémon are happy as well," Alexander chuckled.

"Yup, Chichi and Olf have really been anticipating this day!" Kylee said maintaining her happy tone.

"I'm sure that they are," Nathanial chuckled as he placed a plate of eggs in front of Kylee as she sat at the table. "Now hurry up and finish, I'm going to get the car set."

"Okay," Kylee said as she started eating while Nathanial walked out of the back door. While Kylee continued to eat, her parents quickly exchanged a worried glance before focusing on their second child.

"Um… Kylee, can we talk for a bit before you leave?" Natasha asked with a soft voice as she noticed how Kylee had finished eating.

"Sure, what did you want to talk about?" Kylee said.

"Kylee, it's about you wanting to learn about your role as a Shrine Maiden," Alexander said with a sigh. "We know that you're determined that you'll be able to learn about being a shrine maiden at the school, but we're worried that you won't be able to find what you're looking for."

"Don't worry; I'm sure that I'll learn something!" Kylee said with an optimistic tone.

"Asoptimisticasever," Alexander chuckled to himself. "Listen Kylee, you mother and I have done our own research on the shrine maidens, and we want you to take it, but we're also giving you a few suggestions."

"Thanks you so much!" Kylee said happily as she took a large binder from her mom. "But what are the suggestions?"

"First, go through your year of school and hope that you learn something that you'll need to know," Natasha said maintaining her smile. "Second, gain experience and travel to Imperial Solace, where there's much more information on the Shrine Maidens."

"And third, find another shrine maiden that has more experience and learn from her." Alexander said with a chuckle.

"Alright, thanks for everything mom and dad," Kylee said happily as she put the binder in her backpack and pulled the bag onto her back. "I'm going to miss all of you," As Kylee stood there she started to look down and a few tears had formed in her eyes.

"Come here hun." Natasha said softly as she set Tina in her high chair before standing up and holding her arms out. Kylee then ran forward and embraced her mother in a hug. "Don't worry hun; we'll always be here for you. So cheer up, during the first visitor time, we'll all come and visit you and your new friends at the school. Okay?"

"Okay," Kylee said as she and mother separated. As Kylee wiped away her lingering tears, a car horn was heard outside.

"It sounds like your brother's getting impatient," Alexander sighed.

"When was he ever patient?" Natasha said with a giggle.

"Good point, now before you leave, give me a kiss and be sure to have fun," Alexander said calmly.

"Alright Daddy," Kylee said as she went around the table and hugged her father before giving him a kiss on the cheek. Another car horn was heard again.

"You'd better be going, we don't want Nathanial coming in a dragging you out there," Natasha said with a sigh.

"Alright mom, you be good too Tina." Kylee said as she walked towards the back door.

"Bye bye!" Tina said in a soft voice.

When Kylee walked out of her house she came to see her brother waiting outside their families black car.

"About time you showed up," Nathanial sighed. Nathanial had changed from his pajamas and into a black short sleeved shirt, a dark blue pair of pants, and a black pair of sandals. "Now, you packed everything allowed, there's nothing that you've packed that you're not allowed to bring, or that you're forgetting?"

"I packed everything that I was allowed, there is nothing that I'm not allowed to bring," Kylee said calmly. "Dad checked everything, and I'm not forgetting anything that I can't get during a trip back."

"Good girl," Nathanial said as he got in the driver's seat. "Hurry up, school may not start for a few hours, but I want to be able to catch up with a few people before I leave."

"Alright," Kylee said as she got in the back seat just as her Flamolf Olf and her Chibirisu Chichi popped out of their Poké Balls. "Are you ready for school you two?"

The small Pokémon known as Flamolf had a small Wolf cub like form, it's main fur was a charcoal like grey, it's eyes were a calm red color, the tail had a slight resemblance to a light fire, the underbelly was a lightened dark grey, the fur around the ears had a fire likeness, and a small red fire was around the Pokémon's ankles. Next, the Pokémon Chibirisu, had the shape of a baby squirrel, the arms and legs were single round stubs, it's body was round, the head was also round, it had small yellow cheeks, a large rounded tail, it's ears are small and round, a blue stripe was present down the tail, and the ears are a blue color.

(A/N: Unless designated otherwise, Pokémon speech will be translated into natural text with an Italic style)

"Yup," Olf barked happily.

"Yay!" Chichi said in a hyper and excited tone.

"Alright you three, let's get going." Nathanial said as the car pulled out and started off on a road.

The young Reed is making her way towards Solace Academy, but while she and her Pokémon enjoy the ride, let's go look at a few more other of the new students.

(Christopher Sol & Alicia Undine)

(Christopher Sol)

(Spade City – Deity Tower – Christopher's Royal Suite – 7:20 AM)

Within this luxurious and exquisite tower lie two of our new students, but let us focus on one of them first of all. Standing at a large window that looks out at the very dimly lit city is a young noble by the name of Christopher Sol. He was a rather tall man, standing at around 5'10", he had a very slight tan to his fair skin, and he also had a slight muscular form that was barely noticeable. He was wearing a white long sleeved dress top that had the top few buttons left open, a black pair of slacks, and a black pair of dress shoes. His long white hair was left lying over his back reaching to the center of his back, and his cold and quiet silver eyes were fixed on a small locket that held a picture of a woman, his mother.

This woman is Christopher's mother, her name is Sophia, and she was a true beauty. Her curly black hair laying calmly down her back with a few curls over her shoulder, her peaceful and loving sapphire eyes were closed as she branded a loving smile, her skin was absolute perfection. The only thing that could be seen on her was a red dress as the same locket that was in Christopher's hands.

"Mother..." Christopher whispered as he closed the locket and gripped it tightly in his fist. "I swear that I'll find you…"

"Excuse me sir…" an aged and calm voice said.

"Yes," Christopher said as he turned to see a butler.

"The limo to take you to the academy is here, it's ready to depart whenever you are," the butler said with a calm and subtle bow.

"Thank you, tell the driver that I'll be down shortly," Christopher said with a sigh as he walked over to two maids who had a briefcase and a black coat.

"As you wish," the butler said as he walked over to a phone that was built into a wall.

"Thank you, you two," Christopher as he took the briefcase from one of the maids while the other put the coat on him.

"You're welcome master," the two maids said in unison as they gave Christopher a bow.

"I better be off now," Christopher said as he walked towards the double doors that led to his suite.

"Of course, we'll forward to the elders that you're beginning your first day at Solace Academy," the butler said calmly. "And we'll have the limo prepared to bring you back here after class,"

"No, have my things sent to the dorm, it'll be better if I stay with the school in the BLUE dorm." Christopher said with a sigh.

"As you wish, we shall prepare your things immediately." The butler said as Christopher activated the sliding doors.

"Very good, after preparing everything head back home, I'll handle myself from now until I return." Christopher said calmly.

"Are you sure sir, I could go and work for the school and attend for you," one of the maids said quickly.

"No need, from here until I return, I am not a noble, just a teenager attending a school." Christopher said as he left the room. After leaving the room, the door closed and he started down the hall towards an elevator, but as he made his way the elevator door opened and out walked a young woman. From here, we'll switch from one noble to another.

(Alicia Undine)

This young beauty is another noble, but of a different family. Her name is Alicia Undine. She was standing at around 5'8", and the skin of her well developing body was just about flawless. She was in a white sundress and a white pair of slip on flats. Her blonde hair that reached the middle of her back and that ever so slightly resembles the hair style of one of the Sinnoh Region's Champion Cynthia was held back by a white hair band. As the two passed each other, both Christopher's and the girl's mysterious blue colored eyes were closed.

But when Christopher entered the elevator the girl briefly turned and looked at him. A feeling came over her as her heart began to rush. Taking a brief moment to regain her composure, Alicia walked into her suite which was opposite Christopher's.

"Welcome back Ms. Undine," two maids said as they welcomed Alicia into her room.

"Good morning," Alicia said softly as she walked towards her butler. "Are the preparations made?"

"Yes my lady, the limo will be here shortly," the butler said calmly. "Were you able to get in touch with your family?"

"No, the elders intercepted the call and cut it off." Alicia said with a soft and depressed tone.

"I'm terribly sorry my lady, once we return to the estate, we'll pass on any messages that you may have." The butler said calmly.

"Thank you; please just tell them that I'll miss them and that I'll do my best." Alicia said as the two maids gave Alicia a coat and a small hand bag.

"We shall, we'll also transfer your possessions to your dorm room." The butler said as a PA message went off telling that a limo had arrived.

"Thank you, well I best be off." Alicia said as she walked back towards the doors.

"Do enjoy your time at school, and remember your parent's plea," the butler said calmly.

"Their plea?" Alicia asked as she stopped in the doorway.

"Have fun and try and make some friends," the butler said calmly with a smile on his face.

"Oh yeah… I will," Alicia said as she branded a worrisome smile while making her leave of the room.

The two nobles have also set off on the road to Solace Academy, so let's go and see of another student.

(Jaden Sai)

(Hearts City – Pokémon Lab – Sai Residence – 7:40 AM)

"GET UP JADEN!" a mature woman's voice yelled out over the whole building.

The woman had long dark blue hair that was tied into a bun with the remainder let down in a ponytail, her eyes were a calm amber color even though they had a bit of aggression in them. She was in a black night gown, a black pair of slippers, and a white lab coat. This is the Solace Region Pokémon Professor Jessica Sora, and the Sai Family's Landlady.

"GET THE HELL UP!" Jessica yelled as she banged on a wooden door.

Inside the room, a young boy named Jaden Sai was spooked awake making him practically jump out of his bed. His spiky brunette hair was messy and unkempt, his soft chocolate brown eyes lacked their energetic look, but they did have a tired if not a bit rushed.

"I'M UP!" Jaden yelled as he walked over to the door throwing it open.

"Good, you wouldn't want to late for you first day of school." Jessica said in a sweet and calm voice.

As a sweat drop appeared on the back of his head, Jaden let out a soft sigh. "Right… how long do I have?"

"30 minutes, then we leave for the academy." Jessica said branding a smile.

"Alright, I guess I had better get ready and say good bye."

"Yup, I'll have the car ready outside." Jessica said sweetly as she walked away.

Jaden's eye slightly twitched as his head dropped. "Jessica driving… now that's a true nightmare…"

For the next… 15 minutes or so, Jaden prepared for his first… well his start of his new life in school. Now before we look into another pair of students let's look into someone very close to Jaden.

(Sai residence – Maria's Room – 8:55 AM)

In this small room we see a young woman lying in a bed while hooked up to a life monitor. The room was bleak and quiet spare the beeping from the monitor. The woman had long curly brunette hair and soft caring brown eyes. She was in a white night gown.

"Hey mom…" Jaden said softly as he approached the bed. Jaden was in ablacklongsleevedjacketwitharedinnerlining,aredshortsleevedshirt,adarkbluepairofpants,andablackandredpairofrunningshoes. A black backpack was slung over a single arm.

"Jaden…" Jaden's mother said softly as she slowly rolled awake.

"Don't move too much… you need your rest," Jaden said as he helped keep his mother comfortable. "I'm going to be leaving soon."

"Okay… I'm so proud of you Jaden… promise me that you'll take care of yourself and be sure to make some new friends while you're at school."

"I will, just hold on and get better."

"I will, now hurry off; you don't want to be late."

"Okay, take care of yourself mom," Jaden then helped his mom get back to sleep before walking out of the house and to a green jeep.

"Ready to go?" Jessica said with a happy and optimistic tone.

"Yeah," Jaden said as he sat down in the passenger seat.

"Okay, buckle up because we're leaving now." Jessica said as she started the engine and gripped the steering wheel tightly.

"Right," Jaden then put on his seat belt, but he also made sure that he was as really set into his seat figuring that he was in for a REALLY rough ride.

The Jeep then sped off at a break neck speed cutting through Heart Town like nothing. "Howintheworlddoesaracecardriver,becomeaPokémonProfessor?" Jaden was screaming this in his head as he and Professor Jessica Sora left the town and headed through a forest.

Now while Jaden hold on for dear life, Kylee makes her way, and Christopher and Alicia head for the school in style, let's look at the two new students who are already there.

(Trent Scout and Keeda Sea)

(Solace Academy Campus – Front Courtyard – 7:00 AM)

We'll begin with Keeda. And we'll start by coming to her while she sits on a bench. The girl we'll know as Keeda Sea is a young woman who's the daughter of a scientist and a Nurses Aid. She has shoulder length straight shiny dark grey hair, blue eyes with a soft, timid and distant look, she was only around 5', and she had pale skin and a petite figure. She was in a white long sleeved top, a dark blue pair of leggings, a black skirt that covers to just above her knees, a white pair of slip on shoes, and a black pair of frameless glasses. Keeda was sitting alone on the quiet campus with a bored and lonely look, but that'll change when someone new comes into the campus.

This new person is Trent Scout, he had short flat spiky black hair, a touch of a Forrest green color can be seen around the roots and the tips, his eyes had an intelligent and calm green color, he was standing at 5'5", he had a pale skin tone, and a thin physical figure, he was in a dark green short sleeved shirt, a black long sleeved under shirt, a dark blue pair of pants, a black and green pair of shoes, and a black framed pair of glasses.

"I made it!" Trent said with a happy yet tired voice as he looked around the campus before focusing on Keeda and noticed how she was the ONLY kid other person around. "Hey, what's your name?"

"Huh… oh… I'm Keeda." Keeda said softly as she looked towards Trent.

"Nice to meet you Keeda, I'm Trent," Trent said as he sat down next to Keeda much to her hidden dislike. "So, what class are you apart of?"

"Oh… I think that I was entered into the Green Class… at least that's what the letter said." Keeda said with a soft and a shy tone.

"Same here, I guess that means that we're class mates… in a way," Trent said with a happy tone.

"Yeah…" Keeda said maintaining her shy tone.

"So where are you from?" Trent asked as he looked at the large building that was built more like a castle then the originally figured college building.

"Oh… I'm from Ore Town… how about you?" Keeda asked as he shy tone slowly began to fade.

"Ore Town… the only location in all of Solace that actually has records of every known mineral found on this world." Trent said as he briefly closed his eyes. "Oh, and I'm from Forest Town."

"Forest Town, a small town located in the middle of a thick forest that's right next to Heaven Mountain. The town is well known for its usage of plants and it's co-existence with Grass and Bug type Pokémon. Entrance to the town has been seen as a bit of a challenge for those who try and enter off the path, it is also recommended that those who enter have a good idea of where they need to be going, for it is easy to get lost in the forest." Keeda said calmly as she looked towards Trent with a smile.

"Not bad," Trent said with a chuckle. "That's a perfect excerpt from a Solace Guidebook."

"Thanks, I read a lot when I was little." Keeda said calmly.

"So did I, while most were on plants, I did do a lot of information gathering in other areas such as the locations of Solace." Trent said as he looked around the campus and started noticing people coming onto the grounds. "Looks like people are beginning to show up."

"Oh, yeah, it's getting close to 7:30 so it's to be expected." Keeda said as she glanced at her watch.

"Right, so I guess we should start getting ready for the orientation." Trent said as he stood up.

"Yeah," Keeda said as she stood up and grabbed her two bags.

As time moved on the whole courtyard became filled with many new faces.

(A/N: a good portion of these students are your OC's, but do to this going to need to be a multiple part day, I'll slowly reveal everyone over the course of the days and the parts.)

A few of these people were the previous students that we documented previously. But now, with the students gathered, how will today transpire?

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1. Kari Damon

2. Phoenix Goldmarks

3. Daria Normandy

4. Jun Kirman

5. Meg Brite

6. Aaron "Aero" Glider

7. Damien King

8. Hero Demi

9. Roy Ricci

10. Maria Clark*


1. Hikari Sheard

2. Tawny Normandy

3. Yyui Chance (Yu-eh-I)

4. Rachel Lanai

5. Eleanor Morris

6. Morgan Adams

7. Robin Archer

8. Karina Halle

9. Colton Vansen

10. Lila Hetrodine

11. Maxi Hewer

12. Sienna Simpson

13. Conan Roberts*

14. Raven Aves*


1. Brett Kuso

2. Robert Newport

3. Solara Mayfair

4. Yuri Ayazawa

5. Katsumi Ayazawa

6. TJ Young

7. Nathanial "Nat" St. James

8. Chris Leaf

9. Shay River


Kyrox Fyre Morte - Battle Mechanics

Damon Claiborne - Pokémon Tracker

Mia Young - Music & Dance

Trent Greene - History

Marcellus Swiverland - PE

Mikan Summers - Pokémon Breeder

Pokémon Research: Tsukune Andrews

General Knowledge: Seishiro Hiwatari

Pokémon Connoisseur: Samantha Drake

Pokémon Health: Tyler Slanders

Pokémon Coordination: Lorraine Venin*

Art & Design:

Carlotta D'Arco*

Ethan Mars Jayden*

Pokémon Herbalist:

Xenon Zelkova*

Nina Rhoser*

Pokémon Ranger: Karin ?


Nick Sheard - Cook

Micha Lynn (My - ka) - Nurse

Janitor (Security Guard): Muntag Schwaltz

Grounds Keeper: Ralf Berg*


Charles Jack Augustine*

Gregory Smith*

Alright, the newly accepted students and teachers are marked with a '*', the empty areas are what's left over. You can also see that the Green area is a tad over crowded, and I know that two of you came to me saying that I could reposition them. If they'll come forward and refresh my memory then they'll be put into the Blue class, and if one more student can be brought up to be placed in the Red class that'll make everything an even 11 all! Wouldn't that be great? Anyway, I hope that you like the little start ups for the 6 protagonist from my team. The last three may be in the next chapter along with several of YOUR OC's! Stay tuned and please be patient!

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