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Ed is 18 and Al has his body and is 17.

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Ed's POV

'SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!' I dodged the attack quickly. Al and I were on a train to central and we were on the cliffs that were an hour away from our destination. Of course we had to board a train hijacked by terrorists. Al was in another caboose and I had gone to talk to the driver. We were going pretty fast and I knew there was a turn up ahead. The driver was knocked out and these idiots were trying to kill me. They were willing to take the train with it. Suddenly there was a loud rumbling and the train started tilting. I fell over and the guys threw the knife at me.

"Yaahhhh!" I screeched. The knife impaled me in the midriff. Just barely missing my stomach. I slammed into the side of the train as it tipped. The terrorists jumped out the window and escaped. The next thing I knew I was flying through the air. I slammed into another side of the train and the knife was knocked out of me. 'Shit that's bad.' Blood started flowing out of my wound and then my head hit something hard. And the world went black.

Al's POV

Ed said something was weird and that the train was going a little fast. I figured it was nothing and decided to continue reading m story. I looked up when I noticed a young girl staring at me.

"Hello!" I smiled. The girl looked slightly embarrassed at being caught staring and sheepishly said hello.

" What's your name?"

"Kelsey. What's yows?" I knew she must have been around 5 to reply like that.

"I'm Alphonse Elric."

"That Fullmetow Alchamists younger browther?"

" I am." Cool so I am famous too!

'Do you have anyone else with you?"

"Naw just me. Mommy and Daddy had business and so I'm going to my gwand mothews." She beamed up at me.

Brother sure is taking awhile I realized. The train started shaking and there was a loud groaning noise. Kelsey took one look at me, her eyes wide with fright and clung harshly to me. The train tipped and we all went rolling. I held Kelsey close trying to make sure she was safe while I heard shrieks and cries of pain all around me. CRASH. We finally landed. Our caboose was a little battered and there were some injuries but nothing that bad. Some parts were dented and crushed together but there didn't seem to be any fatalities at the moment. I ripped open the ceiling and helped people get out. I looked around and saw that we were lucky. Other cars were heavily crushed but our landed on a big bush. Saving us from slamming into the ground. My arm was a little cut and my back hurt from slamming into the wall but I was fine. Kelsey was alright too, just scared.

"Brother? Brother where are you!" I called. I lookd around frantically many people where free and helping each other out but I didn't see brother. I looked at the engine room of the train where the driver would be and I went pale. The entire car was crushed. It was almost impossible for there to be any survivors there. I hoped Ed was safe and not in that car. I checked the other 2 the one before and after mine when Colonel Mustang and the rest showed up. It had been about an hour since the crash.

I ran over and started to panic.

"Colonel I can't find brother!" I freaked.

Colonel Mustang's face paled and he looked at the others.

"I want Fullmetal; found now!' "Yes sir" Please be alright brother.

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