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In the far corner there was a transmutation circle, but that wasn't the worst part. There propped against the edge of the room… was Ed.

Geretsuna's POV

'Awww it was so sweet it was sickening' There in front of me where my most successful creations friends. How they found him I have a theory. The hypnotic spell I used only lasts for a few hours and so in order to make the boy weaker and more vulnerable to my power the next time I used it. Well I cut him up and left him to bleed. He's only useful to me if he is string enough to live. I never disinfected his wounds so if that happens I don't care. That pole in his side is still though and I'm surprised they never noticed it or me. I pushed open the door and couldn't help but laugh at their pathetic display of care and weakness. They all turned and looked at me. The tall one named Roy and the boy Alphonse had pure anger in their eyes.

"Don't tell me you care this much for the boy." I smirked.

"How could you do this to Edward. The only thing he wanted was help after getting hurt from the train."

"Then I guess you haven't checked him or the extent of his injuries huh. Well then let me do that for you. He has multiple cut and bruises all over his body, some bruised and cracked ribs and possibly a minor concussion. Oh and how can I forget the beautiful shiny pole that is frozen stuck to his abdomen. It must be cold outside if it froze to the skin like that. He thought I didn't notice but oh I did and that made hi even more vulnerable to my power. Come out Edward and face your friends!" I announced

Edward slowly took form in front of the others on my right side. The ghost actually seemed easier to see which is not good for them but oh well. I can see am losing my hold on Edward.

"I command you to look at me.

Ed slowly turned and instead of the pale gold color had turned into bright silver, my hold is still standing at least but there is a gold rim. He is getting himself back. Well I'll just have to renew it. The ghost can hold real items just not flash. Under my control he will know how to carry items. I just have to make him fulfill it.

"Audite me ego Dominus

Donec non vides

Iussu meo fac hoc quod dico

An vis vivere in die qua

Cum ego per Edward Darling

Your mente, corpore et anima ad me pertinebit

(I am master listen to me

Everything is not what you see

Do my bidding do what I say

Or you will not live to see the next day

When I am through Edward Darling

Your mind, body and soul will belong to me)"

Edward's eyes turned into pure bright silver. The renewal process was complete.

"Now Edward I have a very important task for you."

"Yes mistress." His voice was hollow and held no emotions.

"What did you do to him!" Roy shouted.

"You have no right to command my brother like a dog. Ed she is not in charge of you!" Alphonse screeched.

"Silence! For that outburst of yours you will pay. I have the perfect punishment for you. Edward come here!"

"Yes Mistress." Edward walked forward and stood in front of me. I placed the knife I had hidden in my belt in his hand and had him look at his 'friends' again.

"The perfect punishment yes. The death of your friend Edward but that is not all." My forked tongue flicked out and the taste of shock and fear was delicious.

"Oh no that isn't good enough. I want you to feel the very depths of pain and despair. Edward I command you to take that knife… and kill your human body."

Al's POV

'Shit! She just commanded Ed to kill himself. But he wouldn't do that right?' I hoped but that was in vain as Ed turned around and replied

"Yes Mistress" and made his way over to his body.

"No I jumped and tried to stop him but I passed right through. Luckily I ran through the side and didn't get hit by the knife. I shuffled out of the way as Roy tried to melt the knife out of Ed's hand but just missed as Ed continued walking. I was to close and he couldn't et me get hit.

I clapped my hands together and tried attacking the witch instead. Spikes came out of the ground but the witch dodged them. Neatly sliding through them like a snake. Her personality changed like if she shedded one skin and got another. I grabbed her and hit her on the back of the head. Instead of her passing out I got a swift bit to my hand. Luckily my tough gloves weren't pierced and the venom slid down the sides of my hand. I transmuted a club out of the rock and whacked her once more. This time she fell but I couldn't stop her in time as she shoved me away with the last of her consciousness and she fell straight into one of my spikes. Her blood ran down the spikes and I knew she was dead. The spike had gone right through her chest where her heart was and her eyes glazed over.

I glanced at Roy and noticed in horror that he wasn't able to stop brother from hurting himself. He had just barely managed to draw the knife away from the heart but got hit instead in the arm. That wasn't as fatal a place and I noticed that the colonel's hand was cut. Probably from grabbing the knife. The ghost Ed's eyes turned full gold and the silver was gone.

"What happened?" Ed questioned.

Ed's POV

I woke up again only to see my battered body with a new fresh cut mark on the arm. I had no idea how I got over here or why there was a knife in my hand. I looked up and noticed Roy standing next to me. Relief flooded his eyes and I asked

"What happened?" I looked outside I was almost sunrise. 'Shit!'

"We need to get out of here" I cried. Roy grabbed me and Hawkeye and Havoc opened the door. Al left the witch there and we all hurried out the door. It took us a couple of minutes to get to the front door. I looked out the window in the room. 10 seconds till sunrise.

9 seconds we ran out the hallway door.

8 seconds we made our way past the furniture

7 seconds we were in the foyer

6 seconds Al tripped and we stopped to help him up

5 seconds Al was up again

4 we turned back to the main door

3 we grabbed the handle

2 we flung it open

1 we ran out the door.

0 we were out past the porch.

I was safe. Though I started feeling weird. I was fading again but this time there was pain in it. I grunted and all eyes turned to me. I screeched as the pain became unbearable and collapsed on the ground before dissipating in thin air.

"Ed!" They freaked.

I opened my eyes to the feeling of pain, awful and agonizing pain. I opened my eyes and saw the worried faces of my friends.

"I'm back." I grinned weakly.

The faces were all relieved and Roy bent down and kissed y forehead.

"I am so glad your safe now." Roy whispered. I smiled softly at him and turned to Al who was patiently waiting for our moment to be over.

"I'm glad you're all safe." I murmured and got a small hug from Al. The others all gave me comforting words but I couldn't really hear them anymore. I was tired and soon fell asleep.

Roy's POV

I was so glad, so happy that Ed was safe. He fell back asleep in my arms. That peaceful face was so sweet aI didn't have the heart to wake him up again. He was safe now. We began our long trek back to the train wreck. I'm sure they got everyone out and safe but we left two car there so we could get back.

I saw the wreckage and Ed had just started to stir. His beautiful golden eyes opened again and even though they were dull they were much brighter than before.

"Don't worry Ed we are almost there Then we can get you in the car and take you to central where you can get treated." To my surprise he just smiled and said

"Just no needles." I guess Ed really knew how much he needed to go to the doctors if he was this accepting. I had Hawkeye and Havoc get in their cars and I carried Ed into my car with Hawkeye and Al joined Havoc in the other. As we drove off I looked back once more and thought about my little lover.

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