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Spoilers: 9x01 'Nature of the Beast'

I know, I know I was gone all summer but now I'm back! So, what did people think of the season opener?


"Hey, Tony—"

"I can't tell you about it," Tony said immediately once Jimmy sat down. Jimmy, in turn, gave him a credulous look.

"I wasn't going to—"Jimmy began to protest.

"So don't ask okay, Jimmy?"

"I wasn't going to ask about that! I was going to tell you that they were out of iced tea so I got you lemonade instead," Jimmy replied, exasperated, as he handed over the bottle of lemonade.

"…oh. Thanks Jimmy."

The two men ate their meal in companionable silence. If Tony noticed, the furtive looks Jimmy sent in his direction he made no mention of them and for that Jimmy was grateful.

"You want to meet for drinks after work?" asked Jimmy. "It's been busy at the hospital this past week, really busy," Jimmy finished in explanation.

"Sorry, I've got work."

"Another time then," Jimmy replied before heading in the direction of the hospital.



Tony was mindlessly channeling surfing; it had been a long and eventful day. Director Vance gave him the next two days off to decompress but wanted him to report first thing in the morning the moment he returned. Tony was not looking forward to that meeting, he was also wary of running into Secretary Jarvis again. Tony was under no illusions that the man was finished with him. He was so lost in the last few days' events that he did not hear the door opening; however, he did hear it close. Immediately on alert, Tony quickly crossed the living room to the shelf where he kept his gun safe and quickly opened it up.

"Holy crap, Tony! It's just me!" Jimmy cried out alarmed. Tony looked over to see Jimmy standing in the doorway of the living room.

"Jimmy! What are you doing here? I could have shot you! How did you even get in here?"

"You gave me a key," Jimmy replied slowly and held out his key ring so that Tony could see the key to his townhouse.

"Oh," Tony said simply. "That still doesn't what you're doing here."

"You alright?" asked Jimmy as he watched Tony put his gun away.

"A bit bruised and concussed but otherwise I'm fine, or at least that's what the doctors at the hospital told me though they could have said just said that to get rid of me," Tony replied thoughtfully.

"Let me guess, you were being your charming self."

"I am always charming, Jimmy." In response, Jimmy rolled his eyes.

"I thought you were done with covert missions."

"Yeah, I thought so too but apparently Secretary Jarvis had other ideas about that." Tony sighed and looked up at the ceiling and frowned, the ceiling could use another coat of fresh paint and Tony made a mental note to add paint to his shopping list.

"Tony, are you really okay?" asked Jimmy seriously.

"EJ's still out there somewhere, or her body is anyway, this isn't over." Tony picked up the remote and continued to channel surf before stopping on a movie. It took Tony a couple of seconds to recognize the film on screen but then it hit him and the somber mood in the room just got a bit heavier. "You ever see ever see the movie Angels With Dirty Faces before?"


"You should, it's a classic."