Spoilers: 9x11 'Newborn King'

So watching the episodes leads me to believe that they have completely retooled Jimmy's backstory because I don't even think they're writing him as a medical student/resident now. However, since I started this whole journey way back with season four when he was starting medical school I'm going to stay with my idea of Jimmy graduating from medical school and currently being a resident. Also in Jimmy's conversation with Ducky he mentions his father in the past tense so I guess that his dad is dead but seeing as his father in my story is very much alive I'm going to keep him alive.

"Where's your shadow, Palmer?" Jimmy looked up to finding Tony staring at him.

"Ed's in the bathroom," he replied still distracted by Ed's job offer and Ducky's words of advice.

"Your future father-in-law is…quite a character," Tony said reluctantly. What Tony really wanted to say was that Ed Slater was curmudgeon of the worst kind and kind of jerk but the guy was Jimmy's future father-in-law so he would hold his tongue.

"Anything you want to share?"

Jimmy hesitated, Tony was his friend and much like Ducky could be counted on giving him something to think about and sound advice.

"Ed offered me a job. He wants Breena and me to come work for him."

"He does know you're a medical resident, right? Breena was at your graduation, I'm sure she told her parents about it."

"He does…"


"But if being a medical examiner means I'll be working for a federal agency working long hours and making less than I would in the private sector then I think Ed would rather I just go work for him."

"Well, pretend for a minute you're not a medical examiner in training would you want to work for Ed?"

Jimmy shrugged, he was not too keen on the idea but well, Breena was definitely a bit of a daddy's girl and she really wanted them to get along. He would do it not matter how much he did not want to work with Ed if doing so would make Breena happy. Tony stared at his younger friend and immediately recognized his dilemma.

"Hey Jimmy?"


"Piece of advice, Breena fell in love and said yes to the guy who was a medical student and is now a doctor. She's happy with the guy she has now, don't change careers just to make her dad happy, you're not marrying him after all."

"Thanks, Tony."

"Anytime, Palmer, anytime."


December 26

"Merry Christmas!" Tony said in greeting when Jimmy opened the door.

"Merry Christmas, Tony," replied Jimmy with a smile taking the offered bag of food leading his visitor into the kitchen.

"Merry Christmas, Breena," Tony said as he gave a quick peck on the cheek. "You look wonderful."

"Thank you, Tony. Oh, is this your polenta?" asked Breena taking out a foil-covered dish.

"Yup with osso bucco to go with it."

"You didn't have to, Tony," Breena said.

"I know," replied Tony shrugging, "but it's not often that I get to cook anything for more than one person."

"Jimmy will be pleased; he absolutely loves your polenta."

"Why do you think I made it?" asked Tony with a smile. Breena smiled back at him. "Oh before I forget, here you go," he said giving Breena the envelope from his back pocket. "The maître d'hôtel is a buddy of mine; he promised me that he'd make sure you two got a good table when you go."

"Thank you, Tony," Breena said embracing him in a warm hug. "Come on, the movie's about to start and your gift is under the tree."

Hours later after the movie had been watched and the three had talked over lunch while they enjoyed the food Tony and Jimmy found themselves alone in the living room. Breena was currently in the kitchen preparing the after lunch dessert; she had barred them from the kitchen while she put the final additions on the dessert, a family secret that she was not willing to share just yet. Jimmy turned to Tony looking at him expectantly.

"I sat outside in my car for about twenty minutes."

"Did you think about going in?"

"Thought about it, even almost made it out of the car a couple of times."

"Do you regret not going?"

"Yes…no…maybe…I'm not really sure, not really sure if I want to see Wendy again even if it's been almost nine years."


"Yeah, Jimmy?"

"You're happy, right?"

"I am."

"You're not just saying that to get me to stop this line of questioning?"

"What do you think?"

"It's just that…we worry sometimes that you might end up like Gibbs, alone and kind of sad."

"And by we you mean you and Abby."


"Don't worry about me, Jimmy, I am happy," Tony repeated emphatically. "Besides, I won't end up like Gibbs, especially if Gibbs has anything to say about it," he finished thinking back to the conversation he had with the older agent in his basement the day before. "Now come on, let's see if we can get a sneak peek of this dessert, it better be as delicious as your fiancée says it is."