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Chapter 1:The Deal

"That no good, lying little…" Apollo watched as a tall, beautiful, blond girl walked daintily along the rocky ledge that lined the coast of Athens, muttering to herself (he was also making sure she didn't fall into the crashing waves below). Her honey colored hair fell lazily over her shoulders, her flowing white dress danced in the wind, and the jewels that adorned her sparkled as she called a man (whom she appeared to be extremely pissed at) every name under the blazing sun that scorched everything it touched. "Óti i̱líthio kátharma…vlákas…malákas… eínai mia tétoia plí̱ri̱s kai apólyti̱ bástardo…" [Translation: That stupid son of a b****… moron… a**hole… he is such a complete and utter bastard…]

Apollo couldn't help but chuckle because for one, he had no clue how the girl had heard the words she was using because girls weren't supposed to cuss, much less know the words. To this girl, it seemed like she was quite fluent in it. The second reason was she didn't seem to be afraid of heights at all seeing how she was walking right next to the edge. The third reason is she looked like she wanted to kill someone and Apollo had a feeling it was the guy she was calling every name under the sun.

It was obvious this girl was wealthy for she was wearing many jewels with. Her hair had flowers woven into it and her sandals were obviously new and of good quality.

Apollo followed the girl carefully. The wind was picking up. Apollo knew that one good gust would send the girl tumbling over the edge into the crashing waves below that would spell her certain death.

Clearing his throat to announce his presence, Apollo strode towards the girl. The girl whipped around with such grace there was no way that she could be human. Perhaps she wasn't but he knew she was; he could feel it.

"Who are you?" The girl demanded to know, holding a dagger in her hand. When had she gotten that out? Her voice emanated power, making it obvious that the girl had power and that she was definitely used to it. Apollo looked curiously at her. Surely she knew who He was.

"Do you not know who I am?" Apollo inquired curiously.

"If I did, I would not be asking now would I?" She retorted, twirling the gleaming dagger skillfully, menacingly around in her hand.

"I, my lady, am Lord Apollo. God of poetry, prophecy, and plagues," Apollo informed her. The girl went pale as she quickly went into a kneeling position in front of him.

"Forgive me Lord Apollo for being so rude in your presence," She apologized.

"Who are you my Lady?" Apollo asked, stepping forward. "Please, stand up. I do not want to see a girl as beautiful as you get all dirty."

The girl stood up, sheathed her dagger and with her back straight, her head held high, she said, "My name is Kiara Castellanos, future Queen of Thrace… or I was going to be Queen of Thrace. Once again, I remain Princess of Athens," Kiara explained. She got a sad look in her eyes when she mentioned Thrace. "… You didn't perhaps hear what I was saying a few minutes ago… did you?"

"Yes, I did. Where did you learn such foul language?" Apollo looked at her with a curious but amused smirk.

Kiara looked abashed. "Oh gods! I didn't think anyone would hear me! Then, of course, you are Lord Apollo and you hear everything. I'm so sorry! I heard the words when I was touring the city once. No one knew who I was for I was in disguise. I always remembered them in case I needed to vent my anger when there was nothing for me to punch."

"Be careful when you say those words. Although, I am curious as to whom you were calling all those names." Apollo took a few steps closer to her. Kiara stood her ground, neither backing down nor challenging him.

"I am calling the Prince of Thrace all those names. He was cheating on me. Our one year anniversary was tomorrow but I believe those plans have now changed. I walked in on him and a prostitute getting into it. I didn't say anything; I just left."

"Oh my. What man in his right mind would cheat on such a beautiful girl as you?"

"Thank you for the compliment, Lord Apollo." Kiara smiled and Apollo felt sorry for her… until he saw the glint in her eyes.

"What are you going to do?" Apollo questioned curiously because he loved to prank people and pranking seemed to be on her mind. He liked the way this girl thought.

"I've decided to go to Rome and marry the King. I have my ways of getting what I want and the thing I want now is revenge and seeing how Rome and Thrace are enemies, what better way than to marry the enemy?" Kiara looked murderous as she looked towards the direction of Thrace.

"You're beautiful and vicious. That's a deadly combination," Apollo pointed out.

"I loved him, I really did; I stayed with him for about five months. Our parents wanted us to know each other really well before we married. It's not customary but they wanted it. We fell in love with each other and were happily married. That all changed when I walked in on him with that bi- I mean prostitute," Kiara corrected herself hastily. "At least I'm telling myself that it all changed when I saw them together."

"May the gods protect this man from your wrath… although I don't even think the gods could stop you from getting him."

"He'd better make sure the gods get to him before I do," Kiara hissed. Looking embarrassed, she added, "Sorry Lord Apollo, I do not usually act so bitter and angry."

"It is quite alright. Kiara, if you are ever in mortal danger, call upon me, and I shall save you. Do know that it comes with a big price."

"What is thy price?"

"You sell your soul to me and you become a Dark-Hunter," Apollo said.

"I sell my soul? Are you sure you are not Hades?" Kiara questioned a little warily.

"I can assure you, I'm not Hades. You sell your soul to me, become a Dark-Hunter, and you also become practically immortal. You can die in battle but it must be a severe, severe, severe wound."

"Like getting my head chopped off?" Kiara chirped.

"Yes, I would call that a severe wound," Apollo said with a chuckle. "It was a pleasure meeting you prinkípissa but I must be going now." Apollo lifted Kiara's hand to kiss it. She didn't shake like most girls did when he kissed their hand. She just stood perfectly still.

"It was an honor meeting you Lord Apollo," Kiara curtsied.

"I shall say the same about you Princess Kiara, for it is the truth," Apollo replied. Kiara closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, Apollo was gone and Kiara wasn't in Athens anymore. She was in Rome, in front of the palace gates.

"Thank you Lord Apollo," Kiara murmured as she strode up to the guards to seek an audience with the King.

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