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Quote of the Chapter:

"The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."

~Jacob Malone from BAD Agency

Chapter 18: Instinct


Nick, Caleb, and Kody went up to the room Nick had called his at Lorraine's house. He was resting up against the headboard with Kody right next to him; Caleb was at the foot of the bed, his arm stretched out leisurely across his drawn up leg.

"I wonder what happened between those two," Kody said wistfully.

"They obviously made up or came to some sort of an agreement," Caleb said. "I still thought Kiara was going to kill Kyrian when he sided with Ash though."

Nick smiled slightly as Kody mused, "I wonder if they'll last. They look like they're so in love."

"The Fates sure haven't been kind to them, that's for sure. God only knows what else is going to happen," Caleb muttered. When she glared at him, he added, "But I hope it works out for them."

"What's on your mind?" Kody asked, nudging Nick and looking up at him from his shoulder.

"I'm just thinking…" he replied. He had been saying that a lot ever since he met Kody again. Nick didn't know why but when she was around, he really began to think. What future did he have with her? He was the Malachai. He was supposed to hate everyone and everything, yet he loved so many and so much. What did the Fates have in store for him? He could only imagine. Nick thought of Kyrian and Kiara. Things were working out for them and they had had some pretty crappy luck. Perhaps he would end up happy and in love like them, even if it did end up being thousands of years later. He could only hope.

"Nick!" Caleb snapped his fingers in front of Nick's face.

"What?" Nick inquired, somewhat annoyed that his thoughts had been interrupted.

"You were going there again. Don't think negative thoughts," Kody chastised lightly, although he could tell she was worried. Caleb and Kody were always worried that when he thought, he was thinking negative, and they were worried that he would become more like his father if he thought anything negative. Nick had vowed that would never happen.

"I was thinking about Kyrian and Kiara, that's all," he said. It was the truth… just not all of it.

"Liar," Caleb said with a snort. "I can tell whenever you're lying."

"An annoying trait, might I say," Nick retorted.

"Oh shut-" Caleb began but he was cut off by someone knocking on the door. The trio looked at each other before Kody and Nick both put a finger to their nose and said, "Nose goes."

"Babies…" Caleb mumbled as he begrudgingly got up and answered the door. Kiara was leaning against the edge of the door frame in black jeans tucked into some killer-looking boots (literally), a white tank top, and a black sports jacket over it. It seemed to be a favorite outfit of hers.

"Y'all ready?" She questioned, looking at them with innocent eyes.

"Are you and Kyrian done?" Caleb countered.

"What do you mean?"

"You know, making up… making out, that sort of-" he was cut off by Kiara smacking him upside the head in a lightning fast motion. Even Caleb hadn't seen it coming. Nick and Kody snickered because they both thought that he deserved it.

"Shut up you two!" He snapped before leaving the room and heading downstairs. Kiara grinned and followed him, Nick and Kody trailing behind her. Everyone was waiting for them downstairs. Kiara stood between Zarek and Kyrian with Julian on the other side of Kyrian. Nick, Kody, and Caleb followed Ash out to the limo with everyone trailing behind them. The driver, Jackson, was waiting obediently for them outside. He helped put the bags in the trunk and held the door open for everyone to get in. Lorraine got in as well so Nick figured she was coming with them.

Conversation was sparse, someone only saying something if it was annoying them. Julian fell asleep and started to snore loudly and both Kiara and Kyrian poked him until he woke up so they could tell him to shut up and stop snoring. Another time, Caleb told Nick and Kody to stop making lovey-dovey faces at each other, that they were making him nauseous. The two of them stuck their tongues out at Caleb who promptly returned it.

When they arrived at the airport, they were escorted to hangar that held Ash's private jet. Nick made a mental note that he was going to find a job to earn enough money so that he could have one too. The places he would go.

They closed the curtains in the plane so in case they all fell asleep, the sun wouldn't shine through and kill half their assault team. Kiara, Julian, and Kyrian took up the couch with Kiara sandwiched in between them, her head on Kyrian's shoulder. She was asleep the minute she closed her eyes. Kyrian's arm was wrapped protectively around her.

Zarek, Talon, Ash, and Lorraine took seats across from the occupied couch. Nick, Kody, and Caleb took the table in the back. Everyone but Ash fell asleep and only woke up when the plane bounced onto the runway. Kiara was still asleep actually. That girl could sleep but Nick had a feeling it was only because she was still recuperating from her ordeal. Maybe the rest helped her heal faster. He sure hoped so, for both her and Kyrian's sake and because of the fact that Nick didn't want to lose a friend as loyal as her.

Everyone tried to wake her up but apparently, poking, tickling, and shouting her name didn't wake her up. Still taxiing to the hangar (ten minutes later), and Kiara still not having woken up, Nick could see Kyrian was getting worried. She was breathing but it was slow and quiet. Kyrian's jaw was clenching and unclenching as the group stared at Kiara to see if she would wake up. When the plane jerked violently to a halt, everyone whipped their heads around to look at the front of the plane.

"Kiara!' Kyrian exclaimed. Everyone whipped their heads back to face her. Nick went so fast he thought he was going to get whiplash.

"Hi," she greeted with a yawn. "Why does everyone look like they saw a ghost?"

"You weren't waking up," he explained. "We were shouting your name and poking and tickling you and you refused to wake up."

"What can I say? I'm a heavy sleeper," she said sheepishly. "Sorry…"

"Try not to scare us like that," Julian said with a smirk. "You almost gave Kyrian a heart attack."

Kiara looked apologetically at Kyrian who blushed slightly.

"Let's go," Ash ordered. Nick hadn't realized the plane had started moving and was now securely in the hangar. The group got off, grabbed their bags, and went to their cars.

As Nick got into the car with Ash, he had a nasty feeling in his gut that something was going to go terribly wrong, not for him, but for Kiara. He just hoped to god she wasn't going to get hurt again… or get killed.

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