"I hate it here." As Amy Pond says this, rolling onto her stomach and sighing heavily, Rory Williams knows that she isn't really talking about here, meaning the empty field surrounded by stars stretching to the horizon and back. He knows that Amy loves the field just as much as he does; they've probably spent three days total in it, staring up at the sun and the clouds and the moon, wearing shorts and jumpers and coats and nothing but their skin. It's what lies beyond the field that Amy hates; little Leadworth, with its post office and duck pond and not much else. She sighs again and rolls onto his chest, little twigs entwined in her flaming red hair.

"I'm just so bored here," she whispers and he has to squeeze back a tear of frustration because they've had this conversation before and it always leads to a fight because Rory doesn't know what to do. He likes Leadworth; he likes the peace and quiet and he likes having a stable job at the hospital but he likes Amy more than all of those things combined.

"Rory?" Her voice is right in his ear, going directly to his brain and setting his nerves on fire. She has no idea what she does to him.


"Take me away from here." He knows what he wants him to say; she wants to hear that he'll quit his job, that he'll just show up at her door in the middle of the night and take her to wherever she wants. But Rory can't do that. Not yet.

So instead, he rolls onto Amy and just kisses her, giving her every ounce of love he has as he holds her face in his hands. And even there's a second of hesitation, she kisses back because as much as she wishes Rory could just let go of Leadworth, she knows that he won't.

They may not be able to leave forever but, as they melt against each other underneath the stars, they decided that they can deal with leaving for an hour.