A/N: While technically not a drabble, I have a collection of platonic oneshots that are under one thousand words for Satoshi and Risa. Even if you don't like them as a couple, you have to admit they make excellent friends. I will not be posting in any form of "chronological" order since I am still in the process of writing drabbles, so if they seem to be closer friends in one, and more of acquaintances in another, that would be why.

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Ouch. That was best word to describe his current state. Ouch.

Kneeling beside him, holding the cause of his injury, was the younger Harada twin. She, bubbling over with happy inanities, did not seem the slightest bit concerned with his dilemma, so again he asked himself why he had done what he had.

When she had pointed out the stranded kitten up in the tree, he had every intention of walking away and leaving it to get down on its own. But her concern for the creature's well-being became evident when she tried to scale the tree herself. In her school uniform, no less.

"I'm really surprised," she cut in on his thoughts, giving him a pensive look. "I didn't think that you could be so graceful and athletic. Since you don't do PE, and all."

"Yes, well, much good that did me," he grunted, pulling his glasses out of his shirt pocket and putting them back on his face. He had easily ascended the tree, but the cat had not been at all interested in being picked up. He had been half-tempted just to knock it out of the tree. Cats always land on their feet, right?

Too bad the same could not be said of him. He had managed to bundle the creature under his arm, but after he had begun his descent, the kitten had wriggled free of his hold and scratched his face rather deeply. He had stepped back in surprise, only to find that the branch did not extend quite far enough in that direction.

After that, it was quite the unceremonious dismount from the sakura.

The worst part was, he had landed on the wrist he had broken previously in the year, saving Niwa during his fall down the stairs. He was used to misfortune, but up until his second go at middle school, his wrist had been exempt from the likes.

"Ooh, you're such a cute kitty! Yes, you are! Yes, you are!" The little devil had become fast friends with Harada, proving it by purring sweetly against her neck as they cuddled.

"I should have left that idiot cat in the tree," he muttered, rising to his feet cautiously. His hip was sore and his shoulder felt like it had been jarred out of place.

"That's it! That's what we'll call you! Baka!" laughed Harada, nuzzling with the cat. He lifted his eyebrow, but did not question the decision. After all, both of those innocent looking creatures were trouble-making idiots. The lesson he drawn from his fall was that it was best not to get involved with their kind.

As he started limping away, though, Harada called out after him. "Ah, Hiwatari-kun, wait! I'll go with you!"

He turned around, his eyebrow arching again in surprise and confusion. "Go with me? Where?"

"To the nurse's office."

"I'm not going there."

"Oh, yes, you are! You're hobbling like an old man, and you've got blood dripping onto your shirt already!"

"Harada-san, I—"

"—don't have a choice in the matter; yes, I know. Come on, Baka! Let's make sure that Hiwatari-kun goes where he's supposed to!"

He sighed, trying not to slump. Idiots clung like burrs.