(Four years after Sesshomaru's and Rin's meeting in the garden)

Chapter 1. The destruction

Fourteen year old Rin walked to help Sango and Kagome with the children while Miroku and Inuyasha were off exorcising a lord's house. She had grown much since she was first dropped off at Kaede's village. She was much taller and had began the first steps into growing into a woman. She walked causally in her deep, rich, sapphire kimono. It had light, sky blue vines spread out from the center to twist and turn around her body. This was one of Rin's most favorite kimonos from Sesshomaru. Her long onyx black hair seemed to dance in a graceful motion with her walk.

She passed a young male traveler. He had been in the village for a few days now. When he first came to the small town he was badly injured. His leg had an enormous wound from his knee to his ankle. She, along with Kagome and Kaede treated his lacerations and did their best to assist him with what ever he needed. The young man seemed no older than 20 and healed quickly. No one knew why he stood around, but that was none of her business, for now.

"Rin!" shouted Yoko, the elder child from the little family of seven. The small child wrapped her arms around Rin's waist and flashed a big smile. Rin just had to chuckle at the sight. The child was only 6 and had lost her two front teeth, making her huge smile adorable.

"How's your mother Yoko?" Rin asked expecting a creative answer, such as she went down the flying rainbow in the sky or she and daddy went to dance on the clouds. The child was very imaginative and her stories were worth listening to.

"She went to swim with the fishes in the river!" Yoko exclamied.

"Is that so?" Rin replied as the second eldest child approached them.

"No she isn't stupid!" Chiyo replied causing her twin sister to stick her tongue out at her.

"Okay okay" stated Rin softly hoping to end the fight before it began. The three girls reached Sango's hut and entered not surprised by what they had seen. The children were running everywhere. Sango and Kagome tirelessly tried to settle them down. After a mintute or so they started listening to their mother and calmed down.

"Rin", Kagome and Sango shouted happily as they hugged the adolescent girl. All three of the women had become best friends. Whenever Rin had a problem it was these two she came to.

"Auntie Kagome", Yoko said in her cute girly voice. The children had learned to call Kagome this considering the fact that she spends a lot of her time with them.

"Yes yoko wha-" Kagome stated cut off by the alarm bells that went off. The three girls froze in place in fear. They weren't the only ones in danger. They had five small children to think about. In a flash the hut was in flames, only they weren't an orangey red. The flames were a bluish silver. It mocked the group inside the hut by dancing and roaring around the house. The deadly flames waved together in an elegant motion corresponding with each other.

The three girls came out of their trance to hurry the children outside. Once outside, they saw what caused the mass destruction of the peaceful village. It was an emerald green dragon demon. The beast was enormous. It was four times taller than the trees and five times wider that the huts. The dragon had long, elliptical scales reflecting off the sunlight creating an array of different lights. Rin froze in horror at the sight, for it was just as deadly as it was beautiful.

"Rin let's go!" Kagome shouted desperately pulling at Rin to save her. It was too late, however, the monster swooped down with its mighty hand and captured both Rin and Kagome. "Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled out of habit. Unfortunately, Inuyasha was no where to be found. Rin heard Kagome's cry and desperately wished that her lord was here to save them, but she knew better. If Sesshomaru was there, he would of already came to her rescue.

Suddenly, the dragon took off into the aqua colored skies with both girls in its clutches. The villagers did everything they could to save them, but the beast's scales were too strong. Even Sango's hirakostu bounced right off the dragon. There was nothing they could do for the two screaming young women. Nothing except wait for Inuyasha's return.