Chapter 9. What happens now?

Rin watched in horror as she ended the life of her beautiful guardian angel. She drew back her arm and thrust her sword straight through his heart. 'Lord Sesshomaru,' Rin thought desperately unwilling to believe what was happening. She just killed her lord, her protector. She watched him fall to the ground. In that instant, the sword of grief and fear struck her own heart and like a fragile piece of glass, it shattered into millions of shards, leaving no trace behind. Her eyes began to switch rapidly back and forth from midnight black to chocolate brown. It was in that moment of anguish that she managed to break the hold Hitmoi had on her.

"LORD SESSHOMARU!" Rin screamed at the top of her lungs. She dropped to her knees clutching Sesshomaru's body. She cried over him wailing,"Why did you let me kill you? I was supposed die! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Lord Sesshomaru!" Rin sobbed and sobbed putting her lord's head in the crook between her shoulder and her head.

Hitomi paid so much attention to what was happening he didn't notice Inuyasha sneaking up behind him. He never expected the dog demon to willingly let the young girl kill him. He was in shock. Why would Sesshomaru, one of the most powerful demons in the world and a hater of humans choose the life of a mortal girl over his? Unfortunately, he had no time to ponder about it for Inuyasha sliced him with his claws and ended his life right then and there.

"Inuyasha, Sesshomaru is he really...?" Kagome asked glancing upon the weeping Rin, rubbing her neck in the process. Inuyasha leaped toward Sesshomaru, not believing that his brother was dead. He crouched next to Rin struggling to hear his breathing, his heartbeat, but there was nothing. Inuyasha couldn't believe it. His cold-hearted brother was really...gone. He looked upon Kagome, his own eyes holding a slight tint of sadness in them. She went close to Rin putting her arms around the girl's shoulders, tears streaking down her face. Rin was full of despair and guilt. Kagome felt sympathy for her.

The girl continued to cry her heart out. She reached the point where she began to shake violently. With a trembling hand, Rin brought her lord's angelic face up to her's and studied it very carefully. He looked different. He was no longer a beautiful white creature, with dazzling golden diamonds. He was a dead, lifeless ghost with deathly pale skin and dull brownish muddy eyes.

"Lord Sesshomaru..." Rin whispered quietly. She gently caressed his face, feeling only cold rough skin. It was not warm and tender like before. This just caused her to sob more, for there was no true trait of him left. Rin looked at the face of Sesshomaru once more and gingerly kissed his dull blue crescent moon.

Inuyasha firmly squeezed her shoulder. Rin looked up, but his head was facing the opposite direction. Rin knew the two dog brothers weren't very close, but they fought many battles together. They each had the same drive, same motivation to fight. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru managed to combine the elements of ice and fire. Two completely different forces coalesced into one single unit. Inuyasha was fire, wild and passionate. Each strike was an attack from the heart, from within. Sesshomaru, on the other hand, was ice, calm, cool, and deadly. Each strike was logical and coordinated. Each attack had a purpose. It was these differences that somehow managed to unite the brothers, even if it was only in battle.

"We should go Rin," Kagome spoke softly. She knew the girl would want to stay, but there were people waiting for them back at the village. Rin's tear-stained faced glanced up at Kagome with despair. The last thing she wanted to do was to go back to the village, but she understood that there was a reason for Kagome's words. Rin simply nodded her head and hesitantly handed Sesshomaru over to Inuyasha. As they left the dragon's castle, it turned to dust carried away by the moaning wind.

"It was all an illusion," Kagome stated monotonously. Rin gazed upon the imitation castle with malevolent, dolorous eyes. Then she turned around and left in the direction of the village.


Sesshomaru opened his amber eyes and lifted himself off the ground. He looked down and put his white hand over his heart. He distinctly remembered Rin piercing his chest with her long silver sword. Sesshomaru studied his surroundings not believing where he was. His eyes widened with shock and it was in that moment that he heard a voice.


He turned around and gasped at who he saw.

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