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Four graves, thousands of tears, millions of questions. How had it come to this? Everything was going so well. The Damons were such a great family, and I of all people should know this more than anyone else. What did they do to deserve such a horrible fate? As prayers were being whispered, I flashed back.

"Mum? Dad?" I called out into the Damon home. "Colby? Joanne? Is anyone home?" Colby then bounded out of his room.

"Jamie!" he exclaimed excitedly as he tightly hugged me. I smiled brightly and hugged him back. It was odd; when we first met, he was a lot older than me, by about six years, and he was Toby Ragg at the time. Now he was Colby Damon, fourteen again and I was sixteen and like sister and brother. We released each other from our embrace as Joanne stepped onto the scene.

"Hey Jamie," she greeted with a warm, classic Johanna (now Joanne) smile. "What brings you here?"

I shrugged, "Just wanted to say hi. What's new?" I questioned the sixteen year old. We weren't exactly the best of friends, but I was sure that would change once school started.

Johanna sighed, running her fingers through her long, blonde hair. "Thinking about getting a haircut, what do you think?"

I grinned, "I think you're starting to act like a girl from this century finally." It had taken some time, but I finally managed to teach Johanna to act like a normal teenager from the twenty-first century instead of one from the nineteenth century. Toby had adjusted a bit easier and Sweeney Todd and Nellie Lovett, well, I lived with them for a year so they already picked up a thing or two. "Are mum and dad home?" I asked. Yes, I still called them mum and dad. They were the ones to raise me for about a year, and they were already dead so they couldn't die like my real parents and brother did.

About a millisecond later, Mrs. Lovett, now Mrs. Damon walked in with a manila folder in her hand, a few papers falling out. It seemed so strange to see her the way she looked. The bright yellow and white knee length, spaghetti straps dress she wore was much different than her usual dark attire. "Jamie!" she exclaimed cheerfully. She set down the folder on the coffee table and hugged me tightly.

"Hi mum," I said, feeling a bit suffocated from the hug. Mum sensed this and released me. It was rather funny; her smile was even the same. The Damons never changed, though I guess that's jumping to conclusions. They've been here only a few weeks of this summer.

"So tell me love, 'ow've ya been?" she asked, picking up the folder again and making sure the papers didn't fall out. I shrugged.

"Oh ya know same old same old." That was about it. Nothing had really changed about me except for the getting older thing. The sound of footsteps that was neither mine, Toby's, Johanna's, nor Mrs. Lovett's caught my attention. I turned and came face to face with the one, the only, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street!

"Hey, dad," I said quietly, unsure of what mood he was in. It was always so hard to tell with Sweeney. He just gave me a curt nod and walked over to the couch and sat down. I rolled my eyes. "Fantastic to see you too," my voice dripped with sarcasm and Sweeney gave me a death glare. He's not one for sarcasm (in case you couldn't tell).

"Don't worry 'bout 'im love," Mrs. Lovett assured me as she walked past to go back to her office. Who would've thought that Mrs. Lovett, the demon baker that once helped get rid of Sweeney Todd's victims, would make a good realtor? I certainly never did. "Jus' a little moody is all."

I looked over to Sweeney again. He appeared like he always did, mad at the world, never forgiving those who ruined his life and never forgetting his awful past. I traipsed over to him and sat next to him on the couch. "You need to learn to lighten up sometimes, ya know that?" I nudged his side with my elbow. This earned me a glare. I put up my hands in defeat. "Hey, okay, act all bitchy." This earned me not a glare, but a small smirk. Eh, good enough.

"What brings you here?" Sweeney asked, for he did not hear Johanna ask the same thing just moments before.

"Just wanted to say hello," I explained yet again. "Am I gonna get a hug or something?" I teased. Exhaling roughly, Sweeney put an arm around my shoulders and pulled me close for a moment. That was what we classified as a hug. Better than having my throat slit. Mrs. Lovett stepped back into the room.

"So Jamie, would ya like to stay for dinner?"

I grinned. "I'd love to."

That was just two days ago. I wiped away the tears that had escaped. I didn't want to believe this was happening, I didn't want to believe that the Damons, my best friends, my family, were being lowered into the ground at that very moment.

Nobody thought anything of it when the Damons disappeared for a little while. They weren't antisocial, just not as social as most people. But after a day, I'd noticed something was up and went to pay them another visit, only to discover that their door was unlocked and their lifeless bodies were on the floor.

The coroner had said that it was a freak accident. That the gas in the gas fireplace had been left on, but the flame never lit. Just like Cole and the gas stove. But the only thing was, Cole's death was a freak accident. I knew what a freak accident was and the death of the Damons was no accident.

I couldn't say anything, no one would believe me. But I knew the truth. I knew the Damons had been murdered. Trouble was, by who?