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My head was pounding and when I dared to open my eyes, I was greeted with a blinding white light. Was that where I was? Was I in The Light? If I was, why the hell was beeping noises? My vision began to clear and when I could finally see properly, I met the sight of an EKG monitor and an IV drip. A hospital, I was in a hospital.

Groaning, I turned to my side to see the face of my Aunt Bella. She grinned brightly and immediately stood up from the chair she was seated in and knelt by my side. "Hey there sweetie," she said kindly, moving the hair out of my face. "How are you feeling?"

I moaned in discomfort as a response. "What happened?" I choked out, my voice raspy. My throat was on fire and was incredibly dry, like a desert.

"You were at the pie shop and fell down the stairs," Aunt Bella explained in a voice so soft that I struggled to hear her. "I came back to because you left your iPod and I figured you wanted that, and found you at the bottom of the stairs out cold."

This news puzzled me. I've been in the hospital the whole time? "The Damons," I suddenly said. Did that mean that they weren't really dead if my adventure never happened?

Aunt Bella's solemn look told me the truth before she got any words out. "They're gone honey. Don't you remember?"

Surprisingly I wasn't as sad about hearing that twice as I thought I'd be. Unlike Sweeney, I could move on. Besides, I got to see Mum, Toby and Dad again, even if it was just in my head. That was better than never seeing them again.

I stood before the graves of the Damons, hands in the pocket of my zip up sweatshirt. I had been released from the hospital just the day before, and after pleading with Aunt Bella, I was allowed to leave my bed and go outside to visit the cemetery.

"Well, I figured it out," I told the headstones, pretending that the Damons could hear me. "I feel like an idiot though." How could I have not seen that it had been Lucy? Then again, I thought she moved on, or was at least damned to hell. But a thought was still bothering me. If Lucy managed to kill the Damons, that meant she was still around. So where was she?

"Thought you could get rid of me that easily, huh?" Lucy's voice asked me and I whirled around to face the blonde woman. She gave an evil smirk as she stepped forward. Anger surged through me. It was because of her that the Damons, my friends and family, were dead. I felt a slight weight in my pocket, a familiar feeling.

"You bitch!" I shouted, glad that no one else was around. They'd think I was mental for sure! My hand twitched a bit at the proverbial feel of cold silver. In a flash of an instant, I whipped out the razor and made a quick slice to Lucy's throat.

Her eyes were wide in shock, not expecting that to happen obviously. Instead of blood, her neck leaked a golden, shimmering light. It was like when the Judge was killed again a few years ago. Lucy was being damned to hell like she deserved.

When her image finally deteriorated, I closed my eyes and let out a long, slow breath. It was over with. Finally, it was all over with.

My clock read midnight and I finally decided to put my book away. I felt like I'd be able to sleep easily despite all that had happened. I turned off my lamp and settled in the bed, curling up underneath the blankets.

I fell asleep almost immediately and an image started to materialize. I was in a meadow, the sun beginning to set as the sky started to turn from pink to the dark blue of the night sky. There was a small crowd of people on a hill; it was the Damons, all looking so happy. They waved farewell to me for the last time and I waved goodbye back. I felt myself tear up but did not allow myself to cry.

The Damons started to disappear and I wanted to go after them, but held back. They were happy now, all was well and there would be no more drama. It felt like a fairytale. After so many years, we all got our happy ending.