So, this is my first fanfiction, and it kind of just came to me, it's really short but it's kind of supposed to be that way. Basically, each chapter is written as I listen to a song (title of the chapter) on repeat. Yeah.I sound like an idiot, I apologize.

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September Skyline

"Just get in the car," he was exasperated. After weeks of trying to convince the nerd to take this cross-country adventure instead of going to college for the fall semester, the girl was having second thoughts, on their set date to travel.

"Why don't we just stay here?" she suggested, not so helpfully.

"Or... you could get in the car." He shut the driver side door and walked over to his girlfriend. "What's wrong?" he placed his hands on her hips.

"What if we run out of ham?" she posed seriously.

"We have that planned out, if we have no ham you have the right to make me pull over at the nearest store and purchase you ham," he kissed her temple. "Now, what's really bugging you?"

She bit her lip, "Nothing..." she looked away from him and mumbled.

"Princess Puckett what the chiz did you just say." he used one of her favorite words.

"Well, Freddork, what if..." she started to mumble again.

"Sam! Tell me, I'll make all your worries disappear," he pulled her closer, so that if she whispered again, he could make it out. This act just made her frustrated. With her super human strength, and his inability to resist anything she did, she pushed herself away and walked to the other side of the car. "SAM!"

She just smirks at him and gets in the driver's seat. "I'm perfectly fine." She adjusted her newly acquired seat and beckoned her boyfriend to get in the car.

"So, you just wanted to drive?" He asked as he got into the passenger seat.

"Pretty much, now, gimme some ham!" she held her hand out expectantly. A slice of meat was put there and it went directly into her mouth.

As she looked back to see if there were any cars in her way, he grabbed her hand and made her look at him. "You just wanted to drive?" Her eyes revealed something deeper than that.

"Uhhhhghhh... What if after this trip..." She lost her courage and all she wanted to do was hit the boy in front of her and hop out of the car and just start running.

"What if after this trip, we don't like each other?" He finished for her. He had enough courage for both of them, but also the same fears. All she did was nod. "Then we'll cross that bridge when we come to it." He paused. "Or if we take your approach, we'll probably just burn it and find a different way to go."

This sparked a laugh from her, but not much reassurance. He loved it when she laughed. He could have sat there for hours just watching her laugh. But after the laughter subsided, she got serious. "Are we gonna be okay?"

He looked at her, "I don't know." And just like the last time he couldn't answer one of her questions, she got mad and stormed out of the car. He was quick and caught her before she started to get her things out of the trunk. "Samantha."

"Fredward." she said back, indignantly. "If neither of us even knows whether or not we'll be okay, why are we even doing this?" He knew she thought they were getting too close. That if they went on this trip, he'd get to know her. Know her for more than the facade she put on every day.

"We're doing this, because right now. Right here. We love each other." He took her hands away from the trunk latch and led her to the curb. They sat and even though he could tell she wanted to flee, she didn't.

"Hey, nub," she leaned into him.

"Yeah?" he put his arm around her. These were the moments he loved. Not that he didn't love the fast pace of their lives but when they sat like this and slowed down, he loved it all the more.

"Love you too." He kissed her forehead. They sat for an eternity (really only like five minutes).

"Are we ready to go then? We have a vague schedule to keep." He began to stand but she pulled him back down. "Sa-" her name was cut off by lips, her own on his. Though she wasn't really all that emotional, she could do one thing really well, kiss. After breaking for a breath, she got up and returned to her stolen driver's seat and waited for him to sit in the passenger seat.

"San Francisco, here we come." She took off speeding into the autumn skyline.

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